Couples Fanfic Mission! by sweeteehinata
Summary: Okee, in this challenge you must make a couples story. Directions are in the thingie. Click here!!!
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Chapter 1 by sweeteehinata
Author's Notes:
To do this mission on getting them together you must READ THE DIRECTIONS CAREFULLY!!!
In this challenge you must choose to write about any of these charecters:

~HinataxNaruto (hinata's still shy and cute, and naruto's still stupid)

~SakuraxSasuke (after they retrieve sasuke and Sakura proves to be worthy)

~NejixTenTen (they're sparring and start liking each other)

~ShikamaruxTemari (shika is still scared of her but still likes her)

~InoxSai (whatever)

And: Gaara (long-lost friend from past that still liked him even when other kids didn't, start liking each other), Chouji (girl cooks for him), Lee (whatever), Kiba (girl like dogs too), Shino (girls afraid of bugs a little but still likes him, he shows they're okay), Etc. with either OC's or each other. OC's must also have Japanese names. Girls must be a little younger than guys.

These stories must be either: Romance, Humor, dramaish, and cute.

I want these stories to be fluffy, cute, or oneshot.
Absolutely no: lemon, yaoi, sex, or grossish. (rape is okay, but as long as you don't go to far into detail on the you know whatsis, and it's like:girl gets raped by random stupid idiot, guy saves girl, girl likes guy, guy likes girl, girl and guy live happily ever after.
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