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Summary: I don't really care what its about but Naruto has to: A)fall in love B) it cant be with Sakura And 3) it has to take place in both the original and in Shippuuden
Categories: General Fiction > Naruto, Het Romance > Fluff, General Fiction > Naruto Shippuuden Characters: Pair OCNaru
Summary: I want a truth or dare story! But not the kind where it's like
Naruto: and then he says something and then
Sasuke: and he says something

Like, a well written truth or dare story. I don't care about pairings, except I want sasuke and naruto as the main focus of the story. Other than that, I don't care :] The whole story doesn't have to be truth or dare, but I'd like an in depth sort of description of it - like, actually make them do some dares and talk about the game. :D Thanks! Please: no teachers involved.
Categories: Shonen-ai/Yaoi Romance > Top Pairings > Sasuke and Naruto Characters: Sasuke Uchiha, Naruto Uzumaki
Summary: Yes, we all know at least one Narutard, or we are one ourselves. For those who do not know what a Narutard is we should make a warning sign list. If you do the following, you may very well be a Narutard. Now I want to see how you all define a Narutard.
Categories: MadFic > Other Characters: None
Summary: Children can't be protected all the time and where it's bad for boys it's worse for girls. Basically spin a story around the premise that Naruto has been pretending to be a girl for her own protection and something causes her to be exposed. The jutsu hiding her gender would most likely need to be a seal of some sort otherwise all the Uchiha would know. As far as how she gets exposed I was basically thinking either Orochimaru's 5 point seal disrupts the disguise or the Third was the one maintaining the jutsu and it dispelled when he died. Another idea to spice things up: Everyone knew that the Fourth's wife was expecting but they also knew that it was sapposed to be a girl. Everyone puts 2 and 2 together and we all get to watch the fireworks items to help explain the her gender: Why Naruto "couldn't" do bunshin- bunshin would be a copy of the original regardless of disguise so it would come out being a girl thus exposing Naruto. A kage bunshin can use a henge so thats not a problem Why Naruto is imune to the Orioke no jutsu- she doesn't swing that way Why Naruto has a vendeta against perverts- she's a girl Why Naruto's chakra control sucks- the technique hiding her gender causes interference (it would most likely have to be a seal otherwise all the Uchiha would have found out)
Categories: General Fiction > Naruto Characters: Naruto Uzumaki
Summary: She had always been a good girl, an obeying girl. She had never done anything to bring shame over her family, yet they never treated her as she deserved and when her father crossed the line, she just snapped. The shy little Hyga Hinata is a S-ranked Missing-nin, wanted for the murder of her father. What when the only way to survive is to get involved with a band of cold-hearted killers, the Akatsuki? And what when her first mission to prove her worth is to get rid of a certain Uchiha Sasuke by any means? And please, please, I beg you on my knees, stay focused on the -uh- pairing! SasukexHinataxItachi
Categories: Het Romance > Angst Characters: Hinata Hyuuga
Summary: i can never find good deidara fics anymore!
i would like a deidaraXoc kind of deal... ABSOLUTELY NO YAOI or YURI! i hate that stuff... it would be nice if it was more than 1 chapter, but it doesn't have to be. there has to be some mention of how the deidara's lover was badly hurt once by the death of a family member that the akatsuki killed, and now she has vowed to kill off the akatsuki, but she doesn;t know deidara is in the akatsuki. plus, sasori has to be alive... and it has to have a tragic ending! like they die together, or deidara dies protecting his lover... i am sorry i am so picky... but this would be so awesome! i will luv u 4ever if you respond to my challenge! unless ur chicken...
Categories: OC-centric Characters: Deidara