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An Iris Light by crazykittylover

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Table of Contents

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Story notes: blah
Chapter notes: ok the chapter is in 3rd person view...and...well...plz tell me what you think on the story, any revs are good revs, be a praise or critism. thx!
“Hi grandmamma,’ shouted a short rainbow- haired girl as she ran into the room, hugging the senior woman then sitting on the floor in front of her. Her curled pigtails bounced with her as se chatters aimless about the drive over. The old woman chuckled at her granddaughter’s energy.

“Hello Iris, it’s good to see you! For a spell I thought you couldn’t visit me today.” The senior woman teased, Iris’s pink eyes widen with shock. She hopped up from the floor into her grandmother’s lap.

“Grammy thought Iris wasn’t coming? Iris never would do that! Iris is a good ninja!” She snuggled against her grandmother’s figure.

“A ninja, eh?”

“Yeppers, I’m gonna be a ninja now!” Puffed the little girl as she leaped off her grandmother’s lap flapping her arms for a moment; Iris grinned widely at Grammy’s amused visage, “I’ve been watching and reading this show called Naruto and I wanna be just like him! I wanna get friends that I can save from the bad guys and do cool jumping stuff!” Her grandmother leaned forward and rested her elbows onto her knees, smiling mischievously at the girl.

“Oh…what kind of jumping stuff do you want to do?”

“Jumping from trees, jumping on top of buildings, running real fast and cool like the ninjas, and eating Ramen!”

“That’s sounds pretty tough are you sure you can do it?” She teased, getting off the lounge chair, walking to Iris. The girl nodded vigorously before squealing from her grandmother pinning her to the floor; blowing raspberries on her tummy.

“Grammy stops….it….tickles Iris!” She shrieked joyful as her grandmother continues to blow on her tummy. They both laughed till they were pink with tears. Her grandmother leaned back and huffed while Iris was spade across the floor.

“I gotta go Grammy or I’ll be late for work…” Iris rose to her feet, helping her grandmother up.

“Alright, have a good day, get here early tomorrow; Emilia’s niece is going play the piano for brunch.”

“Okay Grammy!” Iris hugged her grandmother before bolting out the door, down the hall and out of the senior home apt. complex. She raced down the sidewalk, laughing and jumping over the newspaper boxes in her way. Her rainbow hair acted as a flag as she raced through the streets on the bustling city.

“Gomen, Mr. Leech! I was with Grammy!” Iris wheezed as she leaned against the wall of the restaurant. The store manger turned from talking to one of the bus boys to greet the winded girl; he gave her a friendly grin.

“It’s ok Iris, you actually got here three minutes early! How was the visit to that sweet gal?”

Iris straightens up and grinned broadly at the man, bouncing on the balls of her feet.

“Grammy is good, guess what?”

The man cocked his head and smiled encouragingly.


“I’m going to be a ninja!” Iris shouted excitedly as she jumped around him flapping and waving her arms joyfully. He chuckled at her claiming and decided to humor her.

“Is that so…? I thought you wanted to a pirate last week?”

She stopped and stared at the man as he was silly, “I wanna be a ninja not a pirate…oh wait I’ll be a ninja pirate!!” She resumed her hopping around the man in the kitchen, chattering endlessly on why ninja pirates were so cool. The manger just smiled at the girl and glanced up at the kitchen’s clock.
“Oye Iris, ninjas are hardworking correct?”

“Yes! They try really hard at a lot of stuff…”

“Then I need you to go, the restaurant is opening and I need a ninja that can take cover as a waitress. Can you do this task?”

“Believe it Mr.; I’m gonna be the best ninja waitress ever!”

The man chuckled as the girl ran and put on her uniform in the bathroom. She then ran to grab an arm load of menus and strode out the kitchen doors with sparkling eyes and a determined visage.

Iris sat down panting slightly, it was finally closing time. She took over a fellow waitresses shift because she had got ill and called in sick. The manger walked over to her and padded her on the back.

“That was great job, Iris, I’m very happy you volunteer to do Rose’s shift because she got a chill. I’ll make sure that you get over time pay for it.”

The girl rubbed her head sheepishly, “It wasn’t a biggy… ninjas help others and Iris wants to be a ninja.”

