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This must be... by SBgirl04

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Table of Contents

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Story notes: 1st person narrative, characters may be OOC, takes place in the real world as well as the Naruto world and this story will be rated 18/Mature in future chapters... YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!! Enjoy the story!! lol.
Chapter notes: This must be... chapter 1!!! lol! Sorry had to make that joke... :P Enjoy!

This must be... heaven.


I slowly opened my eyes; my vision blurs in and out. It was dark…

"Am I dead?" I felt a sharp pain shoot thru my leg.

*GASP!* "SHIT! I'm bleeding!" Blood leaked out of a huge gash on my right thigh. I winced as I began to put pressure on it. At that moment I looked around and looked at my totaled car; everything was shattered and broken. I was in a car accident. I lay back on my seat remembering that an oncoming car got on my lane, and thankfully I veered out of its way but crashed head-on into a tree in a trench. Ahead of me I could see the tree and close to it was a lake. It looked eerie but calm. After a few minutes of thinking, I realized that it would be better if I was out of the car incase a fire broke out.

"Don't wanna be blown to bits now." I pushed the door as hard as I could and fell onto the ground. I felt weak and woozy from loosing blood. I needed to get help but with the way my car was how could I find my cell phone? It was the middle of the night and barely any cars passed thru the freeway, there was no way anyone would stop for me. I got up with whatever strength I had left and went to the odd tree my car rammed itself into. It was small and thin… how could the car not have damaged it?

'Weird…' I felt dizzy and collapsed on the floor. I completely blacked out.

"Oh…." I groaned as I felt the bright sun go through my eye lids. I could barely open my eyes, let alone get up. After a few minutes of waking up, I sat up, opened my eyes completely and my jaw dropped.

'I must be dead.' Remembering what had just happened to me, I looked around and saw an open field in front of me and at a distance I could see a city surrounded by a forest. It all looked so surreal, like a painting or a colored drawing. I looked down at my leg and the gash was gone.

'How!' All my clothes, everything of me was fine. I even felt lighter… 'Did I lose weight! What the…" I looked behind me to see if my car was ok too… but it was gone. Behind me was a forest. It was all so very overwhelming that all I could think, all I could say was…

"Where the fuck am I!"

I set out towards the city, following something that looked like a road, hoping to find someone that could tell me where the heck I was. Everything just looked so surreal, so different. I kept wondering how it was that I got there if I had just collapsed from bleeding so much after my car accident in between a disappeared freeway and a vanished lake. After an hour or two the sun was high in the sky, probably noon-ish I guessed. I didn't have a watch or my cell phone so I was stuck walking my butt all the way to the city.

"Hmph! I'll probably lose a couple pounds once I arrive." I kept walking and more trees seemed to appear. A forest seemed to form in front of me. I didn't like the looks of it but I kept going since the sun was still out. After another hour passed, I noticed that the trees were bigger than I though and actually cover a lot of the sun out. The forest grew darker and larger. It felt like a maze of some sort… I started feeling panicked and began to walk faster. I kept hearing noises of wild animals roaming around and I only hoped that I would get to the city… but unfortunately, I couldn't see it anymore. It seemed like hours and I felt exhausted, so I stopped. I sat down against a huge, oddly shaped tree.

'Weird…' I looked up to see how high it was.

**Splat!** A huge drop of something fell right on my face.

"UGH!" I wiped my face off and hoped it wasn't what I though it was. I then realized it wasn't because it started pouring rain right after I looked at what I wiped off my face. The rain was cold and fell hard. I hugged myself and tried to keep warm. I stayed like that for some time but I just felt like I got colder and weaker. I got up and tried walking it off… nope! Wasn't working, so I just started jogging… then running. I could feel my blood pumping and heating my body up but it was still freezing cold! But then I heard something, a huge animal hissed and growled behind me.

"OH SHIT!" I looked back and saw a huge cat-like creature chasing me… and it was getting closer. I ran like hell after I saw it but I started feeling tired as physical fitness is not my strong point. I started slowing down and in the moment of knowing I was going to be cat food I screamed my lungs out before collapsing on the ground, I rolled on my back and watched in horror as the cat creature jumped at me and…. GUESS WHAT! I passed out.

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