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Sasuke's Back!! by Godaime Tsunade

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Table of Contents

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Chapter notes: It's seen in the story!!
Discalimer: I don’t own Naruto…but if I did…Sasuke would have never left Konoha.
Rating: Teen becoz of some language.
Summary: Sasuke decides to come back to secretly and in disguise Konoha…then, he found out that Sakura and Lee are engaged. So, Sasuke is like WTF?!!
A/n: Characters here are really OOCy…
Pls. review…

Chapter 1: Sasuke escapes

So in the anime, Sasuke joined Orochimaru to have power to kill his brother…
Yada, yada, yada….

Now, Sasuke is 22yrs. Old…..he decides to leave Orochimaru (they ain’t hooked up..)and go back to Konoha because he was tired of Orochimaru’s blabbing. And, he wanted to have friends and do something fun because everyday he does nothing but train and play cards with Kabuto, which really sucks because Kabuto always win which makes Sasuke really mad which makes him wanna beat the $#!+ outta Kabuto.

So, Sasuke plans to escape at midnight.

12:05 am
He sneaks out of his room, he tip toes,….he passes Orochimaru’s room…he sees him watching soap opera reruns. Sasuke tries his best not to laugh but it was too hilarious.
“HAHAHAHA!!!!!!” Then, he quickly covered his mouth. Luckily, Orochimaru didn’t hear him; he was too caught up in his soaps.

Then, Sasuke grabbed his camera and took a picture of Orochimaru crying while watching his soaps. Sasuke thought “Is he gay?”.

After that, he uploaded the pic into his computer and emailed it to Akatsuki.

Meanwhile, Akatsuki H.Q.

“Itachi-sama, you’ve got an email.” Kisame said.
Then, Itachi opens his mail.

I’m sendin’ you this pic. Hope you puke to death.

“……..really cute..” Itachi said.
“Itachi-sama??” Kisame said.
“I’m gay and I love you, Kisame.”
“I love you too!!”
“I turned gay when I was watching soap operas.”
“We have a T.V.???”
(A/n: That was really disgusting..anyway, that was my sister’s idea…)

1:00 am (Orochimaru’s place)

Sasuke tries to escape again. He didn’t look in Orochimaru’s room but he heard Kabuto saying something.
“Orochimaru-sama, I love you…” Kabuto said.
“Sick…” Sasuke said.
Then, he took a video of Kabuto saying those disgusting words. After that, he uploaded it to his computer and emailed it in Kabuto’s email address to Akatsuki.
He typed…

Please watch this video. It shows who I really am.


2:00 am

So, Sasuke finally escaped….

He thought he’d disguise himselfbecause everyone in Konoha probably hates him.
But before that, he stopped by the Mist Country to find some clothes because what he wore made him look like a girl and it really made him look like $#!+.

After shopping, he got hungry so, he ate at a really stinky restaurant.

So…Sasuke was wearing a short raven-colored wig, a black shirt, mocha pants and his old shoes which really doesn’t fit him.

After 2 hours, he finally reached the town he betrayed which makes him a bastard (A/n: Sasuke fans pls. don’t kill me…I was just kidding..)
He enters Konoha and sees that nothing has changed.
“Tsk. This town still looks horrible…better find a place to stay…” Sasuke told himself.

A/n:That’s the end of chapter 1… I’m sorry it’s too short… Sakura will be coming in the next chapter..Pls. review it helps me make my work faster….
I’m open for ideas here…so pls. give me more ideas…>o<
If you think my title sucks..then pls. tell me a better one…
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