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Still by Aki

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Chapter notes: Disclaimer: I don't own Gaara [or any other characters]. Although I do own a toy that ressembles him. Come to think of it, it's hardly even mine. I didn't come up with his sultry good looks, and maddening eyes. And I own Pookie. He's in my bath.
As the rain fell lightly to the ground, Gaara couldn't help but notice the lack of events in his recent life; he was now watching rain fall.

Which to him was an all time low. He even found himself wishing for the presence of his best, only, friend, the loud Naruto Uzumaki.

After having let his thoughts wander to Naruto, he realised that being, and doing nothing would be better than to be faced with the blond shinobi again. He couldn't face it.

Last time they had met, at the country of Leaf, it had been in a “to the death” fight. Not exactly a romantic, and soft embrace Gaara dreamt of.
Yes, Gaara was gay. Hahahaha.

Not that anybody had the chance to laugh at the sand-ninja’s sexuality. No one but himself knew. He didn’t think anyone would care, so “coming out” wasn’t a priority to him.

His siblings were out and having fun. His weird puppet fondler of a brother, and his, let’s say it, quite violent sister both had social lives.
To some extent anyway.

He let out a long sigh, and looked out of the window again. Then it struck him. Rain? In the sand country? That was strange.

He heaved himself up and strutted out of the room.
As the Kazekage his headquarters were impressive, although nothing would make Gaara admit that he enjoyed the luxury of his office, out of which he had just walked.

He stepped out of the official building and looked up at the sky, a grey menacing sky, ‘now if that’s not some kind of …’ his thoughts trailed off as he realised that most of the villagers were also eagerly looking up to the usually blue firmament. ‘What the heck is happening…’ was the last thought Gaara had before he was suddenly hit by what seemed to be a little child who had never seen rain before and was playing recklessly in it.

The boy who had fallen to the floor after the impact looked up to see who he had run into. When he saw the usually intimidating aquamarine eyes of the Kazekage looking down at him, he whimpered:
“Oh, Sabaku no Gaara, er, I mean, sir. I mean Kazekage-sama, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to bash into you like that. Please forgive me.”

The child bowed, then waited for the elder shinobi’s reaction with his eyes screwed shut, as if waiting for a blow. But Gaara kindly put his hand over the other boy’s head and gently said:
“It’s alright, go home, or you’ll catch a cold”.

More relieved than anything the little boy skipped off very quickly.

As he left Gaara looked to the sky again, and opened his mouth to let these water droplets in.


Gaara sighed heavily and decided he needed bubbles in his bath. He reached for jumbo size bottle of bath bubbles, which was a fetching shade of fluorescent green and made him smile just looking at it.

“Longer Lasting Bubbles! Fun For All Kids!”, it proclaimed. He made a mental note to cross out that last word with a permanent marker.

Why can’t non-kids have fun? He wondered.

After all if adults played with bubbles the world would be sure to be a better place.
“Isn’t that right Pookie?”

He poked at the rubber ducky’s orange beak and watched it flounder for a second before bobbing back up.

Its vapid blue eyes stare into his, up and down, up and down, rolling with the little waves caused by his poke. Staring contest, huh? We’ll see who wins.

He narrowed his eyes, glaring at Pookie through the damp red spikes of hair that fell into his azure eyes. He underestimated Pookie’s power, though, and relents after a minute of fierce staring.

Gaa-chan [I needed something a little cute here] interpreted his look as one of disapproval.

“You win,” he says finally, slapping it on its hard head (splash, a little geyser fountains out).

“Gaara, stop being all cute, and STOP talking to unanimated objects! ” he told himself in a harsh tone.
If they saw him now …

I'm sorry it's so short, but this is a first, and I need peoples' opinion. M'kay? Thanks a bunch.
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