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Akatsuki Teens by crazykittylover

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Story notes: blah
Chapter notes: ok this story was inspired from another story tht has the same idea if the akatsuki had will not having anything to do with the plot for most of the story...some refrances and spoilers but i will mark the chapters spoilers...also i dont think it will have a be kinda like a tv show view plz and tell me what you think! CHOW ^o^

I HAVE REVISED THE CHAPTER! -ty nkbz for ur helpful rev...i hope this is better
3rd POV

The group huddled in from of the hidden entrance as the snowflake wind howled.

“Hurry up, Yuki is shivering!” growled the onyx/ cerulean eyed boy.

“Of course we wouldn’t want Yuki to be cold, it would be the end of the world if she was cold…” scowled the silver lavender haired girl. The boy drew kunai but the spiked orange haired boy stepped in between the two.

“Cool it Ace, this is the place, so who wants to let them know were here?”

“OH…OH...HOSHI AND SIREN WANTS TO MAKE AN ENTRANCE! LET HOSHI AND SIREN DO IT!” shrieked joyfully the girl with a pink-orangish swirled mask with two black and neon pink highlighted pigtails. She was jumping and shaking the orange spiked haired boy, still screaming in his ears; he pushed her off him.

“Alright, alright…Hoshi and Siren will do it…”

Hoshi ran over to the long blonde-haired girl with a braided ponytail and bangs that covered half of her face. She started to jerk on the blonde’s wrist as she hopped excitedly.

“Who said I wanted to?” growled Siren trying to shake loose Hoshi off her wrist.

“CAN SIREN GIVE HOSHI A BOMB? PLEASE, PLEASE!” The masked girl bellowed as she jerked Siren’s arm up and down while hopping.

“I thought you were going to plow down the door screaming…not blow up the joint…” snickered a shark-skinned girl. The blonde girl swatted Hoshi away and glared her, fuming. Hoshi tried to hug the girl but, was punched away.

“Hoshi let my hands be so I can make the god damn bomb!”



Inside the base there was an Akatsuki meeting going on… Leader stopped talking when the shouting had started outside.

“What on hell is going on outside, UN?!” complained Deidara. The blonde man was leaning against his chair, kicking his feet up on the long table.

“Sasori…Deidara go check it out.”

Deidara fell backwards and rose to object to the man but, Sasori dragged him by the hair to the giant rock entrance. As they started to move it, a huge explosion sent them and the rock entrance along with parts of the wall backwards. Hoshi jumped a few feet into the hideout after the dust had cleared, hopping from one foot to the other while flapping her arms.


“Hoshi please stop shouting, we’re right next to you…” complained the blue shark-skinned girl as she walked past the giddy masked girl and surveyed the room.

“This place’s a dump…” snorted the small silver haired girl as she walked in after the other. She pulled a beer bottle from her clothes and drained it before throwing it to the side.

“Well, no shit Kami, Hoshi just put a hole in the entrance, of course it’s going to look like shit.” sneered the shark skinned girl she shifted her large katana from side to side.

“Like I give a fuck what Hoshi did, Nami!” snapped Kami. The two shouted at each other then started to wrestling, trying to strangle the other; Kami got up and ran for the discarded beer bottle while Nami charged after her with her katana. They were about to slice each other when the rumble to the side exploded.


Deidara screeched as he was charged with a ball of clay in his hands.

Everyone: O.O

“RUN, Siren’s brother has gone nuts!” shouted Hoshi. Everyone scattered for dear life as the raging blonde threw explosives at them. Deidara cornered Kami first; she fought him with the now broken beer bottle screaming for Jashin help her.

“Siren, do something! He’s your brother!” The orange short haired boy shouted as he ran to aid Kami.

“Why the hell do I have to do something Rogue, you’re the fucking god damn leader!”

Kami screamed as Deidara tried planted an explosive on her.


After several minutes of Deidara trying to blow up Kami and Rogue yanking Deidara’s hair to distract him for Kami’s escape; shouting for backup, did Pein and the rest of the akatsuki come out to see what all the commotion was.

