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From Beginning Till End by sakura1289

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Table of Contents

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Chapter notes: Hope you like it...
He stumbled towards the large, marble gate of Konoha: The Leaf sign could be seen miles away. Small dots could be seen in the distance, representing people waiting for them at the gate. He glanced up at Kakashi, grabbing the hem of his vest to keep him from falling. “Will they be alright?” Naruto asked earning a glance from Kakashi.

Kakashi smiled under his mask and putting his free arm around him, squeezing his shoulder lightly. “They will be. You were all strong and brave fighting against the Sound Four head on and winning the battles with Suna’s help.”

Naruto smiled and glanced up at the unconscious Sasuke, his head lying on Kakashi’s shoulder. His raven hair covered up his shut eyes only showing a slightly parted mouth and a small, sharp nose.

A few hours ago, Sasuke had betrayed the village. Tsunade was going to send a jounin squad out but they were all busy, working alongside with chunin, so there were only genin left to run after Sasuke to retrieve him. This turned out to be himself, Kiba along side with Akamaru, Neji, Chouji and Shikamaru, who was the only chunin free. They were all sent after Sasuke and the Sound Four; a strange group that all had the curse seals somewhere on their bodies.

Naruto once more looked up at Kakashi. “Is it over?”

This time, Kakashi looked down at him properly, an awkward smile hidden underneath his navy blue mask. “Yes, it’s over and done with.”

“Good,” Naruto whispered, smiling and staring at his feet hitting the dirty path in front of him over and over again.

They walked awhile in silence, listening to the wind rustling through the trees and the birds chirping together happily. They could hear voices in the distance coming from the gate: orders, shouts and normal chatting. Kakashi stared at the marble gates, eyeing each person standing by them.

Danzou, Hokage-sama, Shizune-san and the two council members… what are they doing there? He could see Tsunade staring at them, their bodies slowly appearing in the distance, seriously. The council on the other hand was looking at them furiously, along with Danzou for an unknown reason.

When they arrived at the gates he could see their expressions clearly. Tsunade’s weren’t serious but scared and confused, yet the council was the same… furious.

Naruto stared at them, his eyes slowly shutting and was almost falling unconscious but a second later, he stood back up again redoing the whole process again. Tsunade quickly rushed to him, healing the large flesh injuries that covered his body, created by Sasuke.

There was a deep kunai stab on his right hip running right down to his knee, a hole in his chest made by the chidori that Sasuke had aimed at him and a few minor cuts all over his body, also chakra exhaustion.

“He should be alright, only the injury by his chest will take a few days to heal, his leg will take half a day. He should rest at the hospital for four days and have daily Check-ups from either Shizune or me.”

Behind them, the council and Danzou chuckled, making them turn around eyeing them suspiciously,” Danzou-san, do you have something to tell me or would you like to talk about it later in the office?” questioned Tsunade.

A wide grin spread over his face,” I’d like to do it right now, Tsunade-sama,” he spat out the words with disgust and hatred.

“What is it what you wanted to tell me?” she replied seriously, her lips pressed together into a thin line. Danzou wasn’t acting like normal; he’s becoming more sarcastic by a second.

The man pointed at Sasuke, who lay on Kakashi’s shoulder motionless,” Uzumaki Naruto because you couldn’t bring Uchiha Sasuke back alive, I will here by banish you from the village of Konoha.”

Tsunade stared at the man as if he was insane,” What are you talking about, the Uchiha is still alive and healthy, he’s the one who is supposed to be the one banished for almost killing a fellow shinobi of Konoha!”

“Silence!” his voice boomed down the streets, scaring the civilians and children playing around. Danzou walked up to Naruto, pulled him up on his feet and ripped his forehead protector off,” If your still here by sundown you shall be executed in front of the whole village.” With this he threw the weak Naruto onto the ground and walked off.

“Wait, you can’t do that, that’s illegal you still have to ask for my permission!” yelled Tsunade, but Danzou only chuckled.

“Honestly, do you really think that you have the right to speak Hokage-sama? You cannot overpower us with your political power, we have been longer on the seat than you have, the only person that could overpower us was the Third,” he looked back at the woman, who was almost shedding tears.

Tsunade looked down at Naruto sadly, who just nodded understandingly and slowly stood up. He would have fought if he wouldn’t have been so injured, he would have destroyed the nearest object but he couldn’t do that. They would just execute him now.

Naruto looked up at Shizune and Kakashi, and nodded, turning his back towards them walking towards his apartment.

Kakashi stared at the retrieving body of Naruto, walking quietly down the crowded streets. “Danzou-sama.”

The said man turned towards Kakashi. “What is it Hatake-san, oh, I also have a promotion for you. Would you lie to join the ANBU Roots but as exchange you must train Sasuke-san as an apprentice.”

Kakashi stared at him with one eye. “No, I reject the offer of joining the ANBU Root when the leader is the one that banished my student. No, I wish for you to take me of the Konoha Shinobi list.”

The two council members looked at him as if he was insane. “Hatake-san, you can’t do that. You’re our No.1 Shinobi here second to the Hokage!”

Kakashi turned to them, his hands slowly raising towards the back of his head, untying his headband and letting it fall onto the floor, he then spat onto the ground next to the headband,” I no longer wish to be a Konoha shinobi or civilian, I no longer wish to be in Konoha at all.”

Danzou just stared at him, as if he was insane,” Hatake-san, you can’t leave your our strongest like the council said, we cannot lose you.”

Kakashi glared with at him with his Sharingan Eye,” I sound like I’m being used as a weapon and I have no respect for a village that can’t see the difference between an innocent boy and a murderous demon.”

