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Konoha's Mysterious Mission (Birthday Tribute) by DawnxAingeal

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Table of Contents

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Chapter notes: First and foremost I need to tell anyone and everyone who is reading this, I'll make sure to repeat myself in the other parts as well. This three part story is being created for my SW friend SmileAndLove, whose birthday is today (Feburary 10th), the disclaimer will be at the end. Happy Birthday Smile and I hope you like the story ^_^.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Hiruzen Sarutobi~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

"Please sir, there has to be SOMEONE who is able to help me." the girl pleaded.The young lady was trying to get my permission to send out a shinobi team to help her, but almost every team was out on a mission, and the only available team I had just got back from a B-class mission but I knew she wasn't going to let me turn her away, and it was becoming obvious that she wouldn't leave until she was given a team. "Well you see-" I began, I really didn't know how to tell her. Just then the door had been sent open leaving everyone in the hall with a chance to see the inside of the office. "I-I'm sorry sir!! I tried everything, but he just blew right past me." announced the guard who was panting as if he couldn't breathe. Nothing less could be expected when dealing with our town prankster. The guards all know him and won't hurt him, but when they decided to do that, it became impossible to catch the little blonde kyuubi. The girl became frightened at the sudden action and was holding her chest with her left hand in an attempt to slow down her heartbeat, her right hand was behind her back, she pulled a knife from her sleeve and was ready for anything. It was surprising that this girl didn't take any chances here, she had said earlier that she didn't really need protecting in this mission, because there was no one after her in this place. She hadn't mentioned it, but I didn't need her to tell me for to figure out that she had some training in hand to hand combat and weapons. Once she noticed that it was still safe, she sighed in relief as she slid her knife back up her sleeve and returned to normal. "Gramps, we gotta talk. I'm tired of all these lame missions you keep on giving us. I don't like that stupid fur ball cat!! If I'm going to be the next Hokage then I need better missions like that B-class one we had." Naruto screamed. "Um, Excuse me..." The girl interrupted, her voice was shy and quiet. She sounded very weak and helpless and her looks didn't help her much at all.

She has long straight dark brown hair that reaches to just passed her shoulders, with her bangs cut at an angle starting from her nose and ending at the bottom of her neck, and her outfit consisted of a black halter top with a white open shall that begins at the base of her neck and wraps around her arms several times until it reaches her hands, she seems to had something sewn into the end of the shawl so that it can fit around her finger like a ring so the shawl does not fall off. She wears dark blue leggings the extend down to her knees and a short white see-through skirt above that with traditional shoes made for traveling.

"Are you, really a ninja?" She inquired, and of course this caught the attention of Naruto. He turned to face the girl, although from what was seen he wasn't really LOOKING at her. He was too busy trying to show off that he never even saw what she looked like, so as usual he snorted at her. "OF COURSE I'M A NINJA, YOU GOT A PROBLEM WITH THAT!!"

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Sakura Haruno~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I couldn't believe it, the kid runs ahead of the team to talk to the Hokage, and what happens when we walk in? He screams at some poor unsuspecting girl because she asked if he was a ninja. So what did I do? I bashed his skull in so he couldn't talk anymore. Or at least for a little bit, no matter how hard he's been hit, give him five minutes and he'll be back up yapping in no time. He really is the most annoying person ever.

"Naruto, WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU!?!?!" I shouted. "Alright, alright everyone settle down, now if you would please exit the roo-" The lord Hokage began.

"Your a full Ninja team?" The girl questioned, looking at each of us with a surprised look on her face.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Misaki Manami~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

The girl was surprised to find out that we were a ninja team, but it was more like a happy surprise. I love when people are happy to see us, it makes me feel like we're helpful people. She looked to the Hokage as if she were begging for something.

"There only a genin team..And they had just come back from a mission yesterday" The Hokage pointed out.Recently, we were able to persuade our Hokage, Hiruzen Sarutobi, to do a c rank escort mission (although technically it was a B-class mission).

