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Unwanted Change by Okikuchan

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Story notes: I dont own Naruto
Chapter notes: I hope you like
On top of a building in the village sat fifteen 12 to 15 year olds listening to the 21 year old Naruto tell then of a great battle 2 years ago." Sasuke,Sakura, and I were trapped . We could barley move and the capo gang was about to kill the princess and there was nothing we could do. i started to rack my brain trying to think of some thing then it came to me just like that" He snapped his fingers and smirked.
One of the boys in the crowd around him he could not help but say" What Naruto what came to you?"
" i relized the entire gang was made up of guys" he said with a huge smile on his face" so i focused all my energy into my hands and slowly was able to form hand signs then i screamed SEXY NO JUTSU transforming myself into a blonde beauty. We were able to break the bounds which were holding us because the guy got distracted. My team was able to save the princess and get all the members of the Capo gang and its all thanks to my sexy no jutsu. " There was a mass break out of clapping and cheers." yes i know"standing and bowing but out of no where sakura and sasuke pop up behind him and hit him on the head. Naruto sits up rubbing his head" what was that for?"
Sakura glaring at him because you are miss leading these kids"
"No i am not all that happened"
"Sakura he is right"
" Yeah he skipped the part were we had to distract them so they didnt see him doing the hand signs"
" Okay fine " Naruto turning to the kids" They distracted them"
"thank you now come on we have to train"
"Fine " there were two puffs of smoke and Sakura and Sasuke disappeared but before naruto could go to the boy from before stood up again
"Can we see it ...Can we see your sexy no jutsu?"
Smiling" Of course" Doing the hand proper hand signs" Sexy no jutsu" He turned into his blonde beauty and there was clapping. out of no where he was hit by Sakuras shoe.
"naruto that is the most digrading thing you do now change back." she said standing next to him
"fine" he stopped for a second but had not changed back" there you happy"
"Naruto i mean it change back"
"i did"
"no you didn't"
"Wait What?"
"Naruto your a girl" Sasuke said
Turning white" let me try again" this time doing some hand signs this time there was a puff of some and when it was gone he was still a she. "Did it work ?"
and through out the village a scream was heard.
Chapter end notes: ~~~~~~~~~
Sorry so short
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