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A Troublesome Woman by EnsignIago

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Story notes: This is probably going to be my 'head-canon' for how Shikamaru and my OC, Tsubaki Chika, start to develop feelings for each other. The story takes place a few years after the war.

They met about a few months ago, but that was more mission/work related, and I don't want to do too in-depth with mission and the like. This story focuses more on what happens back in the village, kind of like their personal lives as opposed to their lives as shinobi.

Also there seems to be a theme of doing 'Bingo Books' whenever you have a long-running story on TONFA, so I might have a go at that later on. It depends how far I get into this.
Chapter notes: This one is quite short, and no OC-ness just yet. Also, I'd like to point out that because Shikamaru is slightly older, his phrase has changed from 'Troublesome' or 'What a drag' to 'What a pain in the ass'. It just works better for me. I like it when he says stuff like that in the anime or manga, but for some reason it irks me a little in fanfiction.

Anywho, hope you enjoy this one and give us some feedback on what you think, ne?

“Uh?” Konoha’s lazy genius grunted and looked up from his shōgi board at the carbon copy of himself in approximately twenty years’ time, give or take the scars and the facial hair.

“What is it, dad?”

“Why are up here, playing shōgi by yourself in your room?” Shikaku Nara asked as he stood with arms folded in the doorway, dressed in the casual clothes he wore at home; dark blue shirt and dark blue slacks.

“I would’ve played with you, but you were out tending the deer.” His son replied, another wooden game piece hitting the board with a snap! In all honesty, his heart wasn’t in it; playing against yourself only stayed interesting for a certain length of time. Probably why he was more interested in the way his father was padding about his room, the same dark, narrow eyes he passed down to his son flitting about the room, searching.

“Well then, why don’t you go outside? It’s a nice day.” Indeed, Shikaku was on the look-out, for any trace of evidence that would suggest his son had the possibility of a love life. Recently, he had noticed the tyrannical love of his life, Yoshino Nara, had been asking a lot of questions about their eighteen year old son. A large percentage of these questions had Shikaku wondering if women not only got broody for children, but also broody for grandchildren later on in life.

“What are you looking for, dad?”

“Nothing.” The older man replied a bit too quickly, immediately turning on his heel and exiting the room. Shikamaru let out an irritated sigh; he partly suspected what his father was doing and didn’t like the fact his privacy (although he had very little to be private about, considering the stereotypes of his gender at his age) being so blatantly intruded upon.

“I’m sure your mother wouldn’t mind a helping hand with some errands.” Shikaku’s voice floated from the corridor, sending a fresh wave of infuriation through his son. There was no doubt his mother heard that, as she seemingly possessed the ears of a freakin’ bat.

“Shikamaru!” The shrill call of Yoshino pierced the sweet silence the Nara boy had been granted for only a few moments, causing yet another irritated sigh to escape him.

“What?” He called back, cursing his father’s inability to leave him in peace.

“Don’t say ‘What’, say ‘Pardon’!"

"Fine, whatever. What do you want?"

"Don't start being mouthy with me, young man! Pull your weight for once, run into town and buy the groceries!”

Shikamaru groaned, letting his slumped, sitting figure slump even further, until his head slammed against the shōgi board.

“Arrghhh… What a pain in the ass.”
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