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Name: Shizake Uchiha (Signed) · Date: 12/07/15 - 10:58 am · For: Author's Note: This is Goodbye
Aw man... :'(

I don't even know what to say really. I am really sad you won't be continuing this but I do understand...

I would really like to know what happens to her and her team.

I suppose you won't be on wattpad much either :/ ah such a sad day to see such a great author leave! And leaving with such a great story unfinished.

Maybe years down the road you'll be able to continue writing it or something.

Well I wish you the best of luck on all your endeavors!

Author's Response: I know, it was really hard to decide this but I had to. :( Thank you for reading and enjoying this. I'm really glad you liked it and your reviews made me keep going while I was writing. I suppose I should take care of wattpad. I might leave a note as a chapter like I did here and then delete my account. It's a cool site, wish I could continue using it. I do want to write a bit about what happens to my characters. I think I might upload the last few chapters I did complete even though they're rough and unedited. I'll probably do that in the next couple of days and then upload a few chapters about the rest of the story and the future. I don't know, maybe I will write again, but I feel like it'll be a long time.

Name: Shizake Uchiha (Signed) · Date: 27/04/15 - 08:18 am · For: Prologue: The Dishonorable Uchiha
No worries! I'm dealing with college too! We would love to see you over at Wattpad. I think the community is more friendly and more family like there. Maybe one day this site will make a come back.

Author's Response: Sounds great! I will definitely try it out over there. Thanks for letting me know about it. :)

Name: Shizake Uchiha (Signed) · Date: 09/04/15 - 10:12 pm · For: Prologue: The Dishonorable Uchiha
Hey I'm not sure of any other way to get a hold of you so i thought I would comment here. This site is kind of dead :/ Me and Sasaui Uchiha moved over to Wattpad which has an excellent community. Their interface isn't too bad either. You don't have to join but I think you'd like it. I hope to read more of your story soon I'm will waiting ;)

Author's Response: Thanks for the suggestion. I'll think about joining as well. Sorry I've been M.I.A. College life, ya know... but I still think about updating every once in a while and hopefully I'll actually get back to it. I'm hoping Summer will be a very productive time with this. But yeah, I'll think about signing up!

Name: Shizake Uchiha (Signed) · Date: 15/08/14 - 03:24 pm · For: Chapter 18: A Snake within the Shadows
It was awesome seeing Ayako's deep care for Sasuke. I wonder what kind of influence she'll have in comparison to the canon. I know you'll have something awesome planned out. Great chapter! Sorry for the short review. Update soon!

Author's Response: Thank you as always. I sure do have a lot of plans for future chapters when it comes to the two of them. No problem, I'm just glad you left a review! Hopefully the next will come in a few days or less. :)

Name: Shizake Uchiha (Signed) · Date: 10/08/14 - 09:31 am · For: Chapter 17: Inflictions: Delayed Pain
Awesome as usual. You summed things up pretty well. Glad Ayako is ok from her fight. Not much else to say since you summed up the canon. So great job! Can't wait to see what you put out next.

And hells yes the next Naruto movie looks awesome!

Author's Response: Yee-up. Canon, canon, and more canon... -_- Sometimes I have mixed feelings about this arc because on one hand I'm excited to write about Ayako's involvement in the Chunin exams and my plans for the third exam, but on the other all I want to do is jump to the next one because it's not canon and I don't have to have chapters summarizing things everyone ALREADY KNOWS! The struggles of this type of story, I tell ya. I swear this will have close to a hundred chapters at this rate. Well, other than that, thanks for your review. I appreciate it as always. As for the movie... OH MY GOD I CANNOT WAIT. I WANT TO SEE IT NOW BECAUSE IT LOOKS SO AWESOME! ITS ANOTHER TIME SKIP AND I JUST WANT TO SEE WHAT ALL MY FAVORITE CHARACTERS LOOK LIKE AND HOW THE WORLD IS AT THAT POINT. Okay I'm good! Hopefully you'll enjoy next chapter.

