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Hatred by Hanashi_Genki

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The girl sat in the middle of a circle of ANBU. They all wore masks, though the girl didn’t know why. There was no way she would recognize them. One of them was standing up. He was speaking now.
“Today you finished your training. Tomorrow, you will travel to the location that we have discovered as one of the akatsukis main hideouts. You know your mission?” he asked such stupid questions. The girl nodded, of course she knew it. “Recite it.” he commanded.
“I am to infiltrate the akatsuki. The sand village will be spreading rumors of a new rouge ninja. I will travel to the location you give me, wearing a sand headband with a scratch through it. I will request acceptance into the organization akatsuki. I must do what ever it takes to get in. Once in, I will gather as much information as possible. I will leave at an opportune moment, preferably making it appear as if I was dead. I will then return to the leaf village. After reporting all the information I found, I will receive a new name and be allowed a normal life” she smiled “sounds fun.”
“Very good” the ANBU was speaking again “but don’t smile like that.”
“I’m sorry” said the girl “I read somewhere that the best way to win a heart was to smile.”
There was a hint of humor in the ANBUs voice when he said “Not where your going. But enough small talk. We will now pick your name.” he walked toward her, then bent down to her eye level. “Is there a name you would like?” he asked, this time his voice more sympathetic.
“Hanabi.” the girl had wanted that name for as long as she could remember.
“I’m sorry. Your going to have to pick a name that’s a bit more………threatening.”
She glared at him. If there had been one thing she had ever wanted, ever dreamt of, it was that name. But she had no choice. She searched her vocabulary for a different name. Hatred would be good. ”Tekii.”
The ANBU sat in silence, as if thinking. “ Very well” he finally spoke. “from now on, your name will be Tekii.”
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