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Can I Help You? by Shmoobunny182

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Table of Contents

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Chapter notes: I do not own or nor am i associated with naruto in any way!
A small yawn escaped from the blonde's mouth as his eyes shot open. The sun was creeping into the small bedroom from under the black curtains. He immediately shut his eyes closed once more and buried his face under the warm covers that wrapped around the rest of his body like a cocoon. But before he could let sleep take him, a loud beeping noise blasted into the room from a small black alarm clock. That only meant one thing. SCHOOL!

Naruto Dreaded school with a deep, dark and burning passion. Naruto knew that if he was absent from school one more time, he would get suspended or even worse, held back, so he decided to get up out of bed to start what he thought would be a miserable day.

---Later at School---

Naruto's first period was homeroom so he took this opportunity to sit in the back corner of the room to draw, write, and listening to his iPod while at the same time, trying to ignore everyone else's nasty comments about him. About 15 minutes in the period, Kakashi-sensei just happened to finally show.

Kakashi quickly quieted down his class so he could speak. “Class, we have a new student joining us today. Everyone please welcome, Uchiha Sasuke!” As his name was spoken, Sasuke walked in. He looked around the room looking quite unimpressed. Before coming to Konoha Private High, Sasuke attended Konoha Public School. At this new school, school uniforms were required. The boys wore white button down shirts, and a blue suit, including ties. The girls wore the typical white button down shirts with a blue tie, and short blue rippled skirt and knee high dark blue socks. (Sorry I May get into detailing things a lot!)

It's not like this school didn't seem good enough for the Uchiha, it's just that, the other kids look like stuck up! Although, he's not really one to talk. It's not that he's no stuck up himself. People just don't understand him. All people see him as is a walking god, and that's girls AND boys included. Kakashi-sensei interrupted the boys thoughtand said, “Uchiha-kun, you can go sit in the back next to the blond, Uzumaki-Kun.” “Hai” Was all Sasuke responded with. Kakashi started up again, “Uzumaki-Kun...” No answer. He tried again. “UZUMAKI-KUN!!” He yelled. The blonde's head snapped up at that. “What?” Everyone should know not to get on the wrong side of Naruto. “If you're not going to pay attention then get out! Go to the office!” Kakashi doesn't know what to do with that kid anymore. Neither do the rest of his teachers. This is pretty much a repeat of everyday. As Naruto walked out of the class room, he didn't even notice the new kid sitting next to him. 'What was his name again?'

Naruto trudged along down the halls to the principle's office. He could probably find his way there walking backwards with his eyes closed by now he knew his way so well.

Chapter end notes: Hope you like the first chapter! It's my first Fan Fic ever! R&R
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