Name: Fire_and_Ice (Signed) · Date: 03/08/14 - 09:59 am · For: Chapter 16: From Where I Stand
Woohoo! I liked the fight :) the give and take of their fighting was nice. And I love how she slipped in some chunin level wisdom and planning. Good idea to have her fight him, I never thought of it. I liked reading this chapter and look forward to the next one. Thanks!

Author's Response: Why thank you! ^.^ I'm glad you picked up on her intellect. That's what I had to fix with this chapter. Well I didn't want to tamper with the canon at all and knew that could get complicated, so I decided I'll just add more players to the field. Thanks for your review. I can't wait to see what you think about the other battles.

Name: Shizake Uchiha (Signed) · Date: 03/08/14 - 12:44 am · For: Chapter 16: From Where I Stand
That was a freakin awesome epic fight! I really like the way you handled it. It was simple but still made Ayako look like a complete bad ass. I'm glad she won too, I mean I had a feeling she would. You created a good opponent for Ayako that really tested her on all levels.

One thing I would reccommend is using more transition words. During the battle I saw you used a lot of He and She. Don't worry I make the same mistake myself. Transitions just help it flow nicely.

Anyways awesome chapter! I'm eager for whatever you put up next

Author's Response: Well thanks! Haha I liked her fight too. I'm one hundred percent positive it's better than the of version. That one was... Just not good. Hmmm... I didn't even notice I used those pronouns a lot. Oops, but thanks for the advice. I'll be sure to become aware of that more. I mean, of course she's gotta win or else she can't participate in something bigger and shocking later on (and I don't just mean the actual third round). Alrighty, thanks for reviewing as always!

Name: Shizake Uchiha (Signed) · Date: 29/07/14 - 09:01 pm · For: Chapter 15: Countdown to Fun
Ah yeah seems like we're gonna see some serious butt kicking going on in the next chapters! Again stop worrying about these being fillers. If there were no fillers the story would be progressing too fast. There needs to be a time to explain things then there will be time for the true action and drama. It was a solid chapter regardless how close you stayed to the canon. Once again it was good to see everyone's thoughts. I can't wait to see what you do with the fight scenes, I know they'll be epic. Keep on keepin on!

Author's Response: I'm really excited to edit the next chapter trust me along with the others regarding Team Shizen's face offs. I'm ready to fix them up and make them awesome. Thanks for your review and the reassurance. I know that fillers are good, it was just that this one had so much more dialogue than I remembered. But thanks again! Can't wait to read what you think of their battles!

Name: crimson sun06 (Signed) · Date: 18/07/14 - 09:18 pm · For: Chapter 14: Wisdom
May not have moved the plot much but it did a lot for character development. So great job on that front. Look forward to the main story. Good job and keep it up

Author's Response: Yeah I know. The plot only slowly moves with this arc and mostly focuses on the characters themselves first. It speeds up later though I swear! Thanks for reading and reviewing. I really appreciate it. I hope I don't let you down!

Name: Shizake Uchiha (Signed) · Date: 15/07/14 - 08:55 pm · For: Chapter 14: Wisdom
Very nice very nice. Don't worry that it's development, I mean you can't just go rushing into the action I hate when people get mad at fillers lol. But it was cool once again to see everyone's thoughts and what not. That's really where you learn the most about the characters. Not much else to say, i'm glad they passed as I expected. Congrats to them. Awesome chapter! can't wait for the next

Author's Response: I know, that's how I feel. I still feel bad though because it can get boring, but at least this didn't deal with setting them up in the canon... that'll be next chapter. Oh boy.. XD I don't know. I'm kind of up and down with fillers. It depends on what they'll be focused on. Yeah, this whole arc is just to really learn more about the three. Soon it'll branch off to a specific character, of course. Well thanks for your kind words as always. I'll be sure to update as soon as I can.

Name: crimson sun06 (Signed) · Date: 14/07/14 - 05:12 pm · For: Chapter 13: Concerns
I usually avoid OC centric stories as most of the ones out there simply use OCs as Mary-Sues. Despite some weaknesses your story stands out I must say.
Every other character seems true to the canon which is a big plus in my book.
Good luck with the rest of it.

