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Caught By The Wings by A Vampires Butterfly

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Chapter notes: Hi there. Okay I know, I know I'm truly an idiot for starting yet another story when I have like five others that need finished. But this came to me....It just came to me...and god I needed to write it. I think this is going to be a great piece, maybe it's just me, judge for yourself, but I think it will be good. Enjoy! Oh and you guys, look at the thing, Banner Maker, It has a banner for this story in chapter two. Cool huh? =^-^= With much love, A Vampires Butterfly ^.^
It had been raining.

Raining in sheets of ice and water. Freezing cold and oddly painful. The clouds had been dark and angry. Rumbling with thunder and crackling with pent up lighting.

Every time it let loose electricity a shot of gold, dangerous, yet silent was thrown into the night air it caused the darkness to shine with a light that only teased the Earth by reminded it of the sun.

That was what it looked like.

As it dropped from the sky.

Pure white feathers, tainted with dirty blood were torn from its back by the force of the air pressure, pushing against it as if trying to help it back.

Rain fell after it as if the clouds were crying for the loss of it.

But gold was what stood out most.

Like lightening it fell with such great speed, white feathers following it and rain joining it in its fall to Earth, gold shot down into the darkness, falling.

Falling so fast yet each moment was held with slowness and care. Its eyes were closed for it didn’t want to see its end. It didn’t want to see where it would fall, where it would land.

It had been raining when I saw an


Fall from the sky.
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