**We had to escort the son of the leader of the village hidden in the grass, Hitoshi Katashi, I became really good friends with Hitoshi but Naruto didn't really get along with him well. As we were close to his home, I found out everything about Hitoshi and why he was here in Konoha along with making my friendship with Sasuke stronger. That night was really great, but it was ruined when our teachers announced that the Hokage found out that there was an assassin who was after Hitoshi. Hitoshi turned out to be ok, but I had gotten poisoned and if it weren't for Sasuke and my team I would have died right then and there. I felt really bad to put the whole team through so much trouble, but every time I apologized, Sasuke just said "stop apologizing". He wasn't being mean or anything, that's just how he is. Well after I got better we had to say our goodbyes and leave for Konoha Village.**"But this isn't a dangerous mission my lord." She replied desperately.

That's when Naruto finally noticed the girl. I saw his eyes go wide for a moment and then he rushed to her side. "You have a different mission for us gramps? What is she a priestess, a Princess, OH or maybe she's a secret messenger who needs to transport a vital message to the other villages!" Naruto jumped up and down with excitement as he thought about having to protect a really important messenger.

"Well actually, it's only to show me around the fire country, it's nothing dangerous, there's no one after me, I promise. So please my lord Hokage, you know what how important this is." She pleaded, I felt sorry for her, she seemed to really need our help.

"Excuse me, lord Hokage? If it's alright with you, I'd like to help her out, she seems to really need our help. And if it's money that's the problem then-" I was trying to say that I'd pay it off, but the girl interrupted me. "Money isn't a problem, it was just that no one was available. But now there's a team available right sir?" She pleaded, the Hokage sighed in defeat as he turned to Kakashi. "What do you think Kakashi?" He questioned.

"I think that it would give the kids an opportunity to see the fire country more." Kakashi smiled underneath his mask, as usual.

"YES!!!!!! WE'RE GOIN' ON A MISSION!!" Naruto sang. I was going to join his dance when the girl stepped forward and bowed.


"What are all your names?" I asked, it would be rude if I said my name without even asking for theirs first. The excited one from earlier jumped up and announced his name "MY NAME IS NARUTO UZUMAKI, BELIEVE IT!! and don't you worry lady, I'm gonna make sure your safe and sound!!", I sort of already knew what his name was, but it was ok to ask. Just then a girl with brown hair stepped forward and bowed in a respectable manner. "My name is Misaki Manami, and this is my brother Ryuu Manami." I guessed that she introduced her brother because he wasn't really the talking type, which was fine with me. Now it was the last girls turn, she had pink hair, which was actually kinda bothering my eyes, because of its brightness, but I wasn't going to say something so insulting to her. "My name is Sakura Haruno, and please, forgive Naruto for anything he says on this mission." She obviously didn't like Naruto but it seemed like she was dealing with it. "Alright, I'll keep that in mind." I simply laughed and smiled. There was no need for anymore fights. I then looked over to the tall man who had white hair, and a mask covering half of his face. It was interesting really, kind of like a mystery. "My name is Kakashi Hayate, and I'm the leader of team 7, there are generally two others with me, but they were called out to a separate mission upon our return home." He was kind but I had my suspicions that he was strong. That was when the last member stood forward, a boy that was the same age as me, and had dark raven colored hair. "Sasuke." I guess he didn't want to introduce himself. The hokage sat back down at his desk and rested his chin on his hands, he looked at me, knowing I would be interested in what he was about to tell me. "Sasuke Uchiha, is his full name."

I looked at him in disbelief, who would have thought that the one person I was going to search for, was the one who was assigned to guide me. "Your an Uchiha?" I was so excited, this saved me SO much time.

"Yeah, what about it?" He snorted, a bit of an attitude problem on that one, but it was alright. From what the Hokage had told me, they had all been massacred, well all but two that is. It was probably a touchy subject. "It's nothing, it's just that. I had requested the help of a team to find an Uchiha." I explained. "But first, Sakura Haruno, Kakashi Hayate, Naruto Uzumaki, Miaski and Ryuu Manami, and Sasuke Uchiha. My name is Kumiko Fujimoto, and I am grateful that you are able to help me return home." I smiled, everything was going to turn out alright

"Now, as for payment, I will give you this money now lord Hokage, and the other half of it will be given to Kakashi Hayate once I am able to return home." I dropped a bag of money on the table, he looked in disbelief and began to look in the bag.
"Ms. Fujimoto, this will be enough to cover the entire cost of the mission." He debated. I laughed and pushed the bag toward his end of the table. "Please my lord, if I am able to return home then that half will be no where's near enough to thank you for what you have done."

