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Naruto's Cinderella Story by playin_lover

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Table of Contents

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Chapter notes: Disclaimer: I, unfortunately, still don't own Naruto.

I tried to remember the classes names, but they kinda slipped my mind. Sorry!
Religious Studies

"So, yesterday... uhh, what were we talking about yesterday?" Iruka Sensai asked.

"We were talking about the what the afterlife would be like." Shikamaru, put in.

"Oh! Right, so who would like to tell us what they think the afterlife is like." Iruka-sensai waited for someone to volunteer. "No one? How about you Naruto?" Naruto looked back from the window, dazed.

"What?" he asked pulling down his sleeves, to hide the bandages.

"The afterlife, Naruto. The afterlife." Iruka-sensai, repeated.

"Uhhh, okay." he stood up to answer. "Well I think that Heaven is a dark place, with a bunch of bright sillouhetes , and that uhh..." Naruto nervously scratched the back of his head, feeling the stares of his classmates.

"Go on Naruto." Iruka-sensai encouraged.

"and that Hell is a bright place, with a bunch of shadows.." he said, hastily sitting down.
"And how do you get to that idea. Naruto?" Iruka-sensai asked.

"Well every one says that badness is dark, so you need light to see all of the sinners, and that goodness is light, so you can't see light in the light ,can you?" Naruto explained.

"That is so fucking stupid, Naruto." Ino said out loud, making all the other classmates to laugh. Naruto blushed, sitting back down, burying his head in his arms, not noticing the stare of the new kid in the corner.
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