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My Poem Collection by crazykittylover

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Table of Contents

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Tell me more, tell me less
Hold it back, as you transgress
fear no boundaries as you move through life
Take no names as you run and hide
Tell me more, tell me less

Sit and wonder and store it away
Perhaps to smother a burning shame
to coincide with the hate
maybe to find someone to blame
Tell me more, tell me less

As the thoughts of the past storm right through
as time ticks away, so do you
Oh to thine own self be true
You do,... I do, what’s to lose?
tell me more, tell me less

Inching away from darker ways
Sublimely living as a rock
Only to find that’s life decays
As you watch the clock...tick ...tock
Tell me more, tell me less

Without dark there can be no light
waiting for a spark to be lit
without wrong there is no right
without smote there is no smite
Tell me more, tell me less

As the dark approaches you do have a choice
Remove it and lose it, or behold it and rejoice
Deny myself the darkness is easy and so fun
Or do I grab my shoes and book and run, run, run!!!

Do I meet it at the door, and wish well a life
Do I resent it, and tell it so twice
Do I hug it and pray that it sees the light
Do I shun it and let it go alone into the night?

Easier said than done my friend
when it comes in disguise
when it smiles and taunts you
and takes you by its side

And then, well let’s just say
a small voice, from deep down inside
tells you your truth, now your eyes open wide
Again this voice this feeling, it will not let you flee
This cramp in your stomach that stings like a bee

Lo and behold the change of your mind
knowing that in darkness you are truly blind
No plants that grow in darkness will suffice
They leave you hungry as time goes by

Your stomach yearns for something
Something that can fill
Something to beat a hunger pang
that no food can heal

Eat and drink the bread of life
Share it with all and know
That when the darkness bears no fruit
On hungry and weak you go
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