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Confessions of a Ghost by bluefrog

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Table of Contents

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Hey people! So here’s my first story posted on TONFA. I’ve been working on it for a long time so I hope you enjoy it. I’ve written more than half of it already so the chapters should get posted fast enough (depending on school work and stuff like that).

Warnings: Sexual themes, language, violence and death, drug references and later on there will be some yaoi although no lemons because I’m completely incapable of writing a decent lemon.

Just to make things clear before you start reading:
-yes this will be a OcxSasuke fic except that it’s extremely one-sided. One-sided as in: Sasuke is far from ever falling in love with her. I like to keep the canon characters as far from oocness as possible and somehow I can’t see Sasuke going for…anyone from Sound really.
- my oc is not a host, doesn’t have an abusive past (although she does have some family trouble it’s not that dramatic and really…who doesn’t have family trouble?), not from a famous shinobi clan and doesn’t have a blood line limit.
-Other chapters will be much longer.

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto.


Chapter 1: Flight of the Kite

The wind spoke to her, caressed her cheek. It beckoned her onwards, daring her to outrun it. She tried, holding on to the string with all her strength. She ran across the peek of the muddy hill, watching the paper kite glide through the warm noon sky, its wings glistening under the radiating heat of the great sun. She fed it more string, watching it fly higher, mounting the infinite blue terrain. She wondered if one day it would touch the sun; that would be the day that she would have truly touched beauty. But for now, she would have to make due with the closest thing to beauty she knew; the rice fields of the Land of Sound where the birds of prey watched over their people and the wind sang lovingly to those who listened.
“Nee-chan! Nee-chan! Wait for me!”
She glanced back at the little boy, only a year younger than her. He had been chasing her since the exit of the Hashimoto compound, running as fast as his short legs would take him. She did not want to stop. She did not want to see her kite plummet out of the heavens like some scorned angel. If she had it her way, she would be up there with her kite, forever ruling the sky like one of those majestic birds of prey.
“Nee-chan, wait!”
Only when she heard him stumble behind her, gasping for breath, did she stop. She watched mournfully as the paper bird drifted onto the humid ground, lifeless once again. She finally turned towards her brother, lending him a helping hand as he mounted once more onto his exhausted legs.
“You’re such a boy, nee-chan.” He muttered, attempting to wipe the mud of his pale bony knees.
“And you’re such a baby.” She teased, ruffling his rebellious hair.
He pouted, running his hand harshly down the front of his wild mane of black hair in a feeble attempt at flattening it. His efforts were all in vain.
“Why won’t you listen when I call?”
She looked down at him, a smile lighting up her young lively face.
“Do you listen when the wind calls you?”
The boy frowned in confusion, scratching the back of his neck thoughtfully.
“What are you talking about nee-?”
“Shh…” She hushed him quickly, turning her face towards the coming breeze and closing her eyes. “Can’t you hear it? It’s so beautiful.”
Her brother pulled his hair behind one ear and listened carefully to the sound of the gentle breeze caressing the blades of grass and the leaves in the trees. He could hear it but then again everyone else could as well. It was moment’s like those that made him wonder whether his sister was sane or not.
“You’re mad.” He sighed, taking her hand and pulling her out of her reverie. But his sister would not give up. She sighed and ruffled his hair again as a master ruffles the head of his favorite hound.
“You’re not listening!” She said softly. “It’s calling to you!”
“Really?” He raised his eyebrows in disbelief. “What does it say?”
The young girl raised her finger, shushing him once more as she listened to some invincible voice, leaving her irritated little brother to wait.
“It’s saying; “You will be truly great, Hashimoto Akira. A drop of pure light amongst the shadows.” ”
“You’re making this up!” Akira protested, flushing pink with pleasure all the same.
“No I’m not! You should try and listen too. The wind is kind to those who do.”
The boy gave a great huff and crossed his arms over his scrawny chest, scowling up at his older sister.
“Fine then if you’re so great, why don’t you tell me what it says about you! And don’t you dare lie!”
She rolled her eyes and stuck her tongue out at him before closing her eyes once more, abandoning herself to her senses. It took longer then Akira had expected. At first, the wait was caused by the sudden disappearance of any breeze whatsoever. But it soon picked up again and Akira watched his sister expectantly, awaiting her prediction. The girl frowned and bit her lower lip, eyes tightly shut in concentration. When the wind had long come and gone, she still stood without a word until Akira grew impatient and shook her hand, calling her name. Her eyes opened instantly and she smiled comfortingly, stroking his hair.
“Maybe you’re right…maybe it was all just my imagination. Come now we have to return.”
Akira agreed with a feeble nod of the head, following her as she led him back down the path they had just run. She was kind and reassuring, constantly giving him warm smiles whenever he spoke. But when she looked away, down at the paper kite in her hands, the charade slipped and left nothing in its wake but a troubled frown.
‘Do not fly. Ghosts never fly. They are chained to the earth, bound to they love. Remember that, Hashimoto Nariko. Do not fly.”
“But what does that mean?” Nariko wondered, a feeling of unease growing in the pit of her stomach.
“Something wrong, nee-chan?”
She looked up, momentarily surprised. But she quickly caught herself before she could betray her worries and smiled once more, putting an arm around Akira’s shoulder.
“No nothing’s wrong, Akira. It’s nothing.”
Chapter end notes: No Nariko doesn't have some special power that allows her to hear the wind for real. It's her subconscious and imagination at work.
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