The man watched the girl, smiling sadly at her goofy smile. She was such a wonderful woman but, had such a heart breaking disability… He remembered seeing her on the streets that faithful day. She was dancing and singing to earn money in the park… He found out from the surrounding bystanders that she was mentally retarded so no one would hire her because of it so she took her work to the street. She seemed like someone’s little child then, wanting a job so badly so she could take care of her grandmother. He went right up to her and offered her a job at his restaurant as soon as he had heard this. She was a little problematic from time to time but, she was such a sweet person.

“Iris…you’re the sweetest person I’ve ever met and I don’t regret the day I hired you.” He mumbled as he watched her skip out of his restaurant to her car, “God has blessed you… I wonder if you know that…”

Iris ran up the stairs of her apt. complex to her apt. She smiled as skipped inside and flipped the light to the living room. The room was a splash of bright lively colors. The carpet was an electric blue, each of the walls were a different color; the wall to the right was red, the left was lemon, the ceiling was electric Violet, the wall in front was bright jade and the wall with the door and window was neon orange.

The furniture was all retro styled; there was a neon orange marshmallow couch, two egg chairs one neon pink the other lemon, a neon purple hanging sphere chair and the table looked lick a liquid splash drop of green. The entertainment center (the thing that holds TV, movies, etc) was flaming red and bench-like with plasma TV on it. There were some multicolored hour glass side tables next to the chairs as well.

“Home…” She whispered happily as she tossed her inform onto the couch and headed for the kitchen/dining room. The kitchen was all neon pink, orange, and lemon colored. The tiles were orange and pink while the cabinets were lemon colored with orange heart shaped handles. All the kitchen wares were bright rogue* and the fridge, dishwasher, oven/stove were covered in hot neon colored hand prints.

She smiled joyful as she pulled out a yogurt smoothie along with a pre-made Oriental style salad. She walked over to the dining room which was lemon colored; the table was circular and the chairs were an upside down flat-like question mark. She sat down and started to munch on her dinner.

Afterwards she went to her bedroom which was bright neon purple and blue with a circular shaped bed, splashed shaped blue computer desk with an arrow point purple and white poka-dot chair. The light was a medusa hair-like one that glittered. She hopped over to her closet and pulled out a white sleeping gown and went to the bathroom to shower. Her bathroom was white with rainbow colored poka-dots all over; even with the toilet and bathtub/shower.

She sang Disney tunes as she showered in peace. She crawled into bed afterwards grabbing her brown teddy bear with rosy bow.

“Goodnight house, sweet dreams…”

The next few days followed this same pattern; she got up, ate, went to visit Grammy and tell her of her day and what she’s done with her free time, then goes to work. When she comes home at end of her usual shift she turns on her TV and watches Naruto till she gets sleepy and goes to bed. On Sunday she got a package on her day off.

Iris signed for the package and took it inside; she placed it on the table looking at it excitedly.

“Oh… What is this? Is it a present? Iris doesn’t remember it being her birthday…Oh well!”

She ripped it open and squealed when she saw what was inside; it was a set of actual kunai and shrunken from Naruto. As she held the weapons, she cooed at them.

“So…pretty…oh I know what this is for! It’s so Iris can practice now being a ninja! Thank you, person that sent Iris ninja stuff!” Shout Iris to the world as she ran to get her coat and keys. She ran to her car and drove to the park to practice. She spent the rest of the day throwing the weapons at a makeshift target on a tree, exhausting herself till she barely raises her arms.

“Iris is so sleepy… being a ninja is hard…but I mustn’t…stop…” She mumbled as she fell forward into an exhausted state of unconsciousness.

“Where am I…?” Iris whispered as her eyes fluttered open. Her entire body screamed in protest as she tried to sit up. She looked around confused; she was in a hospital room.

“Why is Iris in hospital? …Iris doesn’t remember being sick…just tired…”

She tossed the covers off her with strain, she still felt really tired. She got of the bed with a wobbly weak sensation in her legs. She clung to the side of the bed as she tried to continue standing. After a spell of jelly legs she wobbles to the door and looked outside. There was a long hallway going both sides of her door. She looked at her door and studied it carefully.

“Room 237…Iris remembers number incase need to come back.” She chirped happily as she walked down the hall and turned the corner. She saw a doctor in a strange outfit…like the ones that medic ninjas wore in Naruto. Her eyes widen with excitement as she saw more doctors and nurses passed down the hall wearing the same thing.