"Woah...How do you have that much money?" Naruto peeked around my body to catch a glimpse of the money. "I'm very good at saving money incase there is an emergency." I replied. There was no need for me to tell them how exactly I got the money.

"Alright team, we're going to be heading out in about a half hour, so go home and pack your things. Then meet up at the city gates, got it?" Kakashi ordered "Yes Sir!" Everyone exclaimed and rushed out the door. I was intending on making my way to the gates myself. That's when Kakashi spoke up. "Kumiko? would you mind going into detail about your situation with me?"

"Of course, but if it's alright, I need to talk to Sasuke though, he didn't seem too happy when he found out I needed the help of an Uchiha." I stated.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Sasuke Uchiha~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

That girl....Kumiko, why the hell does she need an Uchiha? Can't she require the help of someone else? Of course not, because she's a special case for some odd reason and the only one who can help, is an Uchiha, or me. Seeing as how I'm the only damn one left. At least the only one left that's somewhat sane. "U-Um Sasuke?" A familiar voice quietly said, interrupting my thoughts. I knew who it was, the quiet and sweet voice was stuck in my head, and what a wonderful time it was for her to show up. I already had enough of her from earlier today with her stupid crush.

"....Yes Misaki?" I answered in the most unemotional tone I could bring up, and she seemed to notice it because she backed up a little. "Well, I was just wondering if you were ok? After what happened at the training grounds, you've seemed like you were really upset. I'm sorry if I upset you Sasuke..." Misaki carefully said, it was obvious that she didn't want to make me anymore upset than I already was. The only thing was, it wasn't working really well. It wasn't really her fault but, she just has to be nice to EVERYONE, and the way she looks at him....It just bothers me.

"I just want to be left alone Misaki, I'll meet you back at the front gates with everyone ok?" I simply said, I didn't need her thoughts distracting me right now.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Kumiko Fujimoto~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

~~FF to Konoha Gates~~

I managed to explain things as clearly as possible to Kakashi, and he knows what to prepare for,he mentioned that Sasuke may not know the technique required for the mission, but he may know a place where he can learn it.

"Alright is everyone all set?" Kakashi glanced at everyone as they shook their heads, and without any words. The team left the city gates behind to take me home.

We had managed to travel with little problems, a few arguments between Naruto and Sakura, as well as Sasuke and Ryuu. Kakashi stayed behind the group with me just in front of him. He seemed to enjoy watching them bicker all the time.

Most of the team fought with each other, but it was particular, Sakura never fought with Sasuke or Ryuu, and Misaki never faught with anyone. In fact she was the one that constantly tried to end the fighting. Aside from the fighting amongst themselves, everything went exceptionally smooth.

Once the sun started to set, Kakashi ordered the members of team 7 (that was their classification) to make camp for the night. I volunteered to make a fire, which they were glad to give me for some reason, I suppose it wasn't a well liked task. Kakashi split the team up into groups, Sakura and Naruto (she wasn't pleased with that by the way), and Ryuu with Misaki.
Kakashi had purposely kept Sasuke here by himself. He told me before he split them up that, he was planning on getting Sasuke by himself with us so we can discuss in privacy.

"What am I supposed to do Kakashi?" Sasuke eagerly asked, it was clear that he didn't want to talk with me. In fact, I'm sure he was avoiding it.

"You, are going to sit down and talk with Kumiko and I." Kakashi ordered, he knew Sasuke didn't want to, but he was making him. "I can tell how you feel about this, but Kumiko would like to talk to you about the importance of this mission. She'll be repeating this to the rest of the team, but she needs to consult with you first."

