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A Seeing Beauty by crazykittylover

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Table of Contents

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Story notes: I don't own naruto, his creator does I just wrote what things I thought of and hints others.
Chapter notes: This is the first chapter; duh-this is also my first story so please say anything that you thinks needs fixing....God knows I'm fixing a lot already.

this chapter has be REVISED! thou i had 2800 words b4 no 2958, i thik it = btr than b4

“Come on Gevdwyn, let’s play a game!”

Shelia whined as she tugged at her older sister's sleeve; the elder girl was listening to music and reading a magazine till her younger sister came in and started to pester her. She shook off the little seven year old hands, irritated.

“Why don’t you go ask.......Alex what was her name again? The girl mom and dad are housing till she gets adopted?” Gevdwyn shouted; Alex was the younger boy busy playing a game on the computer in the neighboring room.

“Jasmine I think” Alex shouted back, “Fuck! I just got mauled by a zombie!”

The young man slammed his fist on the desktop, cursing under his breath. Gevdwyn just rolled her eyes and frowned at her little sister, who kept tugging on her sleeve; giving her the puppy eye treatment while continuing to whine; glancing at the older sibling and then the sliding door to the backyard.

“I don’t want to play with her, she scares me. Besides she just sits outside staring off into the woods or locked in her room, she never even talks me.”

The younger sister looked out the sliding door and stared at the pale figure leaning on the post. Shelia wondered why the teenage girl stares out there every day when she has nothing to do, she never says anything. Mom and dad say she lost her family and had to live with us till they could find her a new one. It’s been that way for nearly 3 years now.

“Maybe if ask her nicely, Shelia, she’ll play,” said the girl’s mother as she walked past her, giving the girl and her siblings some lemonade.

“Hmmm…. Are you sure mom?”

Shelia looked nervous at her mother, unsure if the strange girl will agree as she sipped on the lemonade.

“Of course, ask nicely, though. Jasmine has had a tough life and needs to be taken care of gently...”

Her mother warned then walked back to the kitchen leaving Shelia to continue thinking about it.

“Jasmine, can I ask you something?” Shelia whispered as she held the sliding door behind her. Just in case she felt and needed a quick get away from the mysterious girl.

Jasmine turned her head, gazing at the little girl with large sad eyes; they were like pale blue grey clouds on rainy days as she continued look at the little girl curiously.

“Can-can you p-pl-play a game with me?”

Shelia stammered; her legs quivered, wanting to run from the girl, but really wanting to play a game with the girl. Jasmine looked away, staring stoically back at the forest again.

“Ok-k-k-ay, I’ll go then.”

Shelia started to go back inside, relieved but, somewhat disappointed the girl didn’t want to play.

“What kind of game?”


Shelia turned around staring at Jasmine intriguingly. The girl was still looking at the forest.

“What kind of game?”

Jasmine repeated in a soft whispering voice, staring back at Shelia with her sad colored eyes.
“Hide and seek...” Shelia said meekly, “Do you want to play?”

Jasmine turned her head back once more to the forest; her eyes searched the forest and then turned back to Shelia. She had a small smile play across her pale rosy lips.

“Sure, let me get some things.”

Shelia’s eyes widen, a boisterous grin broke across her face as the girl started to get up.


Jasmine nodded to her and went inside to do as she said; Shelia shriek with joy, causing Jasmine jump startled. She relaxed when she realized it was just Shelia and continued upstairs.

“Hey guys, Jasmine is going to play hide and seek with me!”

Shelia was practically bellowed with joy. She was in the living room with her siblings, Gevdwyn was watching Alex play his game when Shelia said this; she glanced at Shelia.

“That’s shocking...well then count Alex and I in then.”


Alex yelled as Gevdwyn dragged him away from the chair.

“But… why? ... I don’t want to play! I want stay and play my game!"

“Because, 1 that figurine actually spoke to Shelia, and she never speaks to anyone but our parents and her teachers, 2. Mom will tell me to watch Shelia and I want you to suffer with me, and 3. That game is getting on my nerves for it is way too bloody for your age group...”

Gevdwyn stated as she pulled her squirming, 12-year-old brother on to the patio. He sat on the ground and pouted, Gevdwyn looked at Shelia.

”Where is she anyway?”

“She said she needed to get something before we play.”

“What on earth would she need to play hide and seek?”

