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Ironic by A Vampires Butterfly

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Chapter notes: Yes another one. I guess just in that kind of mood. Eh. I don't know. I got this couple idea from AkinaHatesYou. Enjoy! With much love, A Vampires Butterfly ^.^
The perfect couple they said.
You both look cute together they said.
It will last forever they said.
But it didn’t.
I waited for so long for my chance with him and then
I was the one who stopped it.
I finally got my dream.
My prayers were finally answered.
Yet, I didn’t want it.
I got it and didn’t want it.
Ironic huh?
I thought it would be the happiest day of my life when he said yes, but
It wasn’t.
Then he came.
He was the total opposite.
Tall, calm, dark, evil.
Completely opposite of my Naruto.
Yet, I fell in love again.
He was a murderer.
A killer.
He had his own blood on his hands.
And I fell in love with him.
Right after Naruto said yes to me.
Right after Naruto finally noticed me.
I fell in love.
I only met him because he tried to take Naruto.
He wanted him and now
I want him.
I think giving up on Naruto was for the best though.
He seemed to take a liking to my new loves younger brother.
He didn’t even seem so sad.
I don’t think I could have taken him sad.
But he wasn’t.
Now I just need to have my new dream made true.
I need my new prayers answered.
I haven’t told anyone why I broke up with Naruto.
Nobody asked.
Nobody cares.
For once it is good to be invisible.
No one notices when you disappear.
And that is what I did.
I disappeared.
I went after the mysterious killer.
I found him.
And I found myself.
I think it all ended well.
It isn’t too bad to love a murderer.
I don’t think I have forgiven him for that awful deed.
But he has seemed to change.
Less cold.
Not Naruto, but that’s why I love him.
At least in his red eyes I’m not invisible.
Not Naruto.
My love.
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