Is it Really Worth it? by Nikki_Yaoi
Summary: Ino and Sakura are friends again, seeing as Sasuke is gone and having no boy to fight over, they had no reason to fight with eachother. But Ino likes Sakura more then a friend, but how does Sakura feel? And was Sasuke ever truely worth the hate?

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Is it Really Worth it? by Nikki_Yaoi
Author's Notes:
I know this is short x3 Hmm...what pairing to do next? Probably SakuHina or InoHina :x
Because like Akira-chan said, we need more yuri n3n

I do NOT own Naruto
Is it Really Worth it?

I sit by Sakura, watching the birds as the fly by, it has been one year since Sasuke left and we are once again friends, since we don`t have anyone to fight over.
I frown,despite everything, we both still miss him, even if he was an emo bastard.
I notice Sakura is looking at my worriedly and I smile, just so she isn`t worried.
"Do you think Sasuke-kun will ever come back?" she asks.
"...I`m sure he will," I exclaim, trying to keep Sakura's spirits up, after all, both Sasuke and Naruto are gone now, and I want to make sure she stays happy.
I laugh a little as I remember how good of friends we were when we were younger, Sakura had always looked up to me and I wonder why, she was pretty and her big forehead, it was her.
"Ino..." I hear her whisper.
I look over at her again, "Yes, Sakura?" I ask.
She smiles, her green eyes sparkling happily, "You know, I`m really sorry I ended our friendship because of Sasuke, besides, I don`t think it'd matter if he stayed, I think he liked Naruto...."
I giggled, "Probably, did you see the way he always looked at Naruto?"
"Yup!...Hey Ino, do you think I`m pretty?" Sakura suddenly asked.
I blushed, of course I thought Sakura was pretty, actually, I thought she was one of the most beautiful girls I had ever met.
"Ino?" I heard her ask, bringing me back to the conversation.
"Yes, Sakura, I think you are very pretty," I said happily.
Sakura's smile brightened as she hugged me, knocking me over, "Thanks Ino...." she paused for a moment as if thinking, "Hey, Ino, can you take your hair down? It is always in that pony tail."
I nod and she sits back up, helping me back up. I take my scrunchie out and let my hair gently fall down, over both my shoulders and back.
"Ino, you should keep your hair like that, makes you look beauitulf," she said sweetly.
We both blushed and looked away, then I looked back at her, "Hey Sakura...can I kiss you?" I asked, then blinked, realizing what I had just said and wishing I could take the words and stuff them back in my mouth.
She looked over at me, mouth open wide as if she wanted to say something, but then she closed it and simply nodded, "Sure."
I pulled her closer and pushed my lips against hers gently. There was a long pause before I felt her return the kiss. When we broke apart we were smiling, "Arigatou...." I muttered.
"For what?" she asked.
"For helping me discover my true feelings for you," I replied.
"And what would those be?" she asked, giggling a little.
"That I love you," I sighed.
"I think I love you too," she replied, grabbing my hand.
"Arigatou Sakura, arigatou for loving me," I whisper, putting my head on her shoulder.

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