Author's Response: Well thanks for giving it a read and letting me know what you thought! I know what you mean. I still believe I could do a lot more with my story and make it a lot better, and I'm not completely satisfied with the beginning to this day, yet I don't want to go back and redo them again (trust me I've thought about it) because it's not fair to my readers by making them start over... AGAIN. I do feel like I'm getting better as I continue to edit the next chapters and get to the really good stuff. I'm glad you think the canon characters aren't OOC. I tried really hard to make sure of that. Thank you! I'll definitely need it to get through the story! Your thoughts are well appreciated.

Name: Shizake Uchiha (Signed) · Date: 08/07/14 - 12:58 pm · For: Chapter 13: Concerns
Another great chapter! Not much going on but it was cool to see things wrapped up and everyone's thoughts on the situation that just occured. I didn't see anything wrong in the chapter so again, solid haha. Sorry my reviews are so short, but it seems to me you have everything in control. Great chapter! update soon :D

Author's Response: Well, thanks again! Haha So far, I think I have a good hand on this... but I'm not sure how long that'll last! I can't to read what you think about the next few chapters. I promise it gets good soon!

Name: Shizake Uchiha (Signed) · Date: 08/07/14 - 12:44 pm · For: Chapter 12: Familiar Stranger
Ok so that was freaking awesome! Although it's pretty much what happened in the anime/manga, it was nice to see another person's thoughts and actions, Ayako's that is. And you did good with her POV also! It was cool to see everything described from her POV. Short review I know, but everything is solid so I don't have much more to say. On to the next chapter!

Author's Response: Oh thank you! Yeah, I know, sometimes I feel like I should keep things almost as they were. I only had Ayako stop him instead because well she's his sister. Why wouldn't she if she was there? I'm pretty confident there will be more chapters in her POV, and the other OCs I have too. Eh, long or short, I love to read what you think, and reply to it! :) Thanks again!

Name: Fire_and_Ice (Signed) · Date: 07/07/14 - 11:53 pm · For: Chapter 13: Concerns
Very interesting plot development! A bit filler, but of course necessary. Nice to see progression in the storyline :) good writing, and I look forward to the next installment! Thanks!

Author's Response: Oh my gosh, I nearly fell out of my bed at seeing your review! I love new reviewers. Thank you so much. I know, fillers can be boring sometimes, and I wished I didn't need them but I do sometimes. Still , as you mentioned, it was necessary. Unfortunately the next two kind of are as well. :( My apologies in advance! Thanks again for your thoughts. I hope to see them again. And also thanks for reading!

Name: Shizake Uchiha (Signed) · Date: 25/06/14 - 08:52 am · For: Chapter 11: Reasons
Now that was an epic twist on what happened in the canon. Ayako being there was awesome! The fight was awesome everything was awesome. We got a bigger glimpse at her powers too, turning the water into ice. This chapter wasn't bad at all, I like a good fight scene :P. Anyways I'm excited to see what happens next because Sasuke's curse mark being revealed was one of my favorite episodes ever so I can't wait to see what you do with it. Update soon.

Author's Response: Thanks for sticking with me and giving me your lovely thoughts in a review. This chapter was one of the tough ones to edit, and I know there are going to be more :(, but I really wanted to get this one out there. I'm glad you liked it, especially the fight scene because I always think I don't write them well. I hope no one rips on me for having her turn the water into ice, though. IT'S NOT LIKE HAKU'S KEKKEI GENKAI, I PROMISE! I am currently working on the next chapter with Sasuke's curse mark. I'll try and make it as awesome as I can.

Name: Shizake Uchiha (Signed) · Date: 18/05/14 - 08:51 am · For: Chapter 10: Protection! Survival Skills Kick In!
Glad to see your back! Great chapter also! Wasn't expecting yumika to know the tiger but damn it was cool. I'm curious to what he told Yumika that made her freak out like that but I suppose we'll find out soon enough. Ahh Ayako using the sharingan yes. Did she just awaken it or was that just the first time she's used it in Konoha? Anyways, update soon!