Sasori explained what happened to Pein while Kisame ‘tried’ restrained Deidara and pry off the, what seemed to be a miniature shark girl that was gnawing his leg. All the other teens were huddled behind Konan and Zetsu. Pein coughed and had them stand in a line and look over them.

“All right let’s see what we have here….7 kids….”

“We’re not kids! We’re teenagers!” scowled Siren.

“Kids…teenagers, it’s all the same. Why are you here?”

“We’re your siblings.” Siren quipped.

“You have no proof we’re related to you.” Kakuzu stated staring intensely at them.

Rogue pointed at his Rinnegan eyes.

“This should be proof…”

“Mini Sempai!!”

Siren was molding a bird when Tobi pointed at her and tackled the poor girl. Rogue with no avail tried pulled Siren away from Tobi’s grasp. Hoshi was the one that pried Siren away by dropkicking Tobi’s head. She pulled Siren close to her and wagged her finger to her brother.


Tobi pointed at Hoshi, jumping and clapping all excited, forgetting he was just dropkicked.

“Oh oh, you look just like Tobi! Are you Tobi’s sibling?”

“Yes Hoshi is Tobi’s sister!”

Hoshi threw Siren into Zetsu and ran and embrace her brother. Everyone else moved away from the two, eyes twitching. Pein looked at Rogue carefully.

“Um…alrighty then…Rogue, I assume…you’re related to me?”

“And Hoshi is related to Tobi!” Bellowed Hoshi as the two masked siblings played ring around the rosy.

All the teens: “We know!”

“Oh, Oh, Aniki let’s pair everyone up!” sang Hoshi; she rushed to the teens and started to put them with their elder siblings. She started to pull, jerk, and push the siblings together.

Hoshi –Tobi
Nami- Kisame
Kami- Hidan
Yuki-Orochimaru (not present)

“Why is Yuki not with a sibling?” asked Tobi, all the teens shifted uneasy. Ace pulled Yuki close to himself, glaring at the masked man. Hoshi tugged on Tobi’s sleeve and whispered.

“Um…Aniki…Yuki is Orochimaru’s sister…we kind of heard about him ditching the Akatsuki a few years ago…Ace takes care of her.”

“Oh… So Yuki is Orochimaru’s sister?” pondered Tobi. The rest of the Akatsuki just stared at the girl in disbelief; she moved closer to Ace, whimpering.

“She’s nothing like her brother UN, just look at her UN, she as useful as rag doll, UN!” sneered Deidara. Ace activated his Sharigan and sent black flames onto Deidara. He yelled in surprise and tried to put the flames out on his coat.

“Aw, Ace will you cool it! Siren’s brother is an idiot, now call back the flames!” growled Nami as she look at him in distaste. Ace called back the flames and settle on glaring at the blonde man.

Pein coughed and had the members go back into the meeting room while the teens explored the hideout.

“We can’t just throw them out Pein…” said Konan as she glanced outside the room at the teens.

“We can sure in hell throw Orochimaru’s sister, that snaked face baster should die along with his relatives! Growled Deidara, he rubbed his burnt arm from Ace’s flames.

“No…Itachi’s little brother apparently cares for the girl and clearly doesn’t like it when she is picked on…” commented Sasori who joined Konan at the door staring at the teens, “We don’t have enough extra rooms though…only one…”

“They’ll stay with their apparent siblings and Yuki will get her brother’s old room.” Pein stated walking over to see what the teens were doing.

Kami searched through Hidan’s liquor stash as the other teens looked through the Akatsuki’s movie and game section.

“Hmm…Bambi and Old Yeller….” Nami mumbled as she looked through Itachi’s DVD collection, she finally let out a snicker when she saw the man’s Barbie games.

“Ace …your older brother is such a fag!”

Before Ace had time to strangle the girl, Hoshi popped up with The Collector DVD, “Let’s watch this, Hoshi wants to watch Aniki’s movie!”

Rogue took the movie and saw Tobi written on it, “Tobi has this kind of movie…Hoshi’s brother might be cool after all, let’s watch it.”

The teens moved to the large plasma TV and sat on the extended couch. Hoshi and Nami, and Kami had to sit on the floor while Ace cuddled with Yuki on the couch; Siren sat on one arm, Rogue on the other.
Chapter end notes: blah X3
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