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Reviews For Naruto : ROOT

Name: oom komala sari (Anonymous) · Date: 18/10/13 - 05:44 am · For: "Two birds, one stone."; Confrontation: Naruto vs Jiraiya
Do you agree with nejisaku?

Name: Opalinaaa (Signed) · Date: 15/12/11 - 10:17 pm · For: Skills of the honed Fox
First off, the plot of the story is super creative. I honestly think that if the show took this approach, it would be 100x better. :)
Onto the actual story, I like how you had some levity to the chapter instead of just having one flat emotion set through it. I'm itching with curiosity at how things will turn out for Naruto once he's forced to leave the ROOT.
I'm heartbroken at how Kiba treated Hinata, but I'm sure that's just my inner KibaHina fangirl talking.
I already can't wait till the next update!

Author's Response: Thank yooou~.rnSince so many*Cough* not *cough* people are reading, I'll do an update when I finish the School Nightmare Chase of Silent Hill Shattered Memories. (Which should be soon.)

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