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Reviews For Love is Blind

Name: Nao_angel (Signed) · Date: 10/04/07 - 03:31 am · For: A Cousin's Quarrel
awwwww Hari is cute^^ *huggles*

Name: Nao_angel (Signed) · Date: 08/04/07 - 12:21 pm · For: Konoha's Future....
LMAO, i love this team!
*looks at Neikan and Netami*, eeh who's gonna be on top *twitch* aaaah, please someone stabs me, i have dirty thoughts *rns into a wall*
Oni, i love Neikan so much, i think i have a new idol!! i want a Neikan plushi!!!
Kimi: *snort*
Nao: What? JEALOUS?
Kimi: *twitch* you wish...
Nao: *pouts* Kimiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!

lol, um, please update soon guys^^

Author's Response: Netami- o_o Me and Neikan? PFT! He wishes.... Hari- -glaring- >.> -giggles- Thanks for the review

Name: A Vampires Butterfly (Signed) · Date: 07/04/07 - 05:13 pm · For: Anko's Nightmare Begins
YAY!!! Awesomeness! I just love little Hari-chan! She is just so...awesome! Oh and I just absolutely love Neikan!! What can I say? I just love perverted characters! Oh and of course I just think Netami is adorable! Okay and I love Anko. But that goes without saying right? I just love them all! *goes and counts how many freaking times she just used the word love sighs* I think I'm getting worse. Anyway I *sigh* love the story. With much love *sigh*, A Vampires Butterfly ^.^

Name: Deadly Dream (Signed) · Date: 07/04/07 - 01:29 pm · For: Konoha's Future....
Lmao, that was great Oni. I wish they were the gennin in the accual show, it would make it more fun.xD

Name: Nao_angel (Signed) · Date: 30/03/07 - 11:06 am · For: Anko's Nightmare Begins
haha, awesome, poor Neikan:p i love him coz he's a pervert...*twitch* no i did not say this...

Name: Deadly Dream (Signed) · Date: 30/03/07 - 03:17 am · For: Anko's Nightmare Begins
Oh, I love it, it made me giggle. I just realized that Neikan sound alot like Miroku, he`s got the whole perverted preist thing going on.xD

Author's Response: That's what Oni said when I was talking to her on YIM x3 Glad you like it c:

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