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Father,before the grave. by Halleluyah no yuki

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Story notes: please read and review.. oh and you could take a look at my new Vampire fic, Naruto X Bleach :welcome to temptation.
see you through the screen!.... THIS STORY HAS BEEN DROPPED TILL FURTHER NOTICE.. Yeah yea,i know it hurts well deal with know it takes a lot of work putting this up here,not to mention ive already finished this story and gotten started on the sequel but,i refuse to keep writing if you guys wont R&R..until i get more reviews on this and my other stories,im dropping em..Yes..Even the hentai =_=.She screamed,pulling her hair over her eyes to get a good look.looking back at her reflection,she held back another scream...i looked back at my reflection,holding back another hair ,my eyes...all..gone!.staring back at her was a smaller girl with bright green eyes and hair that was an ungodly shade of pink...''Not you..anyone but YOU!!!''........ Sorry it's a bit short at first but I promise it gets better later.
Chapter notes: my first fic,please be nice ,i alredy have like forty chapters written on paper so gods help me...readXreview...LOVEXPEACE
''ring ring''.snore..''ring ring''.snore..''riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing ring riiiiiii...''.the alarm clock fell to the ground after a hand shoved it off the bed side table.she groaned,pulling the blanket over her head.''i hate light...''.she grumbled curling up,further entangling herself with pillows and blankets.she heard the door creak open then felt her bed sink in from weight.she held the blanket tightly,waiting for what she knew was to come.she felt a harsh tug then a chuckle.''nanda nanda hika san,you have to face the sun sometime,let some light in your life''.she chimed in a sing song voice.kihika curled up tighter.''i dont wanna...''. ''eeehh,but hika chan its already 8;30.''.she shrugged.''time is of no essence to me''.she heard a sigh then the weight lifft off her bed.several seconds response.she couldnt take the anxiety any longer.she slowly lifted her head out of the covers.a young girl stopped in her tracks.she had been creeping towards the bed with a bowl in her hands.she slitted her eyes.''neh,what were you planning on doing with that''.she asked coyly. '' that ia......heh heh''.she laughed nervously,scratching the back of her head.''i thought a little drizzle might warm you up to the morning''.she said nervously.kihika furrowed her eyebrows,staring down at the bowl.''with solid ice?''.she asked glaring at her.she tossed the bowl to the corner,giving her sweetest smile.''jodanda jodan[joking just joking].''.kihika sighed getting up,she pulled off the covers then dropped her feet to the floor,slipping into her flip flops.she stood up,yawned loudly before lethargically{tiredly] making her way to the bathroom.
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