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Penname: Incarn [Contact]
Real name: Jennifer
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Beta-reader: Yes
I am currently working on the second chapter of "My Name is Kiutsuru", a story that I had previously posted and named as "My Name is Kishitahoshi" that was taken down because I didn't like the general feel to it. To me, it sounded shallow in emotions. Compared to what I'm writing right now, it was sucky. Really, really sucky.

Yes, I am a beta. I am a very lazy beta, however, and I cannot promise you that I'll be responsible all the time and read over your chapters. I know this will deter most people, but I haven't really been anything before but an unofficial beta that just points out mistakes that a person could fix.

Umm... what else..?

I'm a grammar nazi and I enjoy stories where the chapters have at least 1,500 words each. I like long chapters, and particularly love epic length stories. I tend to like Naru/Hina a little more than most other pairings (considering I'm neutral to almost any pairings, including same-sex of both genders, unless the pairing is particularly creepy, like Oro/...anyone). I like stories that have Original Characters in them.

If I like the story enough or if the story is particularly awesome and I feel worthy enough to do so, I may draw up a picture of the main character. I'm insecure about drawing scenes. While I'm good-ish at drawing humans and human-like people, I tend to suck majorly at everything else and I'm very afraid to do backgrounds.

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Title: My Name is Kiutsuru by Incarn
Rated: 15 Liked [Reviews - 3]
Summary: (Repost of "My Name is Kishi+ahoshi")
Kiutsuru awakens in a forest clearing and cannot remember anything about how she got there, or even her past life (which isn't the result of cliché amnesia, folks).

With a mysterious dream that points her in the direction of Konoha, Kiutsuru endeavors to earn her chosen name and to find out the secrets of her past.

The maple leaf dances on the wind, the ink splashes on paper, and the clock strikes twelve, as the fox gradually increases the strain on the delicate string of balance...
Category: OC-centric, General Fiction > Character-Centric, Alternate Universe & Crossovers > Minor AU
Characters: Haku, Hidden Leaf Ninja, Hidden Sound Ninja, Naruto Uzumaki, OC, Team Rookie Nine, Zabuza
Genres: Action/Adventure, General, Humor
Warnings: AU, Death
Challenge: None
Series: None
Chapters: 4 | Completed: No | Word count: 11777 | Read count: 3104 [Report This]
Published: 07/09/08 | Updated: 29/10/08