"Sasuke, I need to tell you something, the original reason for this quest, is because I had heard that the only way for me to return home is by a particular jutsu that only the Uchiha clan has managed to master. I'm not really sure how I got here, but I need to go back. You see, I'm from a different world named Sileria. Now, if I can't manage to return something may happen to the balance of this world and put it in grave peril. supposedly, the Uchiha clan possess a technique that can open this passage or void again and send me home."I explained thoroughly. He looked at me as if he were thinking deeply about something. "How old are you?" Sasuke stated. A bit off topic but I guess it's reasonable. "Probably about the same age as you, I'm 14. Excuse me, I'm sorry, but what does this have to do with my explanation?" I wasn't going to let him get away without answering me.

"How is it you know about all of this if your only 14." Sasuke began. "I'm very resourceful, do you know the technique I'm talking about?" I quickly said. I don't care if I was being rude. "...I can't help you, I don't know any technique that opens up a portal to different worlds." Sasuke said. Well, to be fair, Kakashi did say that he probably wouldn't know what I was talking about.

"But there has to be something, or a place where you can learn it." I insisted, if Kakashi was right, this was the time where he thought of that certain place.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Sasuke Uchiha~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

She was damn persistent, and Kakashi was right there to back her up if she didn't know how to answer me."There, is a place where I can learn it, a base sort of for my clan. It's vague but I think I can take you there." I admitted and instantly got a reaction out of her. She was definatly looking to go home, and as soon as possible......Perfect...

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Ryuu Manami~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

We were almost done collecting the fish, Misaki has so much fun catching the fish, but I guess it makes sense because she's a cat. I should be focusing on the mission, but it's so hard with Misa-chan acting so cute. I love my sister, more than anything else in this world. She's so kind, and it's just so amazing. It just sucks that she has so many fan-boys all over her all the time.

Uchiha....Ugh, He has to be perhaps the most annoying fan-boy I've ever dealt with, and believe Naruto is ANNOYING, and what's worse about him. He actually tries to hide it! Sure Misaki insists that their only friends, but I know better. Come to think of it, they haven't talk at all since we left Konoha. Also, Misaki has been looking kinda down on those rare occasions that she thinks no one is looking at her.


"Brother? What's wrong, you look angry." Misaki interrupted my thoughts.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Misaki Manami~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I ran to my brothers side after he started looking angry, it bothered me that Ryuu was staring off into space angry as ever. When I asked him what was wrong he seemed to come out of the trance.

"I'm worried that Sasuke made you upset, are you ok?" Ryuu asked, he was worried. It's alright that Ryuu is worried, he's my brother and he loves me very much. I wasn't really planning on telling him but I suppose I shouldn't keep something like this from him.

"It was nothing really, Sasuke was training me and Natsume wanted to come with me. Sasuke seemed bothered by it but I'm glad he was there because I feel from the tree and Sasuke couldn't catch me. If it weren't for Natsume I would have gotten hurt. Although, when he couldn't catch me, Sasuke looked really upset." Ryuu stared at me for a moment, thinking about what he just heard. "....I see....Misaki, just leave him alone for a bit. Wait until he talks to you alright?" My brother told me. I don't really know why, but he always has his reasons.

"A-Alright, sure thing brother." I repied, my brother just looked at me for a moment before sighing. "Alright Misaki let's finish fishing and return to the camp site ok?" I smiled and nodded my head cheerfully and returned to the fish in the river.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Kumiko Fujimoto~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

It took a while, but the silence faded once Naruto and Sakura came back to the camp. Of course the reason for that is because once they were in ear shot of us, we were able to hear their arguing. It wasn't too long after that, that Ryuu and Misaki came back to the campsite, They all sat down near the fire that I managed to build and Kakashi set up the fish near the fire so that they could cook.

For a while, it seemed like the air was heavy, Naruto and Misaki were talking, as well as Kakashi and Ryuu, but Sasuke was thinking about something and looking toward Misaki's direction. He seemed to be bothered by something concerning Misaki, but that wasn't really any of my business to get involved. Well now seemed like a better time than any to talk to the team.

"Everyone? I think it's about time I explained my situation to you all. I've already talked to Sasuke but I feel like you should be informed of the situation." I took a deep breathe before I continued.

"I come from a different place, a world called Sileria to be exact, and I'm not quite sure, but I ended up in this world by accident and I need Sasuke's clan talents to get back."

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Kakashi Hayate~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Now that the hard part was out of the way, it was my turn to relay to the team our next move.

