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Behind the Scenes of Lights Camera...... by crazykittylover

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Chapter notes: Inside view of Lights Camera the Eight are in Action!
Ok as you read this is a showing of what the eight girls in my story look like. I already said that I did this on ms paint so it’s not a great picture yet. I'm trying my best. But if anyone who like the pictures better I would very much appreciate it. I love to get a decent picture of them. I trying my best on my own but, as anyone can see, I'm an amateur....

Also this is an inside view of their personalities and what they look like. I add more pictures as the time of the story continues....hopefully not of my own hand which not so good...hehehe any who enjoy ive bn busy editing my other storys to add anything new but i promise to add at least 1 new chapter to almost all of my storys by my b-day wich is oct 13! yaeee! so ill b adding mor chapters after this then, along with pictures tht ive made on paint...i dnt hav anything better, taking suggestions.

Sissy is the youngest of the group and the newest member. She’s been with the group for three and half years; she is currently 14 and half. She is a slightly silly ADHD girl with the tendency to get sucked in on pranks with other members of the group. She’s best friends with Umi and agrees with anything Umi says or wants unless it conflicts with her ideals. She is very observant with anything, even though she has ADHD but, it’s minor. She was also diagnosed with Agoraphobia at the age of 8 but, overcame it at the age of 11 and half with the help of the group.

She has an allergy to pineapples and loves ice cream and brightly colored cereal. She likes any kind of reptile and doesn’t like birds. She loves to climb trees and play pranks, hates writing English class essays. Her favorite color is lavender; favorite toy is her giant purple snake plushy, favorite hobbies are pranks & watching gory horror films, and her two biggest favorite characters in Naruto are Orochimaru and Kakashi.

She has long ebony hair, white creamy skin, and originally had almond colored eyes, now yellow snake eyes do to the permit contact lens. She is 5’5 and weighs 102 lbs. She also has wrist burn scars from restraints….
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