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White Puppet Hands by crazykittylover

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Chapter notes: This was a story I wrote own a few months ago and now having nothing to do; I shall write the first chapter and probably the chapters that I really liked and want to get in. I have a new goal, to get my list of stories; yes I have a list-68 stories ranging from full on chapter stories to one shot, etc. It will be hell of course getting all of them online and such but…I’ll just admit it that I have too much on my time and no real social life. Sad yes but, oh well; life will go on and now I stop blabbering.


Word count is...4593
I searched the stalls hungrily for the rare object that was said to be here at this convention; Sasori’s Hiruko puppet. I was a puppet fanatic and a ventriloquist bodyguard from New York City; the big apple.

Being a woman had its problems but being short as a fifth grader made me a laughing stock in the bodyguard world. But I made my name from training hard and saving my first client; a wealthy business man that hired me as a joke to his colleagues, from a Middle Eastern man had tried to storm his office and slit his throat yelling something strange but, I kicked out his knees and snapped his wrist with the knife... the client had me under as a secretary to keep things normal at his work afterwards... From then on I was taken more seriously in the guard community and at that building: I guess being short and dangerous shocked the crap out of those people.

I love puppets since I was young; my grandpa was the one that got me into the business. When I saw they had puppets on the show Naruto when I was watching my late nephew, I fell in love with it. The puppets on the show fascinated me for their abilities and fighting styles so it had caused me to draw up plans to make them and others like them… I’ve made lots of life size puppets in my time, but the ones I couldn’t get right were Sasori himself and Hiruko.

I took two months off to catch up on my puppets when I got wind that the puppet I desired would be sold at the Tokyo 20th convention; it was an opportunity I couldn’t refuse so I bought plane tickets and got my Kankuro Cosplay ready for the convention. You can never go to a convention and not be expected to dress up as a cosplay character; it was like a crime or sin to the anime world.

I growled in frustration as my search proved to be more fruitless as the day wore on. I plopped down on a random bench in the mist of the buzzing convention. I was angry and tired…I had bought more kunai, shuriken, near invisible wire, and few other things I liked but, no Hiruko could be found. I still several thousand dollars on me for him and I still remained hopeful to getting the puppet, however it seemed like it wouldn’t be here. I walked around at the back of the convention browsing the stalls; seeing all the other shows that are popular: One Piece, Bleach, Death Note, Inuyasha, etc…

“Young lady you seem to be troubled…May I help you find something that you wish to buy?”

I looked at the strange middle age Indian woman that called out at me in the crowd; she was operating a Naruto themed stand. I sighed and went towards her and looked about her stall; there was nothing that perked my interest. It was basically all cosplays that I really didn’t care for; “You know if someone is selling a puppet by the name Hiruko?” My eyes wandered away awaiting for her answer so I could continue with my search.

“Well depends…if you have the money to by such a thing…”

I whipped my eyes back to hers staring at her suspiciously, “I have the cash and I don’t care what the price is.”

She darted her eyes back and forth then signaled me to follow her to the back of her stall; the enclosed area where you store your products. I followed her cautiously as she went to the far corner of the enclosed area; there was a large crate. I felt my pulse start to race as she opened it and pulled up slowly… a perfect replica of the puppet in every way; I felt my mouth drop and go dry as I stared at it.

“I see this is what the American lady was asking for yes? Well for a price I’m willing to…”

“What‘s the price?”

“Five thousand American dollars; cash.”

“Does this product have proper papers?”

“Yes; everything to the last shipping order.”

“When can I take it?”

“When you show me that you have the cash for it.”

I looked at the papers the lady had; they were legit… it did me no good to get the puppet to not be able to take it back with me without smuggling it in, I didn’t like breaking the law if I could help it. I pulled out of one of my bags the suitcase that I carried my money in; I chuckled at the greedy gleam the woman had in her eyes as I counted out the cash for her and gave it to her. She tucked it away in a box and smiled broadly, “The puppet is yours, take it however you want to.”

“How much for trolley it was brought in with?”

