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Naruto: The Mystic Blade by RyuKazuki

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Table of Contents

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Story notes: This is a very old fanfiction I wrote. One of my first.
Chapter notes: Disclaimer: I do not own anything of Naruto except the OC's in the story.

This story also takes place during the shippuden time period, enjoy!
On the start of a morning in Konohagakure, everyone begins to wake and start their daily lives in the village. Only a few hours later, Naruto woke up and got himself ready for another day, afterward he walked to the Hokage's building to receive his new mission orders. As he walked into the room, he saw Lady Tsunade sitting at her desk and Shizune was standing behind her. Shikamaru and Tenten turned to Naruto from where they were standing.

"Its good to see you've finally arrived Naruto.." Tsunade said as she glanced at him, her chin resting on her hands. "Now that you're all here we can begin with the start of your mission briefing."

Naruto then interrupted, "Why's this mission all that important?"

"Maybe if you'd shut up and listen for once Naruto, then we'd know!" Shikamaru said, annoyed at the interruption.

"May I continue then?" Tsunade said, a bit anxious to continue with the information.

"Yes Lady Tsunade, please continue." Tenten said content on the mission details.

Tsunade sighed and then continued, "I need the three of you to escort a man to a village in the country, the town is called Kariku town. You will also be taking two rookies with you, so you all best set examples for them. Do you understand me?"

"What?" Naruto yelled, "Along with some old coot, we have to take two new guys?"

"Pipe down, this will show you some responsibility for once Naruto." Tsunade snapped back at his outburst.

Naruto spoke under his breath, too low for anyone to understand.

Tsunade called to the guards on the other side of the door, "Bring in the two genin!"

The door opened again as two bottom level genin shinobi walked in, the two of them were a boy and girl around the ages of twelve years old. The boy had short green hair and yellow eyes, wearing a black t-shirt, and black pants. Over the shirt he had a red windbreaker jacket, the collar sticking up and it was opened up showing the black shirt underneath, as for his red Konoha headband, it sat straight across his forehead back around and tied behind his head.

The girl not only a few inches shorter than the boy, was a brunette, her hair was a little longer than the boy's but not by much, and had brown eyes. She wore her black Konoha headband across her head just like how the boy had his, although she had fingerless gloves on her hands as well. She wore a fishnet shirt and over that a normal black t-shirt, along with a pair of blue shorts and a face mask covering the bottom half of her face.

Naruto and the others turned to face the genin.

"Please if you will.. introduce yourselves.." Tsunade said as she sat back in her chair.

The girl bowed and then began to speak, "My name is Hayai of the Tonami clan." She then rose back to her standing position.

The boy turned his head to the right some and scoffed as he crossed his arms, "My name is Sachi."

Tsunade continued on, "As you both were informed, you're both going on a C-Rank escort mission with these three. I expect you to do your best and behave!"

"What about the information on our escort?" Tenten asked, wanting to know a little more detail about the mission details.

"Yeah, how can we know to trust this guy, or who might be after him?" Shikamaru added in.

"There's nothing to worry about, he's just a weapon maker. He's a very kind and generous man, you have nothing to worry about!" Tsunade said trying to reassure them.

"Then why does he need an escort, can't he travel home alone?" Naruto started getting a bit cocky and annoyed with the mission already.

"He has a lot to carry with him and he's not as young as you would think."

"Man, this mission already sounds boring!"

"Quit your whining! That's all the information I have here, I want you all to pack your things and meet our client at the village gate in one hour."

The five left to their homes to go get their things for the trip to Kariku town. Then an hour later they arrived at the village gates. As they did the five of them seemed to gather together, when they saw their client.

The escort was a middle aged man wearing a straw hat on his head, a pack filled with all different types of weapons in it and some hanging from it. He was wearing a sleeveless brown coat and a pair of gray shorts, along with a pair of sandals on his feet. His hair was brown with a slight bit of blonde in it and his eyes were a light blue color. He looked up from a map he was holding and turned to them smiling a bit.

"Hello children, shall we start traveling?" The client said as he kept the shining smile on his face.
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