"Alright everyone, after we rest up for the night, we're heading for the Uchiha Stronghold. Now, as we draw close to the area, Naruto, Sakura, and Ryuu are to secure the surrounding area to make sure no one comes around. Misaki and Sasuke, you will be coming into the building with Kumiko and me to search for the scroll Sasuke requires."

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Naruto Uzumaki~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Psh, Why does SASUKE get to be the big important person again, why can't I be the important one? I can't be because I'm not the one who is irrisitable. By the way, what in the world is this Uchiha Stronghold? It's crazy how only Sasuke is so special, geez that guy just makes me so angry. I don't know what Misa-chan and Sakura see in that guy. Speaking of which, where did everyone go?

"Huh? Everyone dissapeared? OH NO they've all been captured!!!" I shouted, its unbelieveable that someone could take them all without me even noticing. "NARUTO!! SHUT UP AND GO TO BED!!" Sakura screamed from the direction of the sleeping bags. I looked to see everyone laying down ready for bed.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Kumiko Fujimoto~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
~~FF to Morning~~

I got woken up by Naruto screaming something from the other side of the camp, he really is odd. From what I can gather, he tried to wake Misaki up and Ryuu caught him and hit him. Which caused him to scream outloud. I suppose it's a great way to wake up. In a way Naruto is so innocent, I envy him.

As the morning went on we packed up our things and headed back out on the road. It didn't take too long for Team Seven to go back to their usual yelling and arguing. And not much long than that, Sakura was beating Naruto, Sasuke was looking at Misaki, Ryuu got mad at Sasuke, and Kakashi, Misaki and I were left to break up the fighting. People really like hitting Naruto.

The fighting ended and we continued on our journey. It nearly took all day but after a while we finally reached the Uchiha's base.

"This is it up ahead." Sasuke announced

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Misaki Manami~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Sasuke was staring up at the mountain to signal that it was all the way up there. I didn't really see anything but I would guess that if it really is there, I would be hidden.

"Where is it? Hey, what gives SASuke!!?" Naruto was confused and actually, I was too. I mean if it's a big building for a whole clan, shouldn't it be bigger? "What are you, stupid? It's up in the mountain hidden by the forest." Ryuu always talked to Naruto like that. I would say something but that's just how he is, nothing much I can do. Maybe I'll talk to him later about that.

"Alright everyone stop, Sasuke, how much further until we can see the building?" Kakashi is always about the mission.

"A few minutes." Said Sasuke in that typical unemotional tone. I'm not quite sure if he's upset because of me or because of the mission but I knew he was upset. For all I know, it could be both too. Although, it wasn't what made him upset that bothered me so much. It was that he was upset at all, I really hate when people are upset, but for some reason, Sasuke's sadness affects me more.

"Alright here's what we're going to do, Naruto, Ryuu, and Sakura, cover the area around here, it's possible that whoever brought Kumiko here is looking for her, and they may also know that she needs to come here to get home. Watch carefully alright? If anything weird happens send a clone A.S.A.P.." Kakashi commanded, "Misaki, Sasuke, Kumiko, your with me to look for Sasuke might need to learn, be careful. We don't know if any traps are set up for intruders. We are not to let Kumiko or Sasuke out of our sight."

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Kumiko Fujimoto~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

We walked up the path for a few more minutes for a small clearing to materialize. It was a huge building that was sort of like a circular pryamid with plants growing on each level. It was creepy and made me feel uncomfortable, I didn't want to go in, but because I needed to get home, I had to deal with what I've been given.

The main room seemed to look like a throne room, with a door in the front and tons of smaller room before that. This was going to take a while to find, I could tell just by looking at the rooms. Each room contained plenty of books or scrolls and weapons.