“Another five grand.” I snorted at her price but gave her the money and got the puppet in its box on the long flat wheeled contraption. I pushed it out on of the convention and put it into my truck I had brought. It was a lot bigger than I thought and much less than what I thought I would have to pay for, but still pretty damn expensive; ten grand geeze and you wonder why it’s so hard to find the blasted puppet it’s like only the well off Narutards can afford such expense. I drove to my motel room which was a few kilometers away and put the puppet in my room where I began to marvel at it.

It had the Akatsuki cloak on it with the giant wooden face on its back, the tail rolled up on a wheel at the base and its head was impeccably like the anime’s. All highly glossed detailed and painted; perfect. I felt a strange vibe come from it as I stroked the glossy surface with joy; I ignored the vibe and decided it was just the happiness I was feeling for getting what I wanted.

For it was finally mine; I order a pizza and bought cheep liquor to celebrate my success in finding it…I had only one more puppet to locate; Sasori and I was sure that I would find it before I went back to work. I fell back onto my bed and sighed happily, happiness deserted me as I sat up instantly when my TV set turned on. I had whipped out my pistol I had in my ankle hoister and aimed it at the TV without a thought nearly pulling the trigger on it; I felt silly for being so tense but, habits are hard to stop. Especially when you happen to be competition to other bodyguards that don’t want that to be so…

I put the gun away and flipped through the channels till I came upon a Shippuden Naruto marathon; I smiled for it was one of my favorite parts of the series. It was the beginning when Gaara got kidnapped by Sasori and Deidara; Sasori was like an idol to me in a sense at least in puppeteering and art...though I don’t think turning people into puppets is a good thing at all…it’s kind of gross. He did have a freaking army of puppets that were so awesome as well so I can’t hold a grudge on the character’s flaws…

I felt myself slowly drift away asleep as the marathon got to Gaara’s defeat…kind wish that I could stop Gaara from dying; he was a good guy…and he was kind of cute too, in a sadistic quiet manner…wouldn’t mind dating his candy ass…

I woke up with the sun in my eyes and stretched my arms out from sleeping; my back felt like I had slept on a rock and that was something I hated about hotel beds; they’re so damn uncomfy when you go into a cheap hotel!

I immediately knew something was wrong when I felt the drowsiness leave and opened my eyes; I wasn’t in my room. I was on some random rock in the middle of nowhere…I stood up quickly and scanned the area. There was a railing to my left with a cliff and some fences with small buildings behind them to my right, in the front and back was forest. I tried to figured how I had gotten outside; maybe I somehow I sleepwalked there…no someone brought me there; I never had sleep walked in my life. I lost sleep and slept light yes but, no I had done any sleep walking.

I whipped out my gun from my belt and aimed at the sounds of rustling in the bushes behind me; it stopped just behind a tree.

“State your name and purpose intruder.”

I glared and narrowed my eyes at the voice; it was a male about early thirties and in the five foot height region from where it was coming from. I took the safety latch off my gun and growled at him, “You first; come out or I’ll shoot you.”

The man that came out of the growth from behind the tree was the strangest one I’ve ever seen. He was wearing a green vest and green leotard with orange leg warmers; other words a walking fashion crisis that would kill any fashion major in a ten mile radius along with any beauty stylist with his bowl cut and fuzzy eyebrows.

“What the hell dude, ever heard of a fashion sense?”

He scoffed at me and posed dramatically, “My fashion expresses my passionate youth, and you haven’t complied as I said.”

I scoffed back at him and replaced my gun in its hoister; this guy was a joke, “You didn’t do the same. I don’t need to identify myself to a weirdo like you anyway you freak.” I turned my back on him and started in the opposite way to somewhere that wasn’t where freaks with bowl cuts and eyebrows that look like they were super glued to their head hanged around…that was a bad idea.

I stiffened at the feel of air move and whirled around pulling a military Swiss knife from the inside pocket of my loose shelve and met it with another man’s knife similar to a kunai. He had long chocolate brown hair, no pupil eyes and wore a large shirt of some kind with matching size pants. I grimaced at the veins that ran from his head; they were so disgusting, talk about some serious drug addict issues!

