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Not Anymore by koncia

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Not Anymore

I do not own Naruto

Hinata had decided the day was the day she would tell Naruto how she feel. Hinata had decided after a recent mission that she almost lost her life. She realized that life was short and being a Ninja made it even shorter. So she would confess to Naruto she didn't want to be dieing and regretting that she didn't live her life to the fullest potential.

As she made her way to the raman shop Naruto spent most of his time her confidence increased she was happy she finally she finally doing this. If he excepted her love confession that would be great, if he didn't.... well Hinata didn't want to think about that.

As she entered the raman shop sure enough she saw the blond sitting staring deeply into his weirdly still full bowel of raman.

“Naruto,” Hinata said quietly. She nervously poked her fingers together a habit she didn't seem to be able to get rid of.

The boy didn't even twitch not hearing the quiet girl as he continued to stare deeply into his bowel thinking about his latest rejection from Sakura. His body ached for the girl.

“Naruto,” Hinata said louder this time putting a small hand on his shoulder.

Naruto brought out of his thinking turned to look at Hinata who's face was completely red. He grinned at her pretending to be happy to see her.

“Hey Hinata!” he said loudly,getting a smile from the girl. “sit down” he said pointing to the seat next to him.

Hinata sat beside him staring straight ahead she quickly said what she came to say.

“Naruto I always liked you.” she said quickly closing her eyes not daring to look at the boy beside her.
“No Naruto I have always loved you.”

The silence that fallowed was to much for Hinata and she opened her eyes slowly looking at Naruto who was staring blankly at her.

Hinata almost got up right then and ran away but she couldn't move his blue eyes locked her in place. Naruto mind was going crazy he loved Sakura not Hinata he didn't now what to say, he wondered how he couldn't have noticed.

“Why didn't you tell me sooner?” Naruto said putting on a smile.

Hianta stammered not knowing what to say.

Naruto shook his head “Never mind,” he smiled. “will you be my girlfriend Hinata?”

Hinata couldn't believe her ears beyond happy and quickly replied, “of course Naruto.”

on Hinata first date her and Naruto went on a picnic and Hinata had a great time except Naruto kept touching her all over every time he got a chance. Hinata told herself that it was normal and this is what boyfriend's did. After the picnic Naruto invited Hinata over to his apartment to watch a movie and Hinata happily obliged

On there way to Naruto's apartment they ran into Sakura and Ino who were in the middle of an argument into they saw the duo.

“Hey Naruto, Hey Hinata.” Sakura greeted.

“Hey” the two greeted at the same time.

Ino giggled “i think there on a date.” she giggled.

“Oh,” Sakura said before she joined in giggling also. “About time Naruto noticed.” she giggled

Naruto couldn't help but think how cute Sakura looked when she laughed, and his eyes traveled over her body. He yearned for her so much.

“Well you to continue your date.” Ino said and she and Sakura left giggling softly at how cute it was.

Naruto let out a deep sigh before grasping Hinata hand and dragging the red girl to his apartment. Naruto quickly unlocked his apartment his body yearning for Sakura but Hinata would have to do, once inside he starting kissing her roughly.

Hinata had always imagined this but never like this, and she was surprised. “Naruto,” she said pulling away.

“Shh,”Naruto hushed as he continued to kiss her, his mind filled with images of Sakura. Hinata let him kiss her and let him lead her to his bed.

Naruto laid on top of her kissing and nipping on her neck before he returned kissing her lips and his hands slipped under her shirt.

“Naruto,” Hinata protested only a little.

“Sa-” he almost slipped. He smiled at her, “please Hinata.” he begged.

One look into those blue eyes she loved so much. Hinata returned his kiss telling him she would sleep with him ,that he would be her first.

Naruto smiled a little guilt only entering his mind for a second then it was gone.

AN:This story might make some people mad at first Naruto will use Hinata but things will change. Im not sure about who to pair Hinata with so please vote between Garra Sasuke Naruto or anyone else.
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