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Summary: Princess Hinata and the Knight Naruto are set to be married, but the ruler of the neiboring kingdom, sasuke, also known as the puppet master (who has the power to turn anyone into puppets dols, marionettes, ect.) is also in love with Hinata! To punish her for marrying Naruto, he plans on turning her into a doll! The pairings have to be HinaNaru, TemariShika, and GaaraSaku. And yes, no slash/yaoi couple. I don't like that gay junk. (don't kill hinata or naruto.)
Categories: Het Romance > Top Six Pairs > Naruto and Hinata, Het Romance > Top Six Pairs > Shikamaru and Temari Characters: Gaara
Summary: Way too few of this awesome non-canon pairing out there. Any story that has a main pairing of GaaraxHinata. Any length, any rating, as long as the pairing's in it.
Categories: None Characters: None
Summary: Every guardian Naruto has ever had has always rejected the kid. So what happens? The kid cracks. He becomes a problem child (like the movie). Then one day, someone who really cares tries to adopt him. The guy can be a civilian, ninja or a retired nin. He must also have an idol who is generally disliked by the villagers. Like...Jiraiya or something.
Categories: General Fiction Characters: None
Summary: You've all seen these before, but I've hardly ever seen any finished- Naruto and Sasuke in a teacherXstudent pairing. That is hot. I don't care whos the student or teacher or if its college or highscool, just that it's Naruto and Sasuke. Change the title if you want, give them whatever personality, add who ever, what ever plot, just in the end, you have A SasuNaru (or vice versa). I might even write one, after everything else I need to write is done!
Categories: Shonen-ai/Yaoi Romance > Top Pairings > Sasuke and Naruto Characters: Naruto Uzumaki
Summary: One of the more...boistrous characters is getting married to someone sweet and gentle. For example: Kiba and Hinata, Gaara and Lee, or Sasuke and Naruto. However...the boy/girl is nowhere near peaceful enough for marriage. As a result, his/her fiance must teach him/her to behave themself and be almost presentable. You can do whatever you like. As long as all hell breaks loose.
Categories: Het Romance > Top Six Pairs, Shonen-ai/Yaoi Romance Characters: None
Summary: A story of love between Deidara and Sasori. Deidara comes back from a mission where Sasori could not go, Sasori takes care of the wounded Deidara. When Deidara gets captured by (enter village here) Sasori goes to save him. Will they live to see another day when Sasori gets Deidara back and they are on the run from the village.....
Categories: None Characters: Deidara, Sasori