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More Than A Summer Trip by TemariSandyFan

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Table of Contents

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Story notes: OOT (Out Of Time)
OOC (Out Of Character)
"inner thoughts"
inner selves
Chapter notes: TSF: Does anyone else smell a plot unfolding?
Temari: TSF doesn't own Naruto.
TSF: *gloom* No, Masashi Kishimoto-sensei does.
Temari: *chuckles* Uh... Enjoy the story!
title "talking" "thoughts" inner selves
In Konoha

Naruto (In his room)

Naruto looked at the letter Kakashi-sensei had mailed to him. According to it, Kakashi would be gone for a minimum of a week at a convention. Naruto didn’t know how to feel. He was sad that there wouldn’t be any more missions since there wasn’t any Jounin to accompany them. On the bright side, there wouldn’t be any Kakashi to tell him what to do or make him wake up early! Inspiration struck Naruto like Kakashi-sensei’s One Thousand Years of Pain Jutsu. He began planning out his idea on a piece of paper lying around his messy room. “This is going to be so sweet!” He thought to himself.

Sakura (In her room)

Sakura lay out on her bed, staring at her ceiling. There was nothing to do since Tsunade-sama was too busy with her mountains of paperwork to train her, and Kakashi was out at a convention. She’d called Ino that morning to see if she wanted to go the park, but she had been too busy helping her parents in their flower shop. Hinata almost went, but her father insisted on her training with Neji. Tenten wasn’t home, for some reason, so that crossed out all the kunoichi. The pink haired ninja eventually fell asleep with nothing to bother her.

Sasuke (In the back)

Sasuke had already read the letter from Kakashi and had left to train. Not much to talk about!

Hinata (In her room)

Hinata let out a sad sigh. Kurenai had mailed Hinata a letter, similar to Naruto, Sakura, and Sasuke’s, telling that the teacher would be gone for a week. This meant no missions, which led to more training with Neji and Father. Oh joy. Speaking of which, Neji, at that moment, knocked on his cousin’s door.

“Excuse me, Hinata-sama, but your father insists you train.” Neji said.

“I told Sakura-chan that I would go to the park with her, though!” Hinata explained.

“Your father won’t take no for an answer, I’m afraid.”

“Okay, I’m coming.” Hinata sighed reluctantly.

After hanging up with a sad Sakura, she left to train with Father.

Shino (In his room)

Shino, unlike the others, was quite happy with Kurenai’s decision to leave. This meant some peace and quiet from his teammates. Hinata, he didn’t have to worry about, as she was almost awkwardly shy, the exact opposite of Kiba. Kiba was loud and, at sometimes, obnoxious. And paired with Akamaru’s barking, they got on his nerves at most times.

“More time for my bugs,” Shino thought to himself contently, “No time wasted finding earplugs.”

Kiba (At his gate)

“Alright, Akamaru, let’s go!” yelled Kiba. They were going out for a day of soccer without a certain person getting mad at him because Akamaru scratched at that certain person’s bugs.

“Ruff!” happily barked Akamaru in return.

“At last, some time alone without Bug-boy telling me what to do!”

Kiba thought about this for a little, at least for what seemed to be a little. Akamaru was already at the gate, waiting impatiently for his master. At last, Akamaru got fed up, and peed on Kiba’s leg.

“Ah!!! What are you doing?!” yelled Kiba.

“Ruff!” happily barked Akamaru.

Shikamaru (On his roof)

“Ah, more cloud-watching time,” thought Shikamaru as he lay on top of his house.

He was very happy with Asuma leaving. Choji probably wasn’t. The Nara chuckled. It didn’t need a genius with an I.Q. of over 200 to figure that out, considering Asuma always treated the team to barbeque after training.

“I wonder how Choji’s doing right about now. He’s probably… no wait… maybe… Hold on! What are you doing?!” Shikamaru thought, “This is your break! No thinking allowed during break! The only concentrating you’re doing is on the clouds!”

After mentally arguing with himself, Shikamaru took a deep breath and continued watching the clouds roll by.

Choji (In his kitchen)

It turns out, Shikamaru was right! Choji was sad that Asuma was gone since it meant no eating barbeque for free, at least for a week. While thinking about this, Choji sat in his favorite room. He rested munching on chips, wondering what to do. Ino was probably too busy working in her parent’s flower shop to do anything. Shikamaru… he didn’t want to disturb his best friend from whatever thing he was doing.

“Man, I’m bored!” Choji sighed through a mouthful of chips.

So there sat Choji, with his barbeque chips and nothing to do.

Ino (In the her flower Shop)

Wow, Choji was right, too! Ino was at her parent’s flower shop, watering some roses, when her cell phone rang and answered to find Sakura at the other end.

“Hi Sakura, what’s going on?”