Shizune smiled after the man, who followed Naruto down the road, then looked at Tsunade questioning. Tsunade only looked at her with a grim expression covered on her face but then suddenly it looked like she had an idea in her mind and she started smirking.

Danzou saw this and eyed her closely,” Tsunade-sama, have you got something to say?”

She closed her eyes and took in a deep breath, standing up from her kneeling position,” Yes I do.” Tsunade looked at Shizune apologizing, then back at Danzou,” I, Tsunade no longer wish to be the Hokage of Konoha, I wish Jiraya to be the next Hokage.” She too, untied her headband from her shoulder, and the Hokage robe, throwing it onto the floor next to Kakashi’s headband.

Tsunade looked up at Shizune,” Are you coming with me or are you staying here?”

Shizune looked back at Danzou and his little troop then at Tsunade and the retrieving bodies of Kakashi and Naruto, why was she even choosing? Not like her family is here or anything, the only thing keeping her here is Tsunade. Shizune smiled and ripped of her headband running to Kakashi and Naruto along with Tsunade.

Danzou and co. just stared at them dumb folded.


Awhile later, Naruto was sitting on Kakashi’s back sleeping soundly. It was late but there was still the sun in the sky, and Naruto did have chakra exhaustion.

Tsunade was carrying her own bag and Naruto’s, Shizune her own and Kakashi’s. They all changed their clothes.

Kakashi was wearing a pair of navy blue pants and oversized, making them look puffed up. A long, black coat which was handing just above the ground, revealing the silver chest-plate he was wearing under it, a long red scarf was covering up his mouth and nose and an eye patch his Sharingan Eye. He was carrying a sword on his left hip, its leather sheath plain but expensive.

Shizune had tied her hair up somehow with Tsunade’s hair and was wearing a traditional miko dress with very loose sleeves. Her pouch strapped around her waist and her senbon shooter hidden underneath her sleeves. A red ribbon covered her forehead and had leather sandals on, along with Kakashi.

Tsunade on the other hand was wearing a green kimono shirt with a cream coloured belt and tight brown pants. Her hair was tied into a low pony tail and a few strands were put together by a metal tube. She had red fingerless gloves on letting her white painted fingernail stand out. She was wearing knee length leather boots. Her twin kodachi she had since she was eight but never really used them, over were strapped over her shoulders.

Naruto had on a black cape with a hood for now, so they could hide the ‘kill-me’ orange and his sunshine blond hair. They didn’t want to stand out that much; they were after all Nuke-nins from now on. The group couldn’t change his cloth because he fell unconscious immediately after stepping into his apartment.

Right now, they were all jumping through the trees in the Fire Country at top speed. They were being followed by ANBU since they put a step out of the village.

Kakashi looked at his two wake companions,” Where do we do now, we can’t go anywhere with them trailing us on our heels Tsunade-sama.”

Tsunade shrugged,” Don’t call me Tsunade-sama, makes me feel old and I am no longer your Leader, if you want to show respect then show it to Naruto and for the what-to-do part make something up, you’re the Copy-nin here.”

Kakashi growled, ‘This was our Hokage, I wonder how I survived the past months with her…’

Shizune giggled at their antics.

Naruto stirred on his back and one eye popped open, scanning the flashing area around them,” We’re running away from them, aren’t we?”

Kakashi only answered with a simple ‘hm’ and hopped from branch to branch.

“Naruto-kun,” the said boy turned towards Shizune with one eye closed,” Do you have an idea on how to lose our followers?”

Naruto raised his eyebrows,” Have you guys ever though about knocking them out or actually fighting against them?”

“Of course we have but they have to be pretty strong to be sending them after us, I am, or better said was the Hokage after all!” yelled Tsunade.

“And what is a Hokage?” he asked them, getting stares from each person.

“Gaki, since when did you become so dumb! A Hokage is the… strongest person in the village! Gaki that’s a great idea from you, I would have never come up with that!” exclaimed Tsunade, Naruto only shaking his head out of her stupidity.

“That is what you get when you are like a son to an Academy Teacher,” he mumbled,” You should expect me to know the basics to many things.”

Kakashi snickered at that comment, earning a glance from Naruto, who suddenly started smirking evilly but it immediately died down and he turned his attention to the two ladies,” What are you going to do baa-chan?”

Tsunade looked at him,” Like you said, fight them but we’ll have to hide you. You’re in no condition to fight ANBU much less the strongest ANBUs.”

Naruto only nodded understandingly, no complaining to be heard,” Let’s not hope they have a Hyuga or an Inuzuka with them.”

Shizune tensed, Naruto was right, if they did have a Hyuga or Inuzuka with them they could easily find Naruto’s hiding spot except if...

“Naruto-kun, you could create a couple of Kage Bunshin and put them into pairs. One of each pair would turn into Kakashi-san, while the real Kakashi stays here, the fake pairs and with you and your partner could go running off. You could hide somewhere nearby so we can find you later,” she said, getting the attention from all of them.

“Now I know why I made you my apprentice Shizune, you’re just the best,” said Tsunade, patting her one the back,” Naruto do you have enough chakra to do this?”

The boy nodded and made his favorite hand seals,” Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!” about 50 replicas appeared in the small meadow they were standing in, every second one looked like Kakashi,” You guys know what to do, leave.”

A second later, only the real Kakashi, Tsunade and Shizune stood there waiting for the ANBUs arrival. Soon they heard hushed whispers surrounding them and then the slowly one by one, an ANBU appeared out of every corner.

“Well, who do we have here,” Kakashi smirked,” Squad 8 and Squad 10.”
Chapter end notes: Please comment...
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