I struggled to keep my knife against his and pulled away when he tried to make me fall by using his leg to trip me backwards. I yelped in pain when I felt someone kick me in the center in of my back as I distance myself from the druggy; the kick sent me spiraling to the side and I hissed as I tumbled then rolled on the ground till I sprang back to my feet in a low crouch.

Another man dressed like the older man with smaller eyebrows and was much younger; he was the one that attacked me from behind. I didn’t like shooting people especially teenagers for that’s the age group I guessed the others were in besides the older man, but they were attacking me so I really was in a real pickle here. I whipped out one of my guns from my hip hoister as another teen attacked me. This time it was a girl with large a white shirt and red pants and hair up in to high buns; I shot her in the ribs, making sure to not hit any vital organs; I did not want murder press charges on my record.


I tensed the smaller brow boy tried to charge me as I grabbed and held the girl at gunpoint who was crying out in pain.

“Stop or I will shoot her and kill her.”

He stopped after I put another bullet in her; now in her leg causing to her scream out in even more pain. I grimaced at it but it stopped the men from moving from moving towards us.

“Who are you people and why are you attacking me?”

“We are team 4 on patrol and you refused to give reason to why you were on Konoha soil so you are an enemy.”

“I see…” I didn’t; I was fucking clueless to what he meant from Konoha soil. Where the hell was I and why the hell was I surrounded by what were clearly Naruto crazed fans that were on a high!?

“I see… we got on off the wrong foot then; my name is Nami Finster and I mean no harm to you and your team,” the druggy teen scoffed at me and tensed up as if he would spring at me; I pulled the girl up by the neck and her and shoved the gun into her temple, glaring at the boy. “I have no idea where I am and how I got here. Can you take me to your boss or someone in charge, I’d like to go back home and forget this shit.”

“You take us for fools!?”

“Neji quiet, that is impossible for us to decide, Nami-san.” I groaned internally as debated what to do; I could kill these people and the girl but, run the risk of getting lost in an environment that I was unfamiliar with and more and likely make their buddies; they had to have buddies nearby, come after me.

“I will give you my word on my code of honor that I let this girl go and come quietly and all I ask for is your word that you will do what you can to help me.”

Neji scoffed at me, but the older man gazed at me hard; then nodded, “I accept your word and give you my own.” I let the girl’s neck go and put away my gun. Neji rushed me and slammed my face into the dirt as he tied my hands roughly behind my hands; I think he was aiming to break my nose and wrists.

“Neji, she gave her word, do not be so rough with her. Go and take Ten-ten to the hospital, Lee and I will take her to interrogation division and see to what will be done with her.”

I smiled at the older man as he helped me up and dust me off; Neji just glared at me as he took Ten-ten and ran off. As we went back down what seemed to be a hill or small mountain I studied my captors; they seem to really be a team as they said they were and seemed to have known each other pretty well. The leader was the older man and the younger man that was with us looked like him seemed to idolize him. It was disturbing to see the two guys chatter as if I didn’t exist.

It really didn’t bother me, what was bugging me was that their names sounded oddly enough familiar…I chuckled softly at the druggy’s name…it meant screw in Japanese; I bet his parents had a sick sense of humor.

“Nami do know you what you were doing on Hokage Mountain?”

“I don’t know; I fell asleep in my hotel room and woke up there…um…”

“Rock Lee”

“Ah…Lee…” I stared at the teen even more oddly; finally I remembered where the names came from. Wasn’t that the name that the smaller brow boy gave was like the kid who was…Mito Gai’s student I believe, who got his ass kicked by Gaara? And the other one that guy that was like all hateful and bitter to his family for what he was to them…I wondered why someone would name their kid after Japanese characters…of course who named their kid like me with a Japanese name when they lived in the US and had no Japanese blood in them...Then it hit me; they must be code names!

Of course, it made sense in case they were caught doing illegal…I wonder who I just got entangled with…

When the forest cleared out I felt my eyes nearly pop out from the site in front of me; I wasn’t diffidently in Tokyo anymore. It was an entirely different city; there was like no skyscrapers and the tallest building was the strange red cylinder one…it kind of reminded me of the Hokage’s Mansion…These guys were definitely bad news.