Author's Response: Trust me, I'm excited to be back! Thanks for reading and reviewing! The whole scene with Yumika and Toramaru was completely new. It wasn't in the other version at all, but I'm happy with how it turned out and I'm glad you enjoyed it. In order for this series to flow well with all the new characters I have, I needed to use the Chunin Exams as sort of an opening to the next saga, which is Yumika's. And yes, it has now been revealed that Ayako does have the Sharingan, but no this wasn't the first time she awakened it. The explanation is given later as well. (Gosh I feel like that's what I always tell me readers; "you'll find out later!" haha) Again, thank you for sticking and waiting for me. The next chapters shouldn't take too long because there's not much to edit, but I won't promise anything. I still have three more weeks! Can't wait to hear more from you!

Name: Kazusa (Signed) · Date: 26/08/13 - 06:33 pm · For: Prologue: The Dishonorable Uchiha
Excuse me, how to edit the picture senpai...

Author's Response: How did I edit it? Well, first I borrowed a base from an art site with permission, then I drew my character on paint. I put together the three images by using an online photo editing site. To get it on here, I just copied the html code and put it in the summary section of my story. I hope that helped. :)

Name: Sasaui Uchiha (Signed) · Date: 24/07/13 - 01:28 pm · For: Chapter 9: Second Round Jitters
If I wasn't on my iPod, I'd so try to Uchiha-Sasuke thing. Congrats on the job, too, even if that does mean less updates -sadly.

*shivers* Orochimaru. Only character from anything to give me a nightmare. Whether male or female, he's so creepy. Anyway, I find it amusing how Ayako finds Naruto so loud. She gets so annoyed by Sasuke's closest friend. Wonder what she'll do when she sees him in the fights during the third round.

Most of this ran with the canon events, but it was fun again to see Team Shizen in it. Speaking of, just looked up what Shizen means. Team Nature, huh? Very funny =P. Ayako's confidence in her team and now in herself is a really nice difference from how it used to be and it's great to see. The thought process the have is very interesting to read like with how they didn't really care about the consent forms and such. Earth scroll, huh? Of course they'd get the nature one *rolls eyes at self for thinking of that*

Just out of curiosity, was it coincidental or was the team they took out Karin's? Because if so, that is awesome and a nice way to tie in the actual events, but they had an Earth Scroll I believe. If not, the prior doesn't matter. Ooh. Gave us more of a look into Yumika's abilities, huh? They get cooler and cooler each time. Poor team had no clue what hit them. I'm curious as to what Etsuyo did to take out the three genin. Then again, surprise would have made it a lot easier to take them out.

I think their ease with that was realistic since they do have more experience in this field and completely surprised the team because of their own smart plan. But with the tiger's appearance I am curious as to if anything else is going to happen in the Forest of Death, and I'm still wondering if Orochimaru has been made aware of another living Uchiha. Speaking of his want to an Uchiha, can Ayako use the Sharingan yet? Or can she ever with her special ability? Sorry, I get very curious about some stuff.

Great chapter. I can't wait for more.

Author's Response: I was actually trying to figure out the Japanese Translation for Yumika's abilities when I decided to derp around and look up other names. I don't know why but I was surprised, maybe a little too much. Haha, but that's just me. Yeah, Orochimaru is a shady guy, though, I'm actually not sure if I like or dislike him. Creepy none-the-less. Oh Naruto... he's such a loud, obnoxious knucklehead, yet he grows on people eventually. You'll see a change in views a lot with each of the characters. Hehe, creative old me used google translate for Shizen too. I wasn't sure what else to call them for a while, then 'Team Nature' just seemed to fit. Honestly, I didn't notice the Earth Scroll coincidence until now. :P You have a good eye. That was Karin's team, but that'll be shoved away for a while. Her team did have an Earth scroll as well, and obviously I changed it to Heaven, but you know, her team could've gotten their hands on an Earth one when they awoke. Theirs even more with Yumika, trust me. A mixture of being terrified and getting beat up by Etsuyo would probably result in unconsciousness. You'll see what happens in the next chapter for sure, which is currently being edited a lot so it could take awhile just like Orochimaru revealing his knowledge on another Uchiha. All I can say is... you'll see soon enough about Ayako. Thanks for the review, and the congratulations. It took me forever to find one. Anyway, Until next time!

