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Okashii by fuyuko

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Table of Contents

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Chapter notes: Disclaimer: Naruto is the property of Masashi Kishimoto. No money is being made from the writing of this story and no copyright/trademark infringement is intended.
“Hayaku da yo, usuratongachi!!”

The slow paced kitsune glared with absolute despise in his cerulean clear eyes, “Urusai da!!”

Ignoring the usually confused, useless teammate, Sasuke rushed forward uncaringly, patches of green hue blasting past him vividly. His precise movements were swift as a lurking, treacherous panther, as immediate as a heart pounding racehorse. Every tossed, lethal kunai was perfectly timed, accurately measured. His hawk sharp onyx eyes scanned the area keenly before his skilled feet graced the blessed forest, moss covered ground lightly.

“Why’d you stop, Sasuke-kun?” inquired a generally worried, always blushing pink haired kunoichi gallingly, “We still have a while till we reach the destination.”

Sasuke dared an intense glance towards her, replying in the low, velvety voice, “First, Naruto is lagging far to behind. And second, I sense someone around here.”

Swooning dangerously, suffering from immense obsession, Sakura colored an apparent wine red before recovering from her excessive blood loss, “What are we going to do?”

“We’ll see what they’re doing,” the stoic, raven haired teen answered irritated, his voice decreasing rapidly in volume with each unmistakably enunciated syllable rolled off his tongue, “Then we’ll act from there.” Wasn’t it quite obvious, probably even to the idiotic demon container, what their unwilled option would be?

Finally, after a seemingly time-consuming, unbearable wait for the impatient Uchiha, the said blonde arrived dramatically, a wide, mischievous grin on his tanned face in sought victory, “We’re lost aren’t we, Sasuke bastard? That’s why we stopped.”

How would the prodigy survive to the miraculous, joy bringing, death causing day he’d been longing for badly if this might be the cause of his early, immature bereavement? Sighing sharply, he crossly glared at the unknowing blonde before his curt snap, “Are you that stupid? You can’t recognize that someone might be creeping along this area?”

“How was I supposed to track if we were moving at a pace that fast?!” demanded the fired blonde heatedly, his hands clenched into stiff, taut fists.

“I was able to track.” Sasuke exampled smugly, fueling ever more to his already flaming pride, shutting his steely, ebony eyes securely.

Naruto shook his head unappreciatively, his raspy tone hazardously kept, “Well, I’m sorry if the fault filled world isn’t as ideal as you.”

Sakura, unquestionably cheered exasperatingly for the ingenious Sasuke’s triumph. Immediately noticing proximity of the mysterious enemy, Sasuke shushed them irately, severely straining for a single sign of human life.

Three anonymous, indistinct shadows darted fleetingly through the vast expanse of subsisting, residing growth, shades of green forestry entirely engulfing them. Jolting forward expectantly from the abrupt pause, the predicted, nameless strangers situated straight. Of the unidentified squad, one was the leading, rogue appearing male while two associated, worthless seeming females accompanied him silently, acquiescently.

One girl stood out vaguely, naively to the sanctified Uchiha as he observed watchfully an expert, strenuous eye over the recently given enemy. Her jet black hair was pulled up scruffily into a cluttered, unfolded bun, points of jagged, layered hair jabbing out indiscriminately. Her ordinary, earth russet eyes stared doubtfully, unconfidently at the scarce lawn carpeted ground insecurely. Her petite frame shook ever slightly with her pale, vacillating hands placed tamely, meekly in front of her. Overall, obviously plain and frigidly disregarded by a vindictive society.

The cynical teammates were not anymore extraordinary in facade than her. The other female was more impish, her ashen laid eyes flitting lightheartedly from the perceptibly dissimilar team members of Squad Seven. An ample, feral smile settled on her unruffled face as her fluid, red tinged auburn hair fanned out disproportionately in the now cascading, fierce wind. With his fisted hands snugly crossed over a slightly built chest, he arrogantly stared down at the suspecting adversary, brunette eyes fixed powerfully on Sasuke’s onyx, sweeping ones.

This would not be a forthcoming encounter.

“What are you doing here?” interrogated a primed, resolute Sasuke in a deep, precariously composed voice.

“I could ask you the same thing.” Spat the sole primary, doughty boy angrily, nonchalantly gazing around him, absorbing in the textured landscape instantly, “You leaf ninja sicken me, thinking that you could keep all this land. How conceited.”

“Leave now,” preparing himself swiftly, a kunai materialized almost magically in his left, steadily gripping hand, “Or we’ll fight you.”

The indifferent opponent sneered threateningly, daringly brandishing his own unsafe weapon, “Sounds interesting.”

Without needing another palpable gesture, the kunai congregated in midair struggling, the jagged clinging of icy unfeeling metal against bitter comatose metal. The noiseless, invisible girl’s tan eyes gaped impassively, inertly examinating the sadistic flicker of rapid, blinding luminosity resulting perceptibly from the ongoing corporeal quarrel.

It was a straightforward, familiar mle, yet not another existing soul dared slightly move even a fraction of a millimeter. The sharpened point of the perilous kunai providentially nearly missed the auspicious unspecified boy fatal inches from his rapidly pasting, living heart. With this mortal jeopardy came his speedy downfall from this diminutive inhospitable encounter.

“Lets go, Mizuki, Utako!!” dominated the challenging boy authoritatively, firmly grasping the immeasurably bleeding wound to prevent further untended blood loss.

The said Mizuki sprung away without delay upon being importunately called, a dodgy, aggravating mocking smile smeared shabbily on her supposedly appealing face. The imperceptible girl recognized vaguely as Utako merely gazed harmlessly at the foe before considerately bowing low and vanishing maladroitly with her squad members hastily.
Chapter end notes: Translations:
Hayaku: Hurry up
Da: It is [stating; informer version of |desu|]
Yo: Particle used for emphasis
Usuratongachi: Master of idiots [something to the lines of that]
Urusai: Noisy/shut up
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