"Well, I guess we'd better start looking, Sasuke and Misaki, take the left side. Kumiko, you and I will take the right side, if anything happens. Make sure you scream or do something to let us know, and Kumiko, if I tell you to hide...YOU it?" Kakashi looked to me as if he knew I wouldn't obey his order. "Why Kakashi, are you implying that I will disobey a direct order from my protector?" Being sarcastic was an occasional thing for me. People think that just because I'm- well, me that I won't be able to carry out simple orders.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Sasuke Uchiha~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

"That's exactly what I'm saying Ms. Fujimoto, so if you are offended, why don't you prove me wrong?" Kakashi stated, he's playing games with her, and what's with that Kumiko girl. She did almost a complete personality change, she went from a weak nice girl to a jerk with an accent. "Um Kakashi sensei? What exactly are we looking for?" Of course she would chime in, with her little small perky voice.

Why did she have to come into the stronghold. Honestly, right about now, I'd prefer Naruto or Ryuu in her place. I might even prefer Sakura in Misaki's place, and THAT'S saying something.

After Kakashi and Kumiko stopped their conversation, Kakashi-sensei instructed us to look for a scroll or a picture with something that showed or talked about a void, portal, or a different world. With that, Misaki and I started to search the left part of the stronghold.

"Um, Sasuke?" Misaki asked as we started rustling through old papers. "I'm fine Misaki, now keep looking..." I didn't want to hear her ask if I was ok AGAIN. I didn't want to talk to her about what was bothering me. "Um, I was actually going to ask if this was the scroll?" She replied, it surprised me that she wasn't asking me if I was ok, or if anything was bothering me. In fact, it made me feel different, I cared...

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Naruto Uzumaki~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
~~FF a Few Hours~~

We've been here for hours, just standing around in the middle of the forest, waiting for no one to show up. I'm getting fed up with it, and I like that Sakura is with me, but why in the world does Misa-chan's older brother have to be? The jerk doesn't let anyone be friends with Misa-chan unless their a girl. I know WHY he does it, but still, isolating people like that is not cool. UGH! He just makes me mad when it comes to Misaki.

"Are they done yet?" Sakura said, it was obvious that she was getting annoyed of being here too. "If they were done, they'd be out here with us now wouldn't they?" Ryuu retorted, I couldn't tell if he was getting annoyed or if he's just being himself.

"You know Ryuu, why are you always like that? Are you just in a bad mood all the time, or is this you in a good mood." I was sick of him doing and saying whatever he wanted and getting away with everything. "You got a problem with me Uzumaki? because we can settle this right now if you want." Ryuu was challenging me to a fight, and I was ready to take him on.

"Naruto, leave Ryuu alone." Sakura scolded, no matter what she always takes Sasuke's or Ryuu's side.
"Well then why are we just sitting here talking? We should be settling things." I replied, I was gonna kick his ass so he'd shut up.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Ryuu Manami~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Naruto accepted the pummeling that I offered him with joy. And of course, the first thing he does is charge right at me like he usually does in a fight. It was easy to predict so I moved to the side and tripped him as he ran by me at the last moment.

It seems that he got pretty upset at that though because he jumped and tackled me, we were rolling on the ground until Sakura started screaming something.

"Guys! I think I saw someone over to the left!"

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Kumiko Fujimoto~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

The search for Sasuke's technique was taking forever. It's been hours since we started and each team has gone through two dozen rooms.

"Have you located the scroll? This was seriously taking too long. "No." Kakashi repeated, he had said that about a million times over the past couple hours.

"Well, it has to be here somewhere, there's no way that it's just NOT here." I insisted on finding that scroll, and who could blame me, I wanted to go home. "It's likely that it was too dangerous to just teach everyone..." Kakashi repeated.

That made me think, something like this wouldn't just be anywhere, it wouldn't be in the hundreds of rooms with typical skills. It had to be somewhere that was special. And that's when I got the idea. "Kakashi! Get Sasuke and Misaki, I know where the scroll is for the technique!" I shouted, if it wasn't where I thought, then it was lost. I was sure of it.

"You found the scroll?" Sasuke asked in curiousity as he was called into the hallway. Misaki followed close behind. I didn't hear any arguing from the rooms, but Sasuke seemed worse off than he was when we sent him to search the rooms. "Kumiko?" Misaki asked, her voice was so nice and small, who could be mad at that?

