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Penname: Crimson Lily [Contact]
Real name: Dylan
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Member since: 24/09/08
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I'm Dylan, i'm 17 years old, and I'm gonna say it straight up:

I'm more of a fan. I have an account there under the pen name Sapphire-Raindrop, so if you like my writing, check it out!

I'm probably not gonna post any more naruto stories (other than the ones I already have) on this site, so if you want to read more of my work, go to and check me out!



My favorite naruto characters are (top 5):

1) Itachi Uchiha
2) Kakashi Hatake
3) Kushina Uzumaki
4) Minato Namikaze
5) Sasuke Uchiha

My top five favorite couples are:

1) Sasuke/OC
2) Kakashi/Sakura
3) Naruto/Hinata
4) Sasuke/Hikari (Hikari's an OC from my story Hikari: Path of the Avenger...which is on if any of you want to check it out)
5) Shikamaru/Ino

My stories:

Another Survivor: Uchiha Love Blossoms (Sasuke/OC)

On the Bridge of Fate (Neji/OC)

Messages in The Rain (Naruto/Sakura)

A Vampire Rose (Tenten/OC)

Diaries of The Supernatural (Sasuke/Sakura and Naruto/Hinata)

NOTE: and the couples i put for these stories are not the only couples in the story, they are just the main couples, and the main characters. (well, in Diaries of The Supernatural i put both couples, because all of them are main characters. :D)

Anyway, here are some of my recommendations for truly amazing stories if you're looking for something good to read:

'Truthspeaker' (amazing amazing amazing! Sasuke/OC, fricken awesome!!!)

'A Girl Named Yama' (also fantastic, Kakashi/OC)

'My Twisted Heart, Tear Me Apart' (crap load of swearing, but soooooo funny! also a Kakashi/OC fic...i think anyway. the author is taking the relationship quite slowly, so i cant tell for sure yet... :P)

'People Who Are Important [Book One and Two]' (I LOVE THESE STORIES SO MUCH! anyway, ignore my spaziness, the author has a really good insight on how the characters are in real life, and describes the story really well!)

'Naruto and the Goblet of Fire' (okay, I'll admit it, when i saw the title, i totally thought , "oh damn, this is just another stupid story that has absulutely no plot, and describes the characters really badly!" well I WAS WRONG!!!! this story is really really funny and amazing, and I totally recommend it to anyone who's looking for something hilarious!!! :P

'A Girl Named Yama' (this story is soooooo good! just...amazing! i wish the author would update faster, but other than that it perfect!!)

'The Lost Soul' (really really really good! it has a very interesting point of view, telling the story from an avengers poing of view for the whole "Sasuke going away for power" rather than the usual message of "dont go for power, its evil". REALLY CUTE AND AMAZING AND AWESOME!)


Crimson Lily (Sapphire-Raindrop on

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Stories by Crimson Lily

Title: Another Survivor: Come What May by Crimson Lily
Rated: 15 Liked [Reviews - 9]
Summary: [Sequel to – Another Survivor: Uchiha Love Blossoms] It’s been two years since Team 7 left Konohagakure, each in a different direction and with different goals in mind. In the span of two years, the Uzumaki clan, as well as the entire village Hidden in the Whirling Tides, has been completely eradicated. The day comes when Naruto returns to the Hidden Leaf, and the peace the Jinnchuriki has found shatters when he is told that Katsumi Uchiha was in the village at the time of the attack. Ren Uzumaki, along with several others, managed to flee to the Hidden Leaf. Katsumi wasn’t among the survivors. She was gone.
Category: OC-centric, Het Romance > Angst, General Fiction > Naruto Shippuuden, Alternate Universe & Crossovers > Minor AU
Characters: All
Genres: Action/Adventure
Warnings: Dark
Challenge: None
Series: None
Chapters: 2 | Completed: No | Word count: 4769 | Read count: 3237 [Report This]
Published: 17/09/11 | Updated: 21/01/12

Title: Another Survivor: Uchiha Love Blossoms by Crimson Lily
Rated: 15 Liked [Reviews - 283]
Summary: Eight year old Katsumi Uchiha ran through the blood stained streets of the Uchiha compound, looking for him. He was important, he was her best friend. If she didn’t find him, life wouldn’t be worth living anymore. She had to find him before the Uchiha Clan killer did. Where are you? She thought frantically, trying to hold back the tears she knew were coming. Where are you, Sasuke?
Category: OC-centric, General Fiction > Naruto, Het Romance > Fluff
Characters: All, Pair OCSasu
Genres: Action/Adventure, Romance
Warnings: AU
Challenges: SASUKExOC,
Challenge: SASUKExOC,
Series: None
Chapters: 51 | Completed: Yes | Word count: 134305 | Read count: 94003 [Report This]
Published: 05/10/08 | Updated: 14/09/11