(Gevdwyn's POV)

I growled as I was exasperated by the older teen. The girl was nearly 16 and has a high GPA at our school but, is like an antisocial reject. My parents had the nerve once to introduce her to a few of my friends, in hopes she would be a little more open, but that was an epic failure. She just kept silent for the entire time my friends were here. Plus, now she has a really bad obsession with an anime called Naruto, (thanks to Alex) so she's either now outside on the patio staring off somewhere or hogging the computer upstairs in our shared room every day after school! I can’t say anything about because mom and dad will just explain, again that she emotionally unstable and needed a positive outlet…

What the girl needed was a life or something. It’s like she wants to be in that anime. I’ve seen her numerously sneak out at night to practicing the anime’s hand signs to “justu” whatever that it is and practice fighting with metal ninja stars and peculiar knives that our dad bought for her on EBay, EBay! He never bought stuff of that website or any website for us, his own kids! It was unfair!

Jasmine didn't stop there her power over our parents, no..... she has to have every fan fiction website she likes on the upstairs computer's favorites and gets to kick me off anytime she wants because of her ‘mental’ problems and my parents are behind her every step the way!

She even was allowed to take up Japanese, so she can watch the anime when it’s just released and go to the expos. She was pretty good in fluency though; she has only been learning the language for two and half years and I’ve had the same amount of time but can barely hold a conversation fit for a 3rd grader.

She was also pretty good at sketching stuff. She constantly sketch and wrote things in her sketch book/journal. I frowned at her sketching skills. Before Jasmine came, I had been the talented artist of the family. But now, everyone wanted to see her sketches. Someone even had the nerve to say she should lessons from that girl when I was the one that showed her how to do the basics on sketching! I know though she is better at the nature sketches but, I was better with architecture.

I was the same age and was just as fit as her, not as pale, but I am still good looking! I have chestnut brown hair, chocolate brown eyes, and lightly tanned skin with a hour glass figure where she was like a little porcelain doll.

I continued to brew angrily at her in my mind till she came out with a slightly heavy looking backpack and a waterproof jacket.

“What are you preparing for? Rain, there’s not a cloud in the sky and what’s with the backpack did you like pack for natural disaster?"

She just gazed at me as if I just had asked a bizarre question and walked off towards the forest; she turned after a few yards and quietly said,

“Not it.”

Shelia raced after her, screaming “NOT IT!”

Jasmine leapt away again from the loud little girl, clearly not liking the boisterous noise.


Alex turned to me,


“Not it!”

He slapped me on the arm and went racing after the other girls. I growled and chased after the three in to the forest.


I was running through the woods listening and looking for any signs of the girls.

“Damn they’re good! Those girls keep giving me the slip.”

I was panting, we’ve been playing hide and seek for like over 3 hours now, Gevdwyn was “it” for 30 minutes in the beginning till she got Shelia, and then Shelia got me after another 30 minutes of her being ‘it’. Now it was my turn to run around, looking for them; we made half a mile the limit for hiding but, that was still a ton of ground to cover along with them moving from hiding place to hiding place.

Damn how‘d can these girls run so fast, I thought boys were pose to be faster, like it was supposed to be a scientific fact? Well Gevdwyn was a bit a ways from me when she got Shelia and Shelia was north then, so I’ll look there. I didn’t know where Jasmine was however…she moves like death out here.


/The forest is quiet, I like it. /

I thought quietly, as I ran through the forest. It’s felt the eye of a storm beneath the bare trees and with the whistling wind.

The three kids from the house behind me were gone, not that it really matter though, as I ran like a doe across the forest floor. After a while I heard the crashing sound of water nearby.

The river perhaps…? I wonder if it’s overlapping the banks even though it’s summer….

I ran softly to the sound and found the rushing river, its waters sucked hungrily at the banks daring me to venture close. I’m sure this river was the one near a small lake that I liked to sketch at. Far as I remembered, no one else knew about the lake and this river which was fine in my book; I didn’t socializing others, not anyone. As I walked closer to the bank, I saw my reflection in the little section cut off from the river.

I always thought of myself as having outlandish features that everyone else thought that were appealing, with long platinum blond hair, pale blue grey eyes, pearl white skin, and small but hour glass figure. I really didn’t care what other people thought …only the thoughts of two people counted. I kept active only for her; I had to look the same for her so she could recognize me that faithful day….it’s the only reason I kept up with my martial art training.

I was into martial arts at the time I went to this family, so they let me keep doing it. I was now higher than black belt level in a few arts and I won two of championships I entered. I guess they only let me do it because it looked good for the people who wanted to adopt me and relieved the ‘stress’ I apparently had.

I had been with five families already, but none wanted to keep me so I was sent continuously back to this family. My past apparently seemed to be too horrific for them to deal with and the fact that he didn’t like them either added to the results; he was always mean to them for me. He wanted to make sure he and she were my only needed family and I have no problem with it.


