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Tobe Batorā by AkatsukiLemonLover23

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Story notes: There's gonna be some dark stuff, man..
Chapter notes: Here we go, the pilot for a wonderful little piece of hell! I hope you enjoy, and your feedback will be more than just feedback. I will look to your ideas if you have any, and also your reactions to the characters, etc!
Gasping, panting. Aching for breath. It hurt to take in a single wheeze. Bruised ribs, swelled lumps on the skin from harsh blows. Lacerations, burns. A particularly rough burn still hurting badly. Every movement was pain, every breath was torture. Now being forced to lay out, the pain only eased when curled up to escape the voices and the words..

His eyes clenched tight as he struggled weakly to escape, but his mind was fading and even then he wasn't struggling. It was no use to struggle. The glint of the dagger fell on his closed eyes and he closed them tighter. He hadn't seen real light aside from candles in.. in forever.. how long was it?

The hands on him went lax and fell away, the loud noises of voices rising as the being finally stood still long enough for them to see him. He was entirely bathed in shadows, and he leaned over the boy there on the table.. he whispered so seductively..

“What is it you want, young master?”

Sasuke sat up with a sharp noise, panting. He looked around with his round black eyes and let out a shaky sigh. It had been a dream. A nightmare. If only it had no truth to it. He fell back and looked up at the canopy of his bed above him. The fabric rustled some with his movement and he gripped the sheets below him, tears falling.

“I want my revenge...” he whispered, swallowing and licking his lips before rolling on his side and curling up to escape it.

His shoulders shook as he cried himself back to sleep.


“Good morning, young master,” the voice like rich honey said as Sasuke came down to breakfast.

Said boy gave a wave in acknowledgment to his companion, dressed in all black clothes. Not casual but nothing you would see every other day. Sasuke was dressed nicely in rich midnight blue and white lace, quite handsome in contrast to his coal hair and his darker than black eyes. He looked tired, rightfully so, as he sat and looked to what had been served, a fine quiche with a fresh fruit salad accompanying it. He picked at it for a moment before eating slowly.

“There's a note for you here, from the Constable,” his consort said, setting down the sealed letter beside Sasuke's glass of juice.

Sasuke looked to it and speared another piece of strawberry on his fork. He brought it up to his lips and ate it before opening the letter. His eyes scanned it and then crumbled it up and dropped it in his juice.

“What's my schedule today?”

“After breakfast you've got lessons until lunch, and at two you have fencing.”

“After that, I'll need to go to the Constable's office,” he yawned and ate another few bites of quiche before pushing it away and leaving.

The table was cleared almost immediately, messes weren't to be had in the Uchiha residence. His faithful servant followed after, hands clasped behind him humbly as he oversaw the young master. He'd long since noticed that Sasuke rarely ate much, which didn't aid in his health. His weight and stature wasn't becoming of a young Earl, let alone anyone of stature and class. Food was plenty, so it seemed mildly ironic for him to be mildly malnourished. Still, he was in charge so there was no forcing or coaxing him to do anything he didn't wish to do.

His lessons were uneventful, and boring, to be honest, but necessary. If anything, a man of high breeding must be well knowledged. Lunch was a chilled cucumber soup with hand baked crisp crackers and a small slice of rich honey bread as a sweet incentive to eat. He ate part of the soup and took the bread with him to his office, where he shut himself in and looked over more files of ongoing cases he was consulting in, or cases he'd aided in the solving of and was still making sure nothing was missed.

Not that anything was. If anything, the Uchiha clan was known for it's attention to detail and it's lack of error.

At two, fencing. Sasuke was quite terrible, but that was why he earnestly continued the lessons. He wouldn't allow himself to be bad at anything, even if it would never be used in his life. It left him exhausted and needing to be carried back to his room to get a moments rest and changed. Well, not needing it but when his faithful servant picked him up, he didn't argue.

He wore something more stylish when he departed for his visit to the Constable, something worthy of the Earl Uchiha to be seen in when out on the town. He was slumped in his seat in the carriage, watching outside as it passed by. Children playing in the streets, older children showing off kunai they'd found or snuck from their parent's collections. Ninja were the reason crime was low. It wasn't as dangerous as it used to be, but there were the ninja whispered about at night.

Strange demons, creatures of the night that wore the skins of humans, pretended to be them.. but weren't. They took on contracts, pacts, and when they were done, they'd obtain what it was they had bartered for. Many a times, it was the soul of the contract recipient. Why not? Souls had a specific taste when they had been given what they wanted, what would make them the most happy.

He looked to his companion, the man still dressed in black and his hair pulled back in a loose pony tail. Stray locks fell over his face, but framed it quite attractively. His companion returned the glance, his eyes far more piercing and calculating. Cold.

“Why do you keep looking at me like that?” Sasuke asked, and looked quickly back out the window. “It's unsettling.”

“I'm sorry, young master. I simply can't help it. You look tired today.”

Sasuke snorted. “It's nothing.”

The silence settled in after that, Sasuke knew his lie was known, and wasn't approved of. Lies were a filthy habit, even the small ones deemed harmless. The ride seemed longer, but they reached the Constable's office soon enough. Sasuke entered first, his friend close behind. No, not his friend. They were far from friends, both would immediately say. But did what they say matter? Or was it all untruths? Lies?

“Sasuke! How good to see you,” Tsunade smiled, leaning back in her seat. “I trust you received my letter alright? I left it in the care of your butler.”

“He's not my butler. Butler's aren't so careless,” Sasuke yawned and sat in one the seats across from her. “I received it fine. Now explain to me what it is you had to see me in person for..”

“Ah, always going right down to the business!” Tsunade sighed, and shook her head. “Fine, fine... You see, there's been strange disappearances all over the Konoha province. The queen is even concerned, and she told me to make sure you were brought into it.”

“What kind of disappearances?”

“Young children. They're disappearing quickly, seven in a fortnight so far. From the middle and upper class, no way telling how many from the poorer districts.” Tsunade shook her head. “And we've no idea why they would be wanted, nor what for.”

Sasuke clenched his hand, and looked out the window. “I see. I'll look into it.”

“I knew I could count on you and your butler.”

“I told you, he's not my butler,” Sasuke said immediately. “Are you, Orochimaru?”

His tongue flicked over his lips as he smiled in a saccharine manner. “Of course not, young master. I am merely your assistant.”

Sasuke nodded and stood. “Of course. We'll be taking our leave now.” Sasuke turned and walked out, Orochimaru flicking his tongue out at Tsunade and following. His piercing yellow eyes glinted red for a moment as they left.
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