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P.K.T.N. by Deadly Dream

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Chapter notes: Disclaimer: I own nothing, specially since I didn`t invent words so yeah.
The halls were as loud and upbeat as ever with the students laughing and chatting with there friends as they walked. Very few people accually just go and sit in the rooms before class had accually started. That`s what this small group of friends did, just to get away from the other fuckers as they liked to call them.

In the back corner sat an upper classmen with long dark brown hair that was tied in a loose pony tail at the base of his neck and deep onyx eyes. He wore a a white long sleeve shirt with the school crest of a purple snake forming an S with in green leaf on the left side of the chest and a pair of black pants held up by a brown leather belt. It appeared that he had just come in to sleep a bit before class started.

Just a few rows away was a small group of girls chatting away, well only two of the four were talking as the other two seemed to be distracted. The first, a golden brown haired girl with bright ocean blue eyes who kept her focuse on the sleeping upper classmen in the back. She wore a white button up tee shirt with the school crest over her left breast and a black, rufled skirt that reached mid thigh along with black beach sandals and a black, velvet choker with small, dull silver spikes.

The other was a brunette with hazel eyes who wore the same outfit minus the chocker and actual shoes. Her attention focused on the rather pale man writing on the board with long raven hair and yellow gold eyes. He wore the a white button up shirt under an open black suit along with black pants held up with a black belt and black dress shoes.

"Man I hate these stupid uniforms!" The raven haired girl yelled to the oldest brunette as she pulled at he white tee slightly. Both having hazel eyes and wearing fuzzy dark blue sandals.

The bell rang as the other members of the class slowly entered, dragging their feet as they walked. The group of girls waved as they split up, the raven and oldest brunette going off to their own class while the two remaining brunettes chose to sit in the back.

Just as the blue eyed girl attempted to sit next to the boy in the back corner who had finally woken an excited squeal met her ears. Before she could even reach for the chair next to him, it had been occupied by a bleach blond boy with dark, chestnut brown eyes who was presently glomping the dark haired boy.

"`tachi-kun I`ve missed you!!" He squealed in a girlish voice.

Itachi growled at the offending heshe that had attached to him. "Get off me Rice."

"Ku ku ku, `tachi-kun`s so shy!"

The blue eyed girl narrowed her eyes and bite down on her lower lip, drawing blood as he round pupil turned to slits. A hand shot up infront of her as she turned to see her friend shaking her head at her.

"Don`t do it Rach, heshe isn`t worth it." She stated in a calming voice.

Rachael sighed as her eyes returned to normal and she followed her friend to the other side of the room, both unaware of the onyx and yellow eyes following them.

The class wore on and with each minute the hazel eyed girl grew even angrier at the blond as he would raise his hand for every question just to get it wrong each time.

"Rice Petterson, please refrain from raising you hand unless you accually know the answer." The bio teacher groaned as he rubbed the bridge of his nose.

"Ku ku ku, sorry Oro-sensei." This caused the girl`s eyes to turn to flames as she broke yet another pencil.

Rachael glanced over to her friend and leaned over to whisper some thing to her. "So can we kill him now Nikki?"

"Lemme see Rach." Nikki said in a hushed growl as they both looked at the teacher in the front to receive a nod from the man which nearly caused them to squeal.

The day wore on and even after school, that damned blond stuck around the pale teacher till it was dark and Orochimaru partically threw him out the front door. The blond was deathly afraid of the dark and cursed himself for staying so late after school.

"Aww look Rach, the little baby is scared." Came a rather sinisterly amused chuckle.

"Shall we put an end to his fears? Or let him squerm?" Came another voice equally nerve wrecking voice.

"What makes you think it`s a boy, it`s obviously a heshe."

"I say it`s an it."

"Wh-who`s there...?" The blond semi yelled in fear as he slowly began to wet himself.

The form of a extremely pale girl with gold eyes and dark brown hair appeared behind him. She had dark brown bobcat like ears and tail and the girl uniform for the school on but her shoes were gone and she had sharp fangs and claws as well as her eyes had turned gold with a single black slit sat in the middle.

"Boo." She whsipered as the man screamed in terror and turned about.

A relieved sigh escaped his lips as he just figured it to be Nikki playing her usual jokes on people, that was untill her companion jumped off the roof and kicked him in the side of the head.

Glancing up his brown eyes filled with terror to see Rachael with crimson red hair and matching eyes as Nikki cept for her`s were white and she had red cat ears and tail and was engulfed in a pruple flame. Her teeth had turned to fangs along with her nails turning to claws.

"What t-the hell is this!" Rice screamed in absolute terror as Nikki`s hand dug into the side of his neck and ripped out his vocal cords.

"That`s enough of that god offial voice." She smirked as she threw the object on the ground and smashed it with her foot and smeared it into the ground.

Tears fell from the blond`s eyes as he could do nothing to scream as Nikki dragged her claws down his arm.

"Remember Nikki, down the road not across the street." Rachael laughed as a serious of sickly cracking sounds came from her direction. She had effectively broken both legs in three or more places before she ripped the useless limbs off.

"Fuck that, heshe is going to die. Might as well mark both ways." She crackled as her claws tore deep scrathes in both arms, sending the crimson blood flying every where.

Both Nikki and Rachael stared up into the brown eyes as they began to glaze over. "That face of his is making me sick to my stomach." Nikki growled in detest.

With one swipe of their clawed hands the blond`s head was detached as Rachael burned away the body. "So what do we do with it Nikki?"

A mischevious smirk crossed Nikki`s face as she and Rachael headed back to the school. Inside sat the brunette and the raven men as the flaming head of Rice came flying at them. They both had to jump back to avoid the head which resulted in both falling over. The two girl`s giggled from the other side of the wall before they found the two men behind them.

"I take it you two had fun." Orochimaru said as the two jumped in surprise.

"Of corse, Orochimaru-sensei." Rachael said as the flames around her faded away and she jumped on Itachi with Nikki following suit.

"Then starting tomorrow, Rice Petterson transphered out to a public school. Wow I think every one is going to look forward to school tomorrow."
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