My eyes watered at the memory of her, I still had hope for her, and I still dreamt that she was still alive... I brushed her memories away harshly; I didn’t want to think about her now, I just wanted to enjoy nature.

“How wondrous,”

I had followed the river up to a cascading waterfall where I was awe stricken. I have lived in these mountains for 3 years, but to see a waterfall this late in the summer season was a miracle to behold. I strolled around the base of the waterfall-made lake; the sound of the rushing river water was smothered by its thunderous parent, the crashing torrents of the waterfall.

“It’s wondrous indeed,”

I heard him whispered in my head as I continue stroll; the rippling water disfigured my refection as I glanced at it a few times; that’s how I felt it should be.

I looked intently at what seemed to be a cave behind the waterfall, I felt remarkably drawn to it.

“What is that behind it? But…Before that, I will sketch this scenery.”

I took off my backpack and rummaged through it till I found one of the sketch books I had carried with me. I had sketched the waterfall with the cave and the surrounding forestry for half an hour, colored it for another. I yawned and rubbed my upper arms for warmth; it was starting to get dark and cold out here. I glanced remorsefully at the river trail behind me…. It’ll take a while to get back to the house and I don’t want to wander in the dark out here there had been sightings of wolves….. I’ll just wait for the morning… I don’t think anyone will really care if I’m out here anyway, well at least anyone that I care for.

“It’s brighter than I imagined, I guess that’s from the water refraction of light...”

I went into the cave after hearing a howl in the woods, I wasn’t about to make friends with the rumored wolves. I had to ring my clothes out because I had to swim a little enter it and avoid the waterfall’s currents at the same time. I was surprised to see the waterfall was actually 20 feet away from the cave. I yawned as I set up my makeshift bed out of my coat and the one I wore under it.

“Prepare for what she asked…..hmp.”

I smirked at Gevdwyn’s statement as I lied down and snuggled up against my backpack; even though I was soaked I felt bizarrely toasty. I fell quickly asleep with the sound of crashing water as my lullaby.

I woke up with sunshine blinding and hindering my sight.

/That’s peculiar… / I thought sluggish, /didn’t I fall asleep in a cave….so why in the world is the sun in my eye? /

I opened my eyes slowly to see that the waterfall and the cave were definitely gone and in its place I was on the ground in the middle of a forest. I swore that the leaves on the trees in the forest I had traveled in yesterday were brightly green; the forest I had awoken in however was in the middle of fall.

I sat up looking around me. After evaluating the area for few minutes I gathered my things, got up and I dust myself off. I started to walk west of where I had awoken when I heard shouting not too far from where I was.

I hide behind a tree, looking in the direction of the shouting, it sounded like a male’s voice, around the ages of 10-13 I think. This guy is very noisy, let’s just see how noisy he’ll be when I finish teaching him a lesson in trespassing private property. I chuckle a little as I moved stealthily towards the direction I heard the shouting continue, I stopped abruptly, debating about my choice of action.

What if he was a hunter? Well I could use a kunai against the guy to scare him, but I don’t know how far that will get me…

I finally made up my mind and continue to move silently towards the area where the shouting was from. I noticed the trees starting to thin and the shouting to cease as I got closer.

/A clearing… /

I wonder. When I was close enough to see the clearing, I crawled through into bush to investigate the area. I don’t remember there being three huge wooden stumps here, or that was a clearing in this forest at all…but I guess I haven’t been everywhere on this property…

So I darted my eyes all over the clearing seeing no one …I swore I saw someone here when I was closing in.

“I know this guy is smart to get past the fence, but there’s no way in hell he could’ve seen me coming with his noisy mouth.”

I growled annoyed. I heard a rustles above my head and froze at the deep voice coming above me.

“Yes we could’ve... “

I jumped away, tumbling into the clearing. I pulled a kunai out of my bag instantly. I stared intensely where I had tumbled from, a man appeared in front of me.

/What in the world…? /

I was staring at a man that looked like Kakashi-sensei, except, the hair wasn’t as high and was a darker shade of grey. He also seemed taller and thinner than the animated one. But as my mouth hanged I felt something fly close to my head…


I instinctive ducked and not a second too sooner, for a boy 12 or 13 flew over me and face planted the dirt.

He rolled a few feet away clutching his nose. He had a boisterously bright orange jumpsuit on and the most intense yellow hair I had ever seen, like a giant canary; spiky canary that is. It kind of reminded me of Naruto, one of my favorite characters I liked to draw on my spare time…but…

What hell was going here?
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