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Shoseki by fuyuko

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Table of Contents

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Chapter notes: Disclaimer: Naruto is the property of Masashi Kishimoto. No money is being made from the writing of this story and no copyright/trademark infringement is intended.
A/N: I apologize for the extremely short chapter, made of mostly conversation. But this is the starting chapter, and I felt it important.
“What do you think is in it?” the idiotic, self life threatening blonde inquired curiously, “He reads it everyday.”

A jade eyed kunoichi’s voice sounded in patent counter, “It must be something interesting, seeing as it never seems to end.”

“I’d like to see it.” Claimed the demon container cheerfully, throwing lackadaisical, bronzed hands vigorously into the expanse of unambiguous, cobalt sky.

“I don’t know.” The girl cautioned in rejoinder, her fair skinned hands vigilantly tucked under her chin, “I’m not sure if I really want to find out.”

Finally, the soundless, striking boy formerly leaning nonchalantly against a jagged barked tree retorted brusquely, “It’s not important; just forget it.”

“I bet you’d like to know what’s in it too, Sasuke!!” snickered Naruto evilly, a broad, eloquent grin pasted wickedly on his suntanned face.

Swiftly turning away, a light hue colored on his flawless, insipid face, the attractive teen snapped crossly, “Why would I care?”

“Whatever you say.” The contented kitsune teased childishly. He unmistakably knew well enough that the surfaced averse Sasuke also wanted dreadfully to find out.

“You know what I think is in it?” interrogated the aggravating blonde, only to promptly counter to his own inquisition, “I think it could be a book full of jokes, because he’s always giggling irritatingly.”

“Or some romance novel.” Pensively presented Sakura, her brilliant, but now wasted mind lost cavernously in itinerant, unfeasible imaginings.

Sasuke offered almost inaudibly, singularly for the normally hushed raven haired, “Or a tactics book.”

“Come on, you’re not being creative.” Naruto complained exasperatingly, earning a demising, defiant stare to be mailed instantly towards him, “You’ve been brainwashed, Sasuke.”

Astoundingly finding no terse, diminutive response, the flaxen haired continued innovatively, “Or it could be a text book.”

“Why would a teacher need to read a text book?” debated Sakura calculatingly, common sense lodged acutely into the react.

“For fun?” stated the illogical fox container basically, feverishly scratching the back of his often idle head fearfully, “Or it could be various perverted pictures!!”

Fiercely embarrassed with an evident blush tinted on her ghost colored face, she hissed furiously, “You pervert!! Why would he do that?!”

“It was a suggestion, Sakura.” Naruto avowed dejectedly, despondently impaired by the fact that his darling crush had once again wordlessly, inadvertently communicated the infinitely towering disinterest she held for him.

“We’ll track him tomorrow,” cleanly declared Sasuke after a vacant, tongue-tied atmosphere had settled uniformly, “as it’s our break. And it could be good training, since Naruto can’t seem to shadow correctly.”

“Shut up.” Squabbled Naruto heatedly, his mouth curling treacherously into a precarious smile.

Sasuke’s iniquitous, notorious but somehow fittingly sleek smirk slid slickly into place, “Whatever.”
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