I felt strange and accused as we walked through the streets; I stared back at the two men “Where are we going?”

“To the interrogation division; so that you can be processed and identified.”

Okay I kind of figure out what was going on; I had woken up in a Japanese base of criminals of some sort, I mean who has an interrogation division in the middle of a forest? I was so screwed…then again, maybe I could get hired. I heard there’s good money in criminal bodyguards but the risk of getting wacked for it is greater as well. “Right…then I get to see your boss?”

“If you are allowed then yes.”

I nodded at the older man’s comments but then noticed something…usually I’m to people’s chests in height for I’m 5 foot; short yes, but just as deadly as a six foot grease monkey…I was at this guy’s waist! Damn I hate being short, tall people are so high…I was even barely taller than the other teen’s waist line! I wonder how tall they were as we went into the red building, going down stairs…They got to be over six feet to tower me. We stopped in front of a butt ugly guy with a giant ass scar across his face; he was freakishly tall too.

“Who is this Gai?”

“A suspicious little girl my team and I found on the Hokage Mountain that has a strange weapon that wounded one of my squad members. “ Gai held his hand out for my gun; I grudging gave it to him while glaring at him for calling me a little girl. He just gave it to the man; the man looked over it, intrigued.

“Careful with my berretta you baka, those cost a fortune to buy and keep clean!”

The man raised an eyebrow at me and nodded to the men that had arrested me to leave. He signaled for me to follow him to a room where he had me sit on a chair; it was a bare room with only two chairs, one I was sitting on and a table. He placed the gun on the table and left. I sat there staring at my gun longing to clean off the baster’s finger prints off. I wondered if they’ll have a problem if I cleaned it…probably. I sighed and leaned back in my chair in boredom; I noticed the stupid chair was rather big for me to sit in and I had a hard time to push back on it. What fuck was with these people and over sized crap!

I huffed in silence about my curse of being small till a long blond haired man came in and took a chair next to me then sat down on it. I stared at him like WTF are you doing. He chuckled and placed his fingers along my skull, “I’m going to do a memory scan; it won’t hurt.” I change the look I had glared at him to you are fucking retarded as he closed his eyes. I jumped a little when I felt his hand pulse slightly with strange warmth that made my brain tingle, I was going to smack his head when I gave my word I wouldn’t fight...damn that fuzzy eyebrow man.

I waited patiently till he opened his eyes and removed his hands from my head and left the room; I sat there for like another hour or so till the scarred face man came back and took me from the room along with my gun. He led me up the stairs to the top level of the building and had me enter a room; the only furniture that was in the room was a desk and chair where a pretty young woman was drinking…great…Forget that idea to working here.

The scarred face man gave my gun to the woman, left and closed the door; the pretty woman waved for me to come closer…the stupid desk was only a few inches shorter than me, stupid tall furniture! I stood in front of the woman studying her face…she had a purple diamond on her forehead, long blonde hair in loose pigtails and rather monstrous sized breasts; how she managed those were beyond me and the smell of cheap booze coming off her was disgusting.

“You’re name is Nami Finster?”

“Yes madam it is.”

“What are you doing here in my village and why did you hurt one of my ninja with this strange object?”

She held up my gun and I smiled weakly at her, “I have no idea how I got here… and frankly your men are the baka that attacked me after demanding my name and purpose.”

She glared me and then studied the file in front of her; I guess it was the one that the people down below made for me. She stared at my gun then handed it over to me; I took it slowly and put it back in its hoister.

“What you say is true; my examiners say your memory shows that you are from another world,” I nodded to her, “And that you were a trained bodyguard there…”

“I do what I’m good at and nothing else.”

“I see…”

I laughed weakly at my crappy attempt at humor; she just stared at me interested.

“How old are you?”

“Twenty six madam”

“You have dwarfism then?”

I stared at her like she was insane “Madam I’m just shorter than the average woman in the US.”

“The average is around 137 centimeters?”

