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Chimchar's Temples of Secrets by storymaster

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"King Chimchar, there are three people outside that want to get secrets" said Manaphy. "Let them in" said King Chimchar. "Oh, well it is my arch enimies, Stuntank. Go outside, you are too stinky, by the way, where are the other two" said King Chimchar. "There outside" said Manaphy "THEN LET THEN IN" yelled King Chimchar. So the two people went inside terrified. "Oh, hi Naruto and Sakura, so do you want secrets" said King Chimchar. "Yes and make it one that will get me away from Naruto" said Sakura. "Make me one that will make Sakura shut-up" said Naruto. "Okay okay I try" said King Chimchar. Chimchar was doing magic from the temple. "Here are your secrets" said King Chimchar. "Oh I wish I had a Queen by my side to keep me company" said King Chinchar. "Why won't you just give your self a secret" said Manaphy. "Good idea" said King Chimchar. Chimchar using magic from the temple he got himself a queen. "Oh Queen Piplup, your so beautiful" said King Chimchar. "Thanks" said Queen Piplup. "Oh just kiss me" they both said. So they lived happily ever after.
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