Title: Diaries Of The Supernatural by Crimson Lily
Rated: U Liked [Reviews - 21]
Summary: Most people wish that they were anything but normal. Wish for that supernatural quality that made you so different from everyone else. But for some, being supernatural was a curse. A gift…and yet a curse that prevented even the chance for a normal life. This was the very reason that these four children were being hunted. They were being hunted by the Doctors that gave them these supernatural qualities. On the day that these children escaped from the Experimental Station that they were being held in, two of the four were separated from the group, and no matter how hard the remaining two searched, those children were nowhere to be found. The two remaining children assumed that the two lost friends were dead, and continued running, running far away from the Station and the men that ran it. But in their hearts, they both wished that maybe…just maybe, their friends were alive, somehow. That they would find their friends again, and they would all remain together to try to live a somewhat normal life. Because trust me, being supernatural isn't something that anyone should wish for. Photobucket
Category: Alternate Universe & Crossovers > High School Fics, Het Romance > Fluff, Alternate Universe & Crossovers > Real World
Characters: Hinata Hyuuga, Naruto Uzumaki, Sakura Haruno, Sasuke Uchiha
Genres: Action/Adventure, Humor, Romance, Supernatural
Warnings: None
Challenge: None
Series: None
Chapters: 6 | Completed: No | Word count: 11329 | Read count: 7813 [Report This]
Published: 22/07/09 | Updated: 29/12/09

Title: A Vampire Rose by Crimson Lily
Rated: 15 Liked [Reviews - 69]
Summary: I, Tenten, was finally done with high school. I had an entire summer stretched out in front of me in which to absolutely nothing school related. I had been accepted to UCLA, and also had a full volleyball scholarship. My life was perfect. Well, at least until the day after my graduation, when I was diagnosed with terminal cancer. And I had, at the most, six months to live before the cancer killed me.
Category: General Fiction > Character-Centric, Het Romance > Fluff, Alternate Universe & Crossovers > Real World
Characters: Kiba Inuzuka, Neji Hyuuga, OC, Pair OCNaru, Pair SasuHina, Sakura Haruno, Sasuke Uchiha, Shikamaru Nara, Tenten
Genres: Action/Adventure, Angst, Dark, Humor, Supernatural
Warnings: Dark, OOC, Sexual Themes
Challenge: None
Series: None
Chapters: 14 | Completed: No | Word count: 51051 | Read count: 12994 [Report This]
Published: 23/06/09 | Updated: 23/12/09

Title: On the Bridge of Fate by Crimson Lily
Rated: 15 Liked [Reviews - 99]
Haru is alone, wandering the wilderness with only one word to guide her. Konoha. With nothing but her name, she struggles to comprehend the idea of shinobi - a culture completely unfamilar to her - while at the same time trying to reel in her own powers. But when an enemy from her past begins to move towards Konoha, Haru is forced to place her doubts and fears aside. Because she's the only one who can end it. Photobucket
Category: OC-centric, General Fiction > Naruto Shippuuden
Characters: All, OC
Genres: Action/Adventure, Fantasy, Romance, Tragedy
Warnings: AU
Challenge: None
Series: None
Chapters: 29 | Completed: No | Word count: 73558 | Read count: 27319 [Report This]
Published: 17/01/09 | Updated: 22/12/09

Title: Messages in the Rain by Crimson Lily
Rated: U Liked [Reviews - 6]
Summary: Sakura is alone on Valentine's Day. The day where all of her friends are cuddling in front of fires with their beloved valentines, while she is left standing in the rain...alone. But Tsunade gives her a mission, to find the secret scrolls hidden throughout the village, and she soon realizes that they are messages from someone, her special someone. Sakura races to find this person, but it turns out to be someone she never would have guessed... Photobucket
Category: Het Romance > Top Six Pairs > Naruto and Sakura
Characters: Naruto Uzumaki, Sakura Haruno, Tsunade
Genres: Romance
Warnings: None
Challenges: , Official Valentine day challenge 2009
Challenge: , Official Valentine day challenge 2009
Series: None
Chapters: 1 | Completed: Yes | Word count: 1656 | Read count: 2912 [Report This]
Published: 22/02/09 | Updated: 22/02/09