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Bloody High by Deadly Dream

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Chapter notes: I have no idea how I came up with this, but I hope you enjoy the many many killings. And if you are one of my friends, if you want I will add ONE of your OCs(I`ll loose track with too many, like I always do). But don`t add them if you care if they die, most will.

Disclaimer: I don`t own any Naruto characters that appear in this fic.
A man stood before a thick rusty orange chain, blood red eyes focused on it as it swayed back and forth and a sadisticly amused smirk crossed his lips as the crimson liquid continued to drip from it. Scarlet red hair fell behind his shoulders as he glanced up at the ceiling above, where a blood stained and lifeless body hung from the chain.

Droplets of blood fell upon him, sliding down his face and leaving red streaks as he slowly licked the liquid around his mouth. Suddenly, the soft pitter patter of running feet echoed through the empty hallways. Drifting the attention of the man from the still dangling body as he slowly stalked out of the room.


She panted heavily as she continued to search for some form of escape. Fear glistened in her dark blue eyes as she glanced over her shoulder to see if any one was behind her. Seeing no thing, she turned again, her big black boots made splashing sounds as they met with the puddles in the run down hallway. Her black skirt restricted her movement slightly and her dark green T-shirt began to slump over her shoulder.

She made another turn, only to meet a dead end. her breathing quickened as she franticlly tried to force each and every door open, but to no avail.Desciding to turn around, her eyes widened as she glimpsed the red haired man before her.

Slowly backing away from the man, he lunged at her, knife at hand. He ran the blade through her throat, causing a small spray of blood to burst from the wound as he quickly removed it. Blood poured from partcially gaped mouth, her eyes glossed over as she crumpled to the ground. Causing a sickening thump as she hit the ground.

The man ran his tongue across the blade, cleaning it of the crimson liquid. He laughed sinisterly as he walked away, fading away into the no thingness. The only sound left in the silent night was his fading laughter.
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