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The Tears of Demons by ThatAnimeChick

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Table of Contents

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Story notes: Well, this is my first offical fanfiction, so please be nice. All I ask is that you enjoy it! Thanks!
Chapter notes: I do not own any of the characters that appear in this story apart from Komari Mitsuki - whom is my OC.

My name is Komari and I am seventeen. I have no family; I do not know my last name. All I know is that I have been an assassin for as long as I can remember.

I woke to the warm sunshine hitting my window. I crawled out of bed and opened the curtains to let the soft dawn light flood into my room. I threw a loose shirt on, made my bed and slipped my hair into a loose ponytail. Walking down the hall, I rubbed my arm. I had pretty vicious training yesterday afternoon and was cut and bruised all over. I staggered into the kitchen and started making an omelet for breakfast. When I had finished I washed up and got dressed in my proper clothes for the day.

Opening the door, I stretched and I found Neji Hyuuga, a seventeen year old boy I had known since I had came here, at my front door. His long, straight brown hair blowing gently in the morning breeze. He smiled slightly and stepped aside to let me out into the morning air.

“Good morning, Komari.” He said in his soft voice.
“Morning,” I replied. “I have bruises all over thanks to you,” I laughed gently punching him in the arm.
Neji laughed, “Sorry about that.”
“I'm going to go find the others if you want to come.” I told him.
“I know where they are, so I'll show you.” Neji replied. He then told me to grab a towel and sunscreen. I ran upstairs happily grabbing my swim gear.

We walked to where the rest of the teen-ninjas were. We talked a bit on the way but not much. The morning air was cool and I knew that it would warm up later like it usually did in summer. We soon reached the Konohagakure Pool. It was a massive complex with spas and a few water slides. It also had cafeteria, a lounge, and the best part, hot showers! I had only been here once and that was at midnight when I couldn't sleep.

Neji and I got dressed and I think I caught him blushing as I came out in my black and dark purple bikini, my dark hair out of its usual ponytail. I followed Neji to the spot where everyone else was. Once we were there all the boys turned around and Neji nodded. I smirked at this and dived into the warmish water. I rose from the watery depths quickly after finding the bottom and pushing up with my feet. When I surfaced, I gasped for air and quickly blushed. As I was just centimeters away from Kiba, and seeing that he was shirtless made it worse. Kiba Inuzuka was the only person who seemed to understand me. He had short spiky, brown hair and a protective attitude towards everyone that mattered to him. I sometimes thought I was falling for him. I smiled softly as he blushed deeply. I looked around to see who was here. Hinata Hyuuga; Neji's younger cousin, Shino Aburame; a boy with an obsession with bugs, Shikamaru Nara - a lazy boy who was quite smart, with black hair always tied back in a high, spiky ponytail -, Sakura Haruno - and annoying but strong girl with horrible pink hair - and Ino Yamanaka. I won't even comment about her at this point in time.

Kiba was trying to dunk me but was failing horribly. But he got me eventually, diving down after me while I was trying to free myself from is tight grip. Kiba and I surfaced after he had forced me into sitting on his shoulders. I was giggling hysterically when I slid off his shoulders and fell into the water again. He just gave me a look and he, Shikamaru, Shino and Neji were all coming after me. I swam away as fast I could, splashing as much as I could to buy me some time. I reached the other end of the pool and rested for a bit. The boys were only meters away. I turned left and tried to swim away but one of them had grabbed my ankle. I turned to see who it was. It was Shikamaru looking pleased with himself. After about half-an-hour, Sasuke Uchiha - black spiky hair and onyx eyes, quiet and keeps to himself – arrived with Naruto Uzamaki – the complete opposite of Sasuke, Naruto had blonde hair, crystal blue eyes and a hyperactive ego – and decided to join us for a while. In my opinion, both boys were great friends, but not everyone understood why I was one of the few people Sasuke talked to. Ino and Sakura was constantly jealous of mine and Sasuke's friendship. It was funny to see their reactions sometimes.


It was the ninth anniversary since my village was destroyed, but I pushed the thought aside and tried to look for something to take my mind off it. No one knew about it. Why? Well, I just didn't tell anyway. It was none of their business anyway. I soon found myself walking towards the entrance gate for the village. As I came to the gate I made a sharp right turn and headed for the gate-keepers post. When I got there, my two close friends were complaining about how they never got to go on proper missions. They seemed to lighten up when I walked into view, and waved at me. I waved back and went over to them.

Kotetsu and Izumo were the only few people I could talk to about anything. The pair were inseparable and had also grown up together, but they could keep a secret and treated me fairly. When I was a little girl I had it pretty rough. I was only six when I wandered into the village and I was scared. Kotetsu and Izumo were the ones who guided me to the Hokage's office, even though I already knew my way around and I had told them that but they wanted to give me a tour and wouldn't stop nagging me until I said yes.

I was regarded a demon from my appearance. Black wolf ears and tail, long black hair, torn and blood stained clothed and always had a kunai in my hand. They thought I was sent to bring chaos to the village until I beat a high leveled jonin with ease. They then thought differently of me after then. But they didn't really understand how a nine year old girl was winning against such highly skilled ninja. One of the boys, Shino, walked up to me one day and asked. I looked at him for a moment, studying his appearance. Short brown hair which was covered with a black hood, waist length jacket with a high collar, dark tinted sunglasses and brown shorts. I shrugged my shoulders and walked off, but as I did, someone threw a shuriken at me. I turned sharply and faced my attacker. It was the Hyuuga boy. Neji.

I laughed at him as I grabbed the collar of his shirt at threw him to the ground. I place a kunai at his throat and told him to try harder next time. He just glared at me with his pearl white eyes, angry I got the best of him.

But that was ages ago. I had gotten over most of that stuff. Kotetsu was running his hand through his long, spiky black hair, Izumo sitting beside him enjoying the warm breeze. We were sitting on top of the small column that supported the gate. Nobody could see us but we could see them. It was fun to jump down and scare the life out of the villagers. These older teens were really awesome to hang out with, even if they were two years older than I was.

Kotetsu and Izumo had gone back down to their post but I had chosen to stay. I loved it up here and a strong breeze was whipping through my waist length hair. I grew bored and jumped down. I wandered around the village for a bit, and then decided to go for a walk through the forest. My other friends asked if they could come, but I turned them down, saying that where I was going was a secret only I could know. They all nodded and when back to their own business. As I wandered out the gate, Kotetsu and Izumo yelled out to me.

“Hey, Komari!” Kotetsu yelled to me.
“Hi,” I said walking over to them.
“You shouldn't really be going into the forest now,” Izumo said, “It's getting dark.”
“I can take care of myself, Izumo.” I snapped, “Anyway, I won't be gone long. I'll be gone twenty minutes at the most.”
“And if you’re not back by then, we're coming to look for you.” Kotetsu said, rubbing his eye.
“That's fine by me,” I said, turning and waving to my friends as I left the village. But if I had known what was going to happen, I would have listened to Izumo and stayed in the village.
Chapter end notes: Please comment or something! I'll be adding chapters ASAP! :D
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