"Oh, I apologize. Ok so I believe I've found the scroll, so Kakashi mentioned that this technique probably would be forbidden to be used aside from leaders. So if that were the case, then they wouldn't be in these rooms at all correct? Well it still has to be on a scroll somewhere, and then thats when I found it, it has to be in the throne room we saw somewhere. It's the most important place in the stronghold." I explained, it made sense and everyone thought about what I had said.

"Alright, let's look in the throne room for anything that could hide a secret room." Kakashi ordered, so we did just that, but as we arrived in the throne room, Sakura burst through the doors running as fast as possible.

"Kakashi-sensei, someone has arrived looking for the base, Naruto had gotten knocked out and Ryuu distracted him so that I could warn you!" Sakura was basically crying.

"Kumiko, hide, Sasuke, Sakura, and Misaki, guard her." Kakashi barked as he started to head out the door. I waited until he left before I turned around to face the three who were left to guard me.

"Alright, let's find that scroll." I stated, I like to be straight forward.

"But, Kakashi-sensei told you to hide." Misaki pointed out, she had a point, but she was too much of a goody goody sometimes. "I know, but the way I see it, he is after me, so in theory, the faster we find that scroll. The faster I can go home where he can't reach me anymore." Wether it was against orders or not, I had a good point.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Misaki Manami~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

"But, even if we find it, it'll take time for Sasuke to learn it right?" Even if she was right about the scroll, it was going to take time to learn, and until then we had to keep her safe. "She has a point Kumiko, at least go and hide somewhere and we'll look for it, once everything is settled we can learn the technique and send you home." Sasuke was taking my side, and it felt so good to have him agree.

"You know what? I don't care, I require to go home, and the only thing that can bring me back is that scroll. I'm going to find it." Kumiko was persistant, but I guess that she has a good reason to be this way. She needs to go home, where her family and friends are.

"I'm sure it shouldn't be too hard to find." I was going to agree, that was until I realized that I didn't recognize the voice. When I turned around, I saw the same surprised face as I wore. It wasn't until I looked around that I noticed a mysterious man standing behind Sasuke.

He wore a mask so that no one could see his face, there was only a small hole for him to be able to see out of one eye. His clothing was simply a robe that was black with red clouds spread across the fabric. We all saw the man, except for Sasuke, and he never was able to see him either. The man smashed his hands along Sasuke's back, tossing him across the room. Leaving him unconcious.

"Sasuke!!!" I ran to his side, he was hurt and I was worried. Sakura decided to go to him as well, there wasn't much that we could do, Sasuke was the strongest one, and he was taken down in one hit. "Now that he's out of the way." He turned to face Kumiko....OH NO, we were supposed to be protecting her, I don't think I can beat someone who is as strong as him.

"Kumiko RUN!!" I shouted, I couldn't fight him, but I could at least tell her to escape, and maybe draw some attention to me long enough for her to be safe. "why would she run? I'm here to send her home...." The man stated.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Kumiko Fujimoto~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

"You want to send me home?" I couldn't believe it, the man who attacked Team Seven only wants to send me home? What is wrong with this?

"Aren't you the one who brought me here? Why are you so willing to send me back?" I practically demanded, it didn't seem right. "Well to be honest, I did not want you here, I had an associate open up the portal so that he could infiltrate your world, but somehow you got sent here when he came back. Troublesome really, you were part of the plan, and in order for my plan to work. I need you, to hop back in that portal like a good girl and enjoy your life again." He instructed me as if I was a slave that belonged to him.

I was close to protesting when he shoved me through the portal. I was dizzy and ill, it felt like I was litterally being thrown through buildings. I knew this feeling, I was being sent in between worlds.
Chapter end notes: Ok everyone, now that I'm done with the first part I must tell you. The only thing in this story that belongs to me in this part is the Kumiko Fujimoto and her requested mission. Hitoshi Katashi, Misaki and Ryuu Manami, and Natsume are all creations of Smileandlove. The world the Kumiko comes from (Sileria) is actually the world from In Fire Forged by Laura Resnick. and of course our famous ninja's and settings are all from Masashi Kishimoto and everyone else who works in the project. If anyone has become interested in the characters or the part that I put the little star thingys around, then read Smileandloves My Words Are The Strength To Save You. Happy Birthday Smile, I hope it's an awesome one and I hope that it wasn't bad.
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