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The Chains That Bind Us by Sasaui Uchiha

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Story notes: Hello guys. This is a new story of mine. I hope you all enjoy.
Chapter notes: Hey guys. Sorry to those who have noticed I've been very inactive. This is because for the most part I've moved over to Wattpad. It's just easier than this site and, well, has more of a community feel. But if you ever want me to read something over here, just send me an email at and I'll check it out :3 Or just come over to Wattpad as well XD But yeah, that's why I've been so inactive lately. Sorry. Anyway, enjoy.
There is a legend that is sometimes told, whether as a bedtime story or as the basis of a novel that occasionally graces the shelves of stores. The tale has stuck with the inhabitants of the world. Maybe it is because it speaks of a strength all humans wish they had. Or maybe it is because of the heroes that generally go with these stories. Regardless of the reason, the legend lives on today.

The legend of shinobi.

It is simply a myth, but it is one that has ingrained itself through generations. Shinobi were ninja that worked for villagers. Some or rogues, though, and only did what benefitted them. These ninja could use an energy that was within them known as chakra. The energy could do multiple things that helped its users. Creating the five elements – fire, water, wind, earth, and lightning – was possible with this chakra. Strange skills that strayed from element creation such as strange eye techniques and creating clones of oneself. Some of the stories even speak of spirits made up of chakra.

Something so amazing could not last forever. It was said that as time passed, the great chakra energy gradually faded away until the shinobi ceased to exist.

At least, that is what is said.


“While there, your team-mate shall be known as Sai. You’ll recognize him when you see him.”

Daisuke stuffed his hands in his pockets as music hummed in his ears. He could never listen to it too loudly. It took an annoyingly high amount of his awareness away.

“You need to act normal. Make sure there are no suspicions about who you truly are.”

The dark haired boy came to a stop as he came to a crossroad. A few others wearing uniforms stopped around him. His eyes flickered among them, wondering if he would have class with any of them. Classes were such a new aspect to him. He’d only ever had comrades, not classmates.

“Also, they are aware of your status.”

As they began to walk across the street, Daisuke momentarily extended his senses. A small smirk pulled at his lips when he felt a slightly glimmer of energy. It was very tiny, though, and provided no threat. If he was correct, it came from the purple haired girl a few people away from him.

“You shall infiltrate them. Gain their trust. And once you do, you will find our target. Once it is obtained, we shall crush this ‘rebellion.’”

Daisuke came to a stop before the large building other students filed into. Its white walls extended a nice distance to either side. Of course, it was a large public school. Konoha High School. A regular school by day. Training school for shinobi during the afternoons.

“Danzo, you had better keep your promise.”

Steeling his mind, Daisuke began to proceed with the flow of the teenagers. His mission had officially begun.
Chapter end notes: So, this is a new story, but I will only write it at school, so I apologize if updates are slow, but considering how many stories I already have, be happy with that please. Anyway, I know this is short, but it's mostly just an intro. Next chapter shall be longer. Anyway, just before we get started, what do you guys want to see from this story? What are you excited for? Anything? Just let me know what all you guys think :)
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