“137 centimeters, I’m fucking five foot lady!” She stared at me clueless to the number…then it dawn me…the rest the world unlike the stupid U.S. used metric. I times 60 inches with the conversion number for centimeters and got 152 centimeters…then did the reverse for the lady’s number; she said I was 54 inches half a foot than I was; I glared at the woman venomously. “I have no idea what you are drinking lady but, I’m 152 centimeters tall last time I checked.”

She scoffed at me and got up from her desk. She pulled out a tape measure and put next to me, “My bad…you’re 140 centimeters.” I felt my eyes twitch as she smiled at me like a sadist; I was shorter…

“I guess coming from your world to mine made you shorter then…not that matters of right now, you’re here and I have to deal with you. I can’t let you be one of my shinobi but, I can’t just dismiss your abilities.”

I gawked at her like she was seriously loony…I gave thought to what she said and decided she was crazy to think I was in a different world…that had to be some serious booze she was drinking. Not even when I got wasted did I sound so freaking insane. At the same moment I was about to call the woman a loony toon when another woman but with dark short hair came in with a arm full of papers, behind her were two other men with even more paper…ouch that’s got to be a lot of paper cuts.

“Shizune now is not the time for those!”

“Lady Tsunade, you need to go through these or you’ll behind even more tomorrow!” She noticed me next to the insanely tall desk, “Who is this? Did another academy student get in trouble? I swear those kids….”

I gave Shizune the worst evilest glare I could muster, “Lady, I’m 26 years old and I’m a freaking bodyguard; don’t go fucking assuming that all little people are kids!” Her mouth dropped at my icy tone.

I did not like being called short; ever. Call me short and you’ll get a death wish…I’m not kidding. I glared and growled at the lady as she cautiously moved over to the blonde lady.

“Kid you got spunk…”

I looked back at the blonde; she was chuckling at my glaring. I glanced back at Shizune and the men…they had a lot of paperwork and the blonde didn’t seem to like doing it…Hm…I smiled zealous at the blonde; I had an idea; I disliked it but this lady wasn’t going to let me go so might as well give it a go.

“Um…blonde lady…”


“Right, Tsunade; all that paperwork looks like a lot of time you don’t want to spend…”


“What you need is a secretary.”

“What is a secretary?”

“A person that does paperwork, record events or appointments for their boss; they do all the grunt work for their bosses and get paid fairly okay for it.”

I watched her carefully as she leaned back on her chair thinking thoughtfully; I smiled internally.

“I happened to be a secretary apparently needing a job…”

“I thought you were a bodyguard.”

“It’s a good cover to have; I used it while protecting a client.”

“I see…”

I knew I wasn’t getting her to bite; time to show off my crazy neatness crap I got made fun at home. “Let’s make a deal; I organize all those files under 3 hours and you hire me as your secretary at very modest and cheap price. If I don’t finish in time you still get three hours to yourself; it’s a win, win for you.” The dark haired lady put her pile of papers down; she did not like my deal but the guys holding the papers did. They put the paper piles next to me and left.

“Tsunade you can’t even think to agree with this! Some of these documents are…”

“Shizune! …alright Nami you got a deal; you start now.” I shook her hand and went to the first pile; I stopped for I had no clue to how the woman wanted me to file these.

“What are the categories that you want these in?”

“Missions, personnel, and appoints/events; missions in four subcategories; D C B A and S.”

I nodded and cracked my knuckles and neck; this better be get me a decent paycheck.

“Times up brat...”

I looked over at Tsunade, smiling; I just finished the last mini paper pile. I got 25 paper cuts on both my hands and chaffed finger tips. The blonde went all wide eyed as she inspected my work; she definitely liked my neatness or at least not having to do any sorting. Shizune I believe was just amazed at it.

“Nami you’re hired, you start first thing tomorrow 7am sharp!”

I bowed to Tsunade and smiled at her; “Thank you boss…”

I turned to leave the room with the sudden realization that I didn’t have a place to stay or food to eat. I turned back to her sheepishly; “Um…boss…I don’t have a place to stay…”

Tsunade snorted at me and smiled wickedly, “You’re going to live with me; remember I can’t let you be unsupervised.”

I felt my eye twitch at the statement but accepted; I needed to prove myself to her before I got accepted into the organization I guess.
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