Naruto Character's Journal Entries by emogirlS2
Summary: Some of the Naruto character's journal entries.
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1. Chapter 1 by emogirlS2

2. Chapter 2 by emogirlS2

3. Chapter 3 by emogirlS2

Chapter 1 by emogirlS2
Author's Notes:
Poor naruto character's. I envaded thier privacy. Oh well, who cares. It was funny.
Dear Journal,

I HATE SASUKE! One minute he's all mean and has that I'm better than you attitude. And then the next minute he's being all nice and blushes everytime I fuking look at him. Jeez he acts like Sakura dose when she's around him....No way, could it be. SASUKE'S GAY! HAHAHA THAT'S GOT TO BE IT! Wait, so dose that mean that Sasuke has a crush on me? Huh, I never really thought about being gay. I could be though. I don't really have much of an attraction to girls. Sure I think some are pretty but, I never really thought about dating any of them. And Sasuke is kind of cute. He's got a nice built body, pale skin that goes perfect with his raven hair, and dark eyes that make it like your looking into the night sky. Holy shit! I am gay! Well, I quess I should just ask him out on a date. Yeah, that's what I'll do. I'll ask him out on a date tomorrow after our mission.


Dear Journal,

I'm more of a looser than that Dobe. I keep glancing at him and he catches me almost everytime. I think he might be catching on to me liking him. I'm making it pretty obvious for him. Everytime he talks to me, my face turns a bright red, and get all tounge tied. That's it. I can't stand this any more. I'm going to ask him out on a date tomorrow after our mission. No backing down. Uchiha's honor.

Chapter 2 by emogirlS2
Author's Notes:
This is what happened when Sasuke and Naruto asked each other out on a date. I just had to do this. I felt like there would have been something missing if they came back and were all excited about the date that they had. So i figured you guys should know what all went down.
"Okay guys, our mission is done for the day. So go get some rest and meet me back here at moon tomorrow."

"Yeah, okay Kakashi- sensei." Team 7 said in unison.

"Good, see you later."

"Hey, Sasuke? Do want to go do something? You know, just you and me."


"Oh, o..okay then, see you later Sasuke-kun."

"Yeah whatever."

'Shit, I can't do this.' The blonde thought to himself while turning to leave.

"Hey Dobe."

"What do you wnat Sasuke? And don't call me that!" He had to act like his normal self. He didn't want Sasuke knowing he had feelings for him.

"Wel...Well I was wondering if you...if you wanted to go watch a movie or something?" Sasuke could feel his face practically bursting into flame from embaracement.

'Did he just ask me out on a date?'

"Are you asking me out on a date Suke?"

"Well...if you want to call it that,I wouldn't mind."

'That means yes in Sasuke speak.'

"Sure Suke, I'll go out on a date with you. And then we can go get some ramen!"


"Great, lets go."

Naruto grabbed Sasuke hand, causing him to blush even more, and they headed off to the movies.

Sorry it ended so bluntly. Its getting late and i have to babysit my brother tomorrow. So I'll explain what happened on thier date in thier next journal entries.
Chapter 3 by emogirlS2
Sasuke and Naruto's date-

Sasuke and Naruto were now at Sasuke's house in the living room, trying to figure out what movie to watch. Having decided that they would rather spend thier first date alone with each other. Instead of out in the open with other people around to watch them. With Sasuke having so many fangirls. And not to mention the fact that they were both guys.

Naruto was sitting on Sasuke's couch waiting for him to pick out the video that they were going to watch. He did'nt really care what they watched. As long as it was not a scary movie. Although, being scared would give him a reason to jump onto Sasuke's lap during the movie. He smiled to himself with that thought. 'Maybe a scary movie would'nt be that bad after all.'

"How about we watch The Ring?" Sasuke asked turning around from the shelf that held hundreds of DVD's by the TV.

"A sc..scary movie?" The blonde said with a shaky voice.

"Your not scared are you Dobe?" The raven asked with a playful smirk comming across his face.

"N..No, of..of course not." He cursed himself in his mind for his voice being so shaky when he said that.

Sasuke put the DVD in and pushed play before going over to the couch and sitting down next to Naruto.

*****************30 minutes into the movie****************

"Ahhh! That horse just got chopped up!" Naruto screamed clingging to Sasuke's arm and digging his face into Sasuke's shoulder.

"Come on Dobe. It was the horses own damn fault. It shouldn't have gone crazy and jumped of the boat."

"There was blood everywhere." The blonde proclaimed still clingging to Sasuke's arm. "How could you not be scared?"

"Because.." He pulled the trimbling blonde into his lap. "I can't be scared. If I was, I would'nt be able to hold you. Now would I?"

Naruto blushed. "I guess not."

**********************At the end of the movie*************

By the end of the movie Naruto had gotten out of Sasuke's lap only to jump right back on two minutes later.

"Sasuke, she..she came out of the TV and killed that guy. That was so scary."

"Aww, it was'nt that bad. What's bad is you having to walk home in the dark."

"W..Why do you say that?"

"Because, that girl from the movie might try and get you from the shadows."

"Your gonna make me go home by myself?"

Sasuke rolled his eyes. " No I'm gonna let you walk by yourself in the dark."

"So your going to walk with me then?" Naruto's eyes seemed to brighten up and he had a big smile running across his face.

"No, because your staying here tonight." The raven said cooly.

"Really?" Naruto's eyes brightened up even more. And with him smiling so much, it looked like his face was going to crack.

"Yep, now come on. It already 12:30. And we have a mission tomorrow." He gave his boyfriend a gentle kiss on the forehead before turning towards his room.

Naruto blushed and quickly caught up with his retreating boyfriend.


Sorry this one really sucked and it took me so long to update. I did'nt think people would like the story. I just made it up one day when I was bored. But anyway, the next couple is Gaara and Neji. I hope to get them up sometime soon. Hopefully, it will be better than this chapter.
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