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After The Carols by Deadly Dream

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Table of Contents

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Chapter notes: Disclaimer: I don`t own any thing in this story except my OC, Mayu.
Mayu: Come on Itachi-kun, you know you want to.
Itachi: No I don`t.
Mayu: Please.
Itachi: No.
Mayu: But I want to go to the festival. *big sad puppy eyes*
Itachi: Alright, Mayu-sama.
Mayu: Yay! *glomps Itachi*runs ahead*
Suddenly a rope shoots out of no where and wraps around Mayu`s body and over her mouth.
Ni: We got her.
Ni clone: That was too easy.
Both: *disappear with Mayu*
Itachi: Mayu-sama!


Sasuke: Very good Ni.
Ni: Thank you, Sasuke-san.
Akina: Great now we`re all stuck in her. *looks around cage*
Kimi: He even remembered to take our cellphones this time.
Rachael: Even my anti-emo kitty bombs.
Kaida: Wait Oni still isn`t in here. She can still help.
Everyone: We`re DOOMED!!!
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