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Naruto Character's Journal Entries by emogirlS2

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Chapter notes: This is what happened when Sasuke and Naruto asked each other out on a date. I just had to do this. I felt like there would have been something missing if they came back and were all excited about the date that they had. So i figured you guys should know what all went down.
"Okay guys, our mission is done for the day. So go get some rest and meet me back here at moon tomorrow."

"Yeah, okay Kakashi- sensei." Team 7 said in unison.

"Good, see you later."

"Hey, Sasuke? Do want to go do something? You know, just you and me."


"Oh, o..okay then, see you later Sasuke-kun."

"Yeah whatever."

'Shit, I can't do this.' The blonde thought to himself while turning to leave.

"Hey Dobe."

"What do you wnat Sasuke? And don't call me that!" He had to act like his normal self. He didn't want Sasuke knowing he had feelings for him.

"Wel...Well I was wondering if you...if you wanted to go watch a movie or something?" Sasuke could feel his face practically bursting into flame from embaracement.

'Did he just ask me out on a date?'

"Are you asking me out on a date Suke?"

"Well...if you want to call it that,I wouldn't mind."

'That means yes in Sasuke speak.'

"Sure Suke, I'll go out on a date with you. And then we can go get some ramen!"


"Great, lets go."

Naruto grabbed Sasuke hand, causing him to blush even more, and they headed off to the movies.

Sorry it ended so bluntly. Its getting late and i have to babysit my brother tomorrow. So I'll explain what happened on thier date in thier next journal entries.
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