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Naruto TV show rip-offs by demonchick25

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Story notes: characters (c) Kishimoto Masashi
A young man was reporting to work at the meat factory. he approached the meat grinder, only to find a terrible smell. As he looked closer terror filled him. There was a head sticking out of the top!


Coroner Shizune released the scene for crime scene investigators Uchiha Sasuke and Yamnaka Ino to process what was left of the body.

The stared down at the head. "Now that's what I call dancing into the meat grinder." Sasuke stated with a smirk, slipping on his gloves.


Uzumaki Naruto was working in the DNA lab when Ino brought him samples to test.

"So I hear you found a head in a meat grinder. I always wondered what went in that hot-dog!" Naruto joked, taking the samples from Ino.
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