Name: Shizake Uchiha (Signed) · Date: 17/07/13 - 09:18 pm · For: Chapter 9: Second Round Jitters
Awesome! I'm glad they got the heaven scroll with ease but I didn't see the Tiger part coming. I suppose it couldnt have been that easy. Great chapter!

Author's Response: I couldn't make their experience too simple! Haha that was another addition. Thanks for your review! I'll be looking forward to more of them. :)

Name: Shizake Uchiha (Signed) · Date: 08/07/13 - 09:56 am · For: Chapter 8: It's Time
A nice developmental chapter just before the forest of death. It gave us a little background information on all of them and why Nishiya pulled them out. I liked it! And now I'm all caught up :P yay so update soon!

Author's Response: I'm glad you liked it! I thought it was a better idea than what it used to be. Yay, you are! But I'm not done with it yet. There's still a little more tweeking I have to do. Hopefully in the next couple days it'll be done, but no promises unfortunately. As always, thanks for your thoughts!

Name: Shizake Uchiha (Signed) · Date: 08/07/13 - 09:45 am · For: Chapter 7: Deception
Sweet! they all passed the first exam successfully! Nothing more to say to that :P One thing though, you said Anko's hair is black, isn't it purple? Anyways, great chapter!

Author's Response: Success is there middle name! Haha just kidding. Though it would be if they had middle names. :P I think it's black, but thats my opinion. I actually don't call it a certain color because of the small tint in it. Only if it's fully the color. Thanks for your response!

Name: Shizake Uchiha (Signed) · Date: 08/07/13 - 09:24 am · For: Chapter 6: Let It Start, Make Your Mark
The chunin exams begin! And what an interesting start at that. Team Shizen are really the bright ones. Seems like they know how to attract trouble though too :P Can't wait to see the start of this, good job!

Author's Response: There's always gotta be some trouble every once in a while... or all the time. Haha. Thanks for your review!

Name: Shizake Uchiha (Signed) · Date: 07/07/13 - 11:02 am · For: Chapter 5: Children of Mother Nature
I thought the beginning do I say it...sweet? idk I'm bad with words but with Ayako asking Sasuke if she could move in. I knew Sasuke wouldnt make a big deal out of it but I knew he would say yes. So good job for keeping him in character :). Sweet, the chunin exams are on the way. Gah reading this makes me miss my Uchiha sibling fic :'( but I still love this story. Great chapter!

Author's Response: No yoy picked the right word. :) I'm glad you thought it was sweet, because that's what I was going for. I figured I should add it in because, like i said in Sasaui's response, she was just kind of their in his home in the other version. I try to keep the characters as realistic as possible. I'm happy I'm doing a good job. Yup! I'm currently editing the second portion. Can't wait to get it done. My story tends to have that effect on others. Thanks for your thoughts! I'll get to reviewing your story as soon as a I can.

Name: Shizake Uchiha (Signed) · Date: 06/07/13 - 09:54 am · For: Chapter 4: Surprises: Meet the Nine Rookies
Another awesome chapter! There was such tension between Kiba and Yumika but I loved it. All things can't be all happy and butterflies and stuff haha. Gah cliffhanger?! I wanna know what ability they possess!

Author's Response: Honestly, that was my favorite part to write, and I'm glad I added it in. I also love putting in cliff-hangers. It's fun making people wonder. Thanks for your thoughts! Can't wait to see what else you think. :)

Name: Shizake Uchiha (Signed) · Date: 06/07/13 - 09:28 am · For: Chapter 3: Team Shizen
I loved all the different pov's it provided a nice background for everyone especially Nishiya. I can't wait for the chunin exams, with team shizen there, it'll definitely be worth the read.

Author's Response: I'm glad you like it! I'm excited for you to read and for me to get to back to editing. Thanks for reviewing!

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