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When a Cherry loves a Scarecrow... by crazyfangirl

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Table of Contents

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Chapter notes: This is a new story I've come up with while I'm thinking of how to continue with Konoha High & Kakashi's golden rose. do not flame me about the pairing cause that's your well, problem, if you don't like this couple.

in my story, the agings are different. here's the ages.

kakashi- 21
sakura- 18
naruto- 18
Team 7 were enjoying another day at the Ichiraku Ramen stall.

"Please, I mean, don't you think that's a rather silly thing to do?" Sakura asked an enthusiastic Naruto.

"It's just gonna be a teeny weeny glance," Naruto said softly.

"We've been trying take a glimpse of him since we were like 12. It's dejavu. We will never get it off," Sasuke murmmered.

"True." Naruto mumbled.

Sakura smiled at her two teammates. They've been through so much over the years. From the point where they were grouped, to the times where they protected Naruto from the Akatsuki and before she knew it, they were 18, and jonin, along with their life-long friends, the rest of the rookie 9.

"But. We've known Kakashi Sensei for 7 years, can't he just let us have a glance?" Sakura moaned.

"Maybe he's really got some form of disgusting growths on his face." Naruto joked.

"Like a baka, you never change." Sakura knocked Naruto's head. Sasuke laughed a little.

"Naruto will always be the boy you knew since you were 10, Sakura." Naruto said.

"How tragic," Sakura joked.

"Hey, you guys were having ramen and didn't tell me?" Kakashi asked jokingly, taking a seat beside Sakura.

"Kakashi-sensei!" Sakura smiled. "We couldn't find you," Sasuke said.

"Oh really?" Kakashi asked.

"Yeah, and even if we told you, we would have finished our ramen an hour before you arrived," Sakura replied.

"Some things really never change, do they?" Kakashi said.

"We were just talking about that." Naruto said, ordering another bowl of ramen.

"You guys are paying the bill, right." Kakashi laughed.

"Yeah, we're treating you to a bowl of ramen!" Naruto said.

"Very nice. Wait. This isn't one of your plans to make me take off my mask, is it? Cause I'm very familiar with it." Kakashi asked suspiciously

Sweat drops.

"No, Kakashi. It's just to celebrate erm.. 7 years of... sensei-to-student-companionship!" Sakura smiled.

"Ho, really?" Kakashi asked.

The three nodded.

Sakura took out a chopstick and gave it to her sensei.

"YOu three sure know how to enjoy life to it's fullest." Kakashi said.

"OF course we do. The war is over, people are happy. Tsunade Sama hasn't sent us on missions. It's the perfect time to be slacking." Naruto said happily.

The man put the ramen down in front of Kakashi. "Enjoy your ramen,"

Kakashi took the chopsticks and started to take off his mask.

The three looked suspiciously at him from the corner of their eyes.

"Sakura, you're blocking me!" Naruto complained softly. "Live with it!" She said, teeth gritted.

"Naruto, YOU'RE blocking me!!" Sasuke started. "Oh don't you start!" Sakura turned to Sasuke.

"Stop blocking me!" Naruto said.

"You're the one blocking me!" Sasuke said pushing Naruto down. "I meant Sakura!" Naruto pushed Sasuke back.

"Will you two shutup!" Sakura growled.

Sasuke gave Naruto a big push, and as Kakashi nearly took off his mask, Naruto accidently banged against Sakura's back, causing her to fall forward.

Sakura blocked herself from an impact with her arms, landing on her knees.

But there still was impact, and her face fell onto Kakashi's!

Naruto and Sasuke went 100% white in the face, with a shocked expression!

"Oh MY GOD!" Naruto and Sasuke said in unison.

Sakura's eyes went wide as she noticed she had just kissed her sensei!!

Kakashi looked rather shocked, and quickly pulled up his mask from his chin.

"Sensei! I'm sorry!" Sakura stood up slowly, pulling her sensei up.

Sakura turned to the two boys, who were paralysed with white faces and shocked expressions, starring at she and Kakashi.

"What's the matter with you two?" She asked, blushing.

"Sensei! I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to-"

"I'm sure you didn't.. Be careful next time, goodbye!" Kakashi said, dissapearing in a puff of smoke.

Sakura turned back at the two still paralysed boys. She blushed even harder and ran off quickly.

Naruto and Sasuke went back to normal mode. "Did Sakura just do 'that' to sensei?" Naruto asked.

Sasuke gulped. "Please tell me that was a genjutsu."
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