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Name: ontuva (Signed) · Date: 14/06/11 - 04:04 pm · For: Ino's idea
I was grinning like a maniac when Jinni found out her ribbon held a bell! It was so obvious.
At first I was angry at Kakashi, when I realised he wasn't going to show up (what a horrible person ditches a girl like that!!), but when he came at night and kissed Jinni I was grinning again. Your story had a really good version of DropDeadThenDance's character!
I can't wait for you to continue Seeing Beauty though, hopefully you'll have the time to make the necessary the changes and grant us readers a permission to read it again!

Author's Response: Oh my you make grin always when i read you reviews. Thank you, it was a nice challenge to write, for i was itching to write something with that story idea. On seeing beauty, i do plan to continue soon, infact i hope to start releasing by july at the earliest. For you see i finally got a new beta reader, my old one left me when i was just starting to rewrite the story. So right now im working on just rewritting all of it then posting, and finally post new chapters. Its a long process, so i hope you can be patient on it. I just want to give my very best. rnrnSo thanks and keep posted, for i will post the new version as fast as i can. CKL

Name: UzamakiMasumi (Signed) · Date: 04/05/11 - 11:34 pm · For: Ino's idea
I love this story! I remember when you first wrote it DropDeadThenDance made me read it even though I didn't even have an account yet. You have a lot of verb tense mistakes, but other than that it is a very good story. Too bad DropDeadThenDance can't manage to reach the romance part of her story!
T_T UzamakiMasumi

Author's Response: Verb tense mistakes? **GASP*** What is this villiany?! rnrnNo, I understand what you mean...I do a lot of times make those type of mistakes and microsoft word doesn't always catch them for me...**sigh** That just means I have one more story to edit on my long list of edits....meh.rnI think though DDTD does a good job with romance in her just have to really be watching for them...I'm not too sure on how acturate my comment is seeing I've so busy with school and grades to barely have anytime to go and read new and old favorites of mine and give helpful advice to other authors. T.T It's been depressing times, I've kept on at least outlining what I'm going to do when I get time to rewrite my stories, hell I have chapter one of Seeing Beauty practically rewritten finally, just have to fix a few tasty morsals in details to make it a five star dish to the eyes and mind!....At least hopefully it could be that, I wouldn't mind three stars...*sigh*... rnDamnit getting off topic! This is what happens when people study too much and don't get enough sleep or nutriution or excrise!Thank you for the review and I very much appreciate it (OMG I spelled that word right!). Hopefully I can get more wonderful treats in story form done and release them to the public eye and see what ratings I can get...Hoping for great ones from the big boys and girls (the extremely successful and popular authors or reviewers). Mah what will be, will be. I hope to get more reivews that are positive like yours, and even if it's not nice at least ones that are helpful like yours too. Thanks and chow! rnrnCKL

Name: DropDeadThenDance (Signed) · Date: 07/04/10 - 03:20 pm · For: Ino's idea
I myself loved LOVED LOVED this! It was unbelievably cute, I couldn't contain myself through some parts XD
Aside from that, when she got the bell I said to myself: "Kakashi! YAY!!" and when he didn't show up I kind of thought: "Oh, that's normal. He's late all the time."

I did notice one thing though... Tori and Zabuza were nowhere to be found. I admit, they probably would have muddied up your excellent story but still...
ANYWAY!! I think you did very well on Jinni's personality. I was very impressed with your interpretation of her and I was really happy with how the whole thing turned out.

On top of that, I had two other people read the story:
The first person was my friend Sam, her response: "I thought it was really romantic, the ending was sweet and overall I really enjoyed it."

The second person was my other friend Anna, her response was: "hi hi. i really really really loved loved loved it. it is not exactly the same style as TK but it has its own charm. ha ha charm that's funny. you are brave enough to say the things that TK wants to but won't. thankyou. but pretend i din't say that cuz otherwise i will have to kill you. kk?"

Ignore Anna's weirdness, she's lovable in person. Over the internet I assume most people would like to strangle her XD
Anyway, in sortness, I do believe you won!! If you'd like to contact me about your pictures then... Uh... Yeah.


Author's Response: oh my wow.........thank you! ^^! I was if on my first one being okay but I just had inspiration on this from remembering an old story I read; it ended tragic but...the ribbon idea came from there. I just added the charm.......rnrnI'm sorry about Tori and Zabuza...they never occurred to my thoughts.....oh well~maybe next I'll be sure to add them. Your friends sound nice and well.......interesting I'll assume. Anna's response made me that a story? Author? ....very unsure. So to move on with the response I'll contact you very soon on the picture matter. rnrn Once again thank you. CKL

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