“Oh…they have medic ninja clothes! Iris wants medic clothes too!”

She took off down the hall, peeking in rooms for a medic closet with the clothes. She peeked in the 34th room when female voice spoke behind her.

“What are you doing here little girl? Are you lost?”

Iris turned around and saw a tall blue-long haired woman smile at her; she was wearing the medic outfit too. “Iris wants medic ninja clothes!”

The lady chuckled at Iris’s pouting as she ruffled her hair. “Sorry kiddo, those are for medic ninjas only. Now what is your room number, Iris?”

“But, Iris wants one, pleas-e-e-e-e?! Iris won’t go back to room without one!” She gave the woman big large puppy eyes as she sniffled. The woman smiled at Iris and picked her up. Iris gazed her hopefully as she wrapped her arms around the woman’s neck.

“I’ll tell you what, we’ll go get an old uniform and let you have it if you tell me where your room is.”

“Yae, Iris gets medic clothes; Iris now medic ninja right?”

The woman chuckled at Iris’s bubbly visage as she jabbered about how cool it was to a medic ninja. She carried her down a few floors to the locker room and pulled out an old looking uniform. Iris’s eyes grew as big as saucers as she jumped up and down in glee.

“That Iris’s, can Iris keep?!”

“Yep, if…you tell me your room number.”

“Room 237…” Iris chirped as she snatched the clothes and put them on. Even though they were XXXS they still were big on her. The sleeves were 4 inches longer than her hands and the pants was the same on her feet, but Iris didn’t care. She put on the hat and hopped around the woman happily singing she was a medic ninja now. The woman scooped up the girl and took her out of the room back to the staircase; her room was two floors up and 3 hallways down.

Iris chatter jibberishly till her tummy made a loud obnoxious growl. Her face red as the lady laughed.

“I guess we should get you some food first, eh Iris?”

“Yes please…” She said meekly as she buried her face into the woman’s shoulder. The woman carried her to the cafeteria and set her down. She took her hand and led her to the food line and handed her a tray.

“Here, you go pick out what you want and meet me down at the end of the line ok?”


Iris skipped to the trays of food and started to pick out some things. After five minutes she went to the lady with a bizarre looking tray: she had baby carrots arranged as stars with cherry tomatoes in the center, the grapes were spread around the carrots and the fries and ketchup were placed like miniature flowers. She had an apple on the corner with two boxes of grapefruit juice and a giant brownie with star sprinkles.

“I see you’re an artistic one.” The woman chuckled as she paid for Iris’s food along with her coffee and egg salad sandwich. Iris blushed as they went and found at table. She started to munch on her carrots when a visage of realization hit her.

“Um…why is Iris in hospital? Iris not sick, only tired.”

“I don’t know Iris; I’ve to check your charts back in your hospital room to see why.”

“Oh…um…What’s Iris’s new friend’s name?”

“Yuri Honda.”

Iris nodded at Yuri’s answers and continued to eat her meal in a thoughtful silence. After they were done, the women walked back to room 237 to find strange masked men in it, searching around franticly for something. One of them noticed the duo and pointed.

“You two, have you seen a small woman wander around? She is wanted for questioning.”

Yuri looked down at Iris in surprise as Iris looked at the man confused.

“Why would Iris need to be questioned? Iris did nothing wrong.”

The man looked at Iris for a moment till he realized she was the woman that they were trying to locate. He approached her and signaled her to follow him.

“I see you’re the Miss. Iris I will be escorting to the Hokage then.”

Iris shook her head and clinged to Yuri’s pants. “Iris don’t wanna go with man, Iris wanna stay with Yuri and be medic ninja!”

The man frowned and picked Iris, carrying her over his shoulder. She screamed and kicked the man, demanding him to let her go. Yuki protested as well saying that Iris was to be cleared by her doctor before going anywhere. The man had enough when she bite his neck and jerked his hair; he took his hand grabbed her neck making her go instantly limp.

Iris groaned as she started to wake up again, she sat up and rubbed her neck from where she was grabbed. She glanced around and noticed that she was in a big room with only a wooden desk in front of her. Behind that desk was an old man that was clad in a red and white robe with a matching colored hat with Japanese kanji fire on it. Iris’s eyes instantly light up; it was the 3rd Hokage from Naruto!

“Sarutobi Hiruzen!”
Chapter end notes: blah
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