“Hi Ino, and nothing’s going on. That’s why I’m calling! I’m bored stiff! Do you mind going to the park with me?”

“Oh, you mean go right now? Well, I’m kind of busy with the flowers and all, sorry!”

“No, no, it’s okay. Well, see you later!” Sakura hung up and tried to hide the hint of regret in her voice.

Ino, however, wasn’t fooled.

“Ah, Sakura, now you made me feel bad!” thought Ino angrily as she went back to watering the flowers.

Lee (In his “Happy corner”)

Lee was literally in tears as he read the letter from his teacher.

“Why, Gai-sensei? Why did you have to leave?!” Lee yelled to no one in particular.

The message was soaked wet by both Lee and his sensei’s tears, and to top it off, Lee was crumpling it in his hand. It looked rather like a giant spitball.

Get a hold of yourself, Lee! Inner Lee commanded.

“But since Gai-sensei is gone, I have no motivation to train!” Lee shot back at his inner self.

When you made that dojo, Gai-sensei wasn’t there, but you finished it, nonetheless!

“You are right! I must stop stuttering and train so Gai-sensei will see how much I have improved when he gets back!” And with that, Lee put the letter along with a picture that the teacher had sent of himself in his “Gai shrine” and went off to train. “What a smart conscience I have!”

Neji (In his room)

Neji read the note to himself and slightly smiled.

“Maybe with Gai gone, I can get some peace and quiet. Oh, wait. Ksah, there’s still Mini-Gai (A.K.A. Lee.) If I train at the house for a while, I might not even see Lee!”

After thinking about this for a while, he went outside to train with Haishi-sama. Following some gruesome Byakugan training, Neji was told to tell Hinata that it was time to train. When he did so, though, Hinata complained that she promised Sakura that she would go to the park with her. Neji persuaded her to come by telling her that Haishi-sama was not one to take no for an answer. Once Hinata dragged along outside and began training, Neji lay down on the floor and took a short nap, though he was scolded by Haishi-sama for not watching and helping his cousin.

Tenten (In her backyard)

“Twin Rising Dragons!” yelled Tenten.

Kunai and multiple steel weapons rained down from two scrolls spun in midair. They were all aimed at one target, Gai-sensei. Well, a picture of Gai, anyway. The image showed a crying Gai that was paper clipped to the back of the letter. The likeness of her teacher was stuck to a tree in Tenten’s garden. I guess you could say this was Tenten’s way of expressing herself!

“Ah, nothing feels better than throwing weapons at your annoying mentor to calm yourself, huh?” Tenten thought to herself.

However, the weapon specialist thought about this too long. Long enough for her to plummet onto her mother’s gardenias, thus hurting her, which was bad…

“I might have to go to Ino’s later for more flowers… after this round!”

“Twin Rising Dragons!” shouted Tenten and pushed herself into the air.

In Suna
Gaara (In his room)

I could tell you that Gaara was happily picking some cactus flowers somewhere and giving them to wandering children. I could tell you he was giving away his Kazekage fortune to the homeless. However, Kishimoto-sensei might sue me for character abuse, and you might be okay with that, but I’m not. Gaara was actually sulking in his room, unmoved by Baki’s decision to leave. Well, it’s Gaara, what do you expect?

Temari (In the council room)

Temari left the council room after receiving her mission. She sighed. It was an A rank escort to Konoha, so Gaara and Kankuro had to come as well. However, when the sand ninja heard that Gaara and Kankuro were coming she started screaming.

“What do you mean my little brothers have to come?!”

“Temari, we understand that you feel that they don’t have to come…” started Baki.

“Don’t you understand by now that I can do these kinds of things my self?!” complained Temari, “Why does Baki have to come, too?!”

“Temari that is quite enough!” commanded an elder on the council.

“Humph. It’s not like he’s going to help… or work… at all…” mumbled the wind user.

“Fine,” one of the elders said, “if it makes you feel any better, Baki will return back here once you enter Fire.”

Even with what was supposed to be an improvement in the mission, she grabbed the mission scroll and left in a huff.

Kankuro (Behind the Mansion)

“Black Secret Technique Machine One Shot!” yelled Kankuro.

Karasu pushed the straw dummy into Kuroari’s open torso. Immediately after, the former disassembled into separate limbs containing sharp knives, piercing the dummy through holes in Kuroari’s body. Kankuro pulled his puppets apart via charka string and smiled at the broken fake inside. Just before he was about to perform Black Secret Technique Machine Two Shot, he heard Temari’s annoyed screams from the third floor.

“Oh man, this isn’t going to be good.” Kankuro thought to himself as he quickly packed up his puppets and ran to the other side of Suna. By experience, he knew that at times like these, it’s best you don’t let an angry Temari see you.

Chapter end notes: Well, what do you think? Please R&R kindly!
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