You might be a Narutard if by crazykittylover
Summary: You might be a Narutard if...
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Challenges: You Know You're A Narutard When...,
Challenges: You Know You're A Narutard When...,
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chapter 1 by crazykittylover
Author's Notes:
review your reason
1. You have a dream where one of the characters from Naruto is helping you do something

2. You make comparisons of things that you know or experience with Naruto things

3. You go to anime conventions dressed as close as you could get to Naruto characters

4. You say ‘let the power of youth explode’ to everyone all the time

5. You hook your friends to go to the Naruto anime conventions with as your favorite characters

6. You see a snake and think of Orochimaru instantly

7. You watch clouds all the time and say how troublesome when your friends interrupt you

8. You tried to hurt someone with a paper shuriken and fail

9. You tried to walk up a tree with no hands

10. You tried to walk on water

11. You scream ‘Believe It’ in one of your classes when you get a good score on something

12. You have a stash of Naruto fan art hidden from prying eyes

13. You have tried to talk to dogs

14. You tried to run on tree branches and jump from them

15. You did Sexy no Justu on all of your male friends and teachers

16. You write Naruto fan fiction.

17. You become excited when you find out that the newest manga chapter is out

19. You spend hours thinking about Naruto and what the characters would do if you wrote it

20. You have Naruto toys, collectable cards, T-shirts, and anything else to prove how much you just love the show and want everyone else to love as well.
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