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Name: silverwolf1213 (Signed) · Date: 08/08/12 - 08:54 am · For: Chapter 1
Meh... I'd slightly agree with nkbz, except he's just so mean about it. I wasn't really interested with this myself, but I guess I'm not one for enjoying the first chapter as a lighthearted / easy start. And maybe it's the fact that it's starting out with a high school girl in a normal setting that turned me off. Not that I mean to be harsh, of course; what you have is very good, I guess I'm just waiting for some epicness :3 I do wonder where you'll go with this, so I'll keep reading.

Author's Response: Meh, I think I was just being stubborn with nkbz. Eh, and Peanut's a gonna beta this story for me, so I'm looking forward to where that's going. I know this story probably won't be as popular, but I still like it. I appreciate you sticking it out to see where it goes, and thanks for the review, Wolfy-chan. Out, Masumi TAT

Name: Rowanrose (Signed) · Date: 30/07/12 - 03:05 am · For: Chapter 1
How did you know that I like meat and potatoes? *accusing glare*

*stares at beginning Italics* *tilts head* *Fatima only thing that registers* Okieeee....
Eh, how did you find the name for the school? I like the detail though.
Ah, Miya-chi, there is a bit too many names in the begining.
Haha, it's a MANGA! I get it now!
"how could I forget?" Goshdarnit, too mysterious!
Cuuuuute little bro!
Ah, they're part European.
Mwah, Miya-chi, as their big brother, perhaps Eiji should be less stiff?
Haha, i get it! They're laughing because he's bound to be. XD

I liked it! Update soon, but do so when you want. XD I know you're on an RC roll, so I'm going to head over there next!

Author's Response: Cuz I am a super genius! Mwahaha! *crazed grin* How did I get the name of the school? Extreme research. That's all I can say. =_= That school really does exist. Too many names? You think so? I tried to keep the number of names down, but then I started to get confused. O_o I will attempt it again, though, and see what I can do! I wonder if the italics at the beginning was too confusing? I had really liked the idea, but you got confused, so.... Maybe I just need to make it more clear right away somehow.... But it's just Eiji's personality! That's just how he is! He's like that with everyone, and I think you'll see more of that in the later chapters. Thanks for the review, Peanut. I'll consider what you said as I want to improve on my writing always. Out, Miya-chi TAT

Name: Rowanrose (Signed) · Date: 30/07/12 - 02:51 am · For: Note to the Reader
Ah! ME LIKE! I would like to write more, but I need to read more to have more write about so im rambling right now so i will leave. XD

Author's Response: lol Thanks for the review, Peanut, as short as it is. The prologue's pretty short, so some wouldn't even review it it. I'm glad you like it, though. Out, Miya-chi TAT

Name: nkbz (Signed) · Date: 26/07/12 - 08:50 pm · For: Chapter 1
There is nothing here that interests me personally. It's a first chapter full of faceless names doing random things with each other.

Author's Response: Thank you for your input, nkbz. I welcome all reviews gladly. It can't be helped if you don't like my story. Thank you for reading and reviewing anyway. I think everyone needs reviews that'll knock their pride down a notch or two every once in a while. Out, Masumi TAT

Name: Sasaui Uchiha (Signed) · Date: 24/07/12 - 02:18 pm · For: Chapter 1
Could you please tell me what goukan is, because the word it means...... Well, I really hope school girls aren't doing anything related to that........ 0_0.....

I really like Hotaru. She seems like a lot of fun. She's nice, which I like, and loves manga as well. I thought the part about her mom scolding her like that was like the Brave movie that just came out and those two. I almost laughed when I found out that she actually was disobeying her parents and learning to fight. You go, Hotaru! I'd love to train with you. And sheesh, she has a nice sized family. Then again, it seems like there's, what, six in the kids? That's only one more than mine, unless there's more.

This is a very interesting start, and I can't wait to see more of it. I really enjoy it and the characters so far. I can't wait for more from this story, Niji-chan.

Author's Response: It seems you probably have approximately the right idea by your reaction. A goukon is a meeting/group date for setting people up, basically. Say, maybe 4-5 girls and 4-5 guys meet up for a group date in hopes of finding a girlfriend or boyfriend there. It's quite common among both middle schoolers and high schoolers in Asia. The Brave movie? Well, I haven't seen it yet, plus I wrote this first chapter almost a year ago, but that's kind of fun! More. Hotaru has seven brothers, so their are eight kids in the family. XD I orignally did get them all listed/mentioned in the first chapter, but nkbz said it was unnecessary and confusing with all of the new names. At least some of the boys will come up later in the story, though. X3 I'm glad you like IP so much. Hotaru was fun to create. She's kind of like the stereotypical heroine of a shojo manga, but not too common in shonen manga, so I wasn't sure how well she'd go over for Naruto fanfic readers. Thank ya for the lovely review. Out, Niji-chan TAT

Name: Sasaui Uchiha (Signed) · Date: 24/07/12 - 07:01 am · For: Note to the Reader
Every time I see the name Hajime I laugh because it's the word said to start a match in Karate XD.

This is an interesting start. I like it, because it kinda reminds me of those that tell you "hey, this is true, read at your own risk" but it's original, because it's her teacher telling out this. Oh, and Hajime..... I'M SPEAKING! HAHA! Sorry, I just had to do it XD. Every time I read your stories, I go into one of my weird reviewing moods, so sorry if these are weird sometimes. This has me hooked, and I'm going to try to get to reading the next part (the first part) soon. What's funny is the day you post this is the day I have Karate.

Author's Response: No way! That's kind of entertaining. I chose the name because it sounded cool to me, seemed easy to remember, and meant "beginning". Guess that makes sense seeing as it's said at the BEGINNING of a match. *rolls eyes* This note the the reader wasn't originally part of the story, but when nkbz went over my first few chapters for me, he told me I should get Naruto mentioned somehow in the first chapter or in a prologue of sorts in order to catch the readers' attention. (Hajime: There will be consequences. Painful consequences.) Sasa-chan, be careful. He's not above torture! So my stories cause you to enter weird reviewing moods. Is that a good thing or bad thing I wonder. I'm a gonna take it as a good thing! XD Thanks for the read and review, Sasa-chan. Out, Niji-chan TAT

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