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Ok, the name's Victoria. I’m 19 and currently in first year of University. As you can probably infer from my name, I’m female. I live in Argentina and ‘live la vida loca’, as some would say. Trust me on this one, life in this country is ‘loca’ whether you want it or not!

I despise all kinds of drugs since I believe the human body must be kept pure, but still drink coffee because it keeps me awake. At the same time, I love exercise because it perfects the body, but rarely do it because I get tired and sweaty really soon. All in all, a body freak in theory, but a hypocrite in practise.

On the other hand, I love literature because I believe it is the way of becoming immortal, and I do indeed practise my immortality. I also worship maths and history because maths lay out the world’s perfection and sharpen your mind and history helps you understand the world’s imperfections and sharpen your perceptions.

I generally like anime and manga, so listing my favourites would be a waste of pixels. Anyway, I can tell you my current obsession is Naruto, Full Metal Alchemist, Avatar: the Last Airbender (even though it’s not technically anime as it is Yankee, but oh, the plot...! Oh, the animation...!) and DearBoys (the sexual tension is so canon).

So, you may wonder, what the heck am I doing watching cartoons at my age? Well, I’ll be glad to discuss with anyone the virtues of anime and manga, and cartoons in general in comparison to sitcoms and those never-ending Yankee series or Latin-American soap operas people seem to love. Just e-mail me!

I ‘m also a fan of talking to people from all over the world and trading culture. That’s one of the reasons I learnt English and French. Since I’m studying the Short Century, I deeply appreciate input on the Cold War and general history, specially the Second World War, which is one of my obsessions.

What do I dislike? Whiners, quitters and cowards. I myself take my problems in stride and enjoy them as I would enjoy a good novel. I like perfect things, and work towards perfection, be it making or fixing things, and my problems must always end perfectly, so I strive to make them as good as possible.

My fics must also be perfect, so I'll most likely get tired of revising one and forget about it than post it, so bear with me, ok? I'm currently on a project: Harry Potter/Naruto crossover. Expect it sometime around next decade.


"Yes, destruction had to happen to be able to construct. A passion for destruction is also a creative passion"

--The Hidden Target, by Hellen MacInnes.

"Humanity, in its desire for comfort, had over-reached itself. It had exploited the riches of nature too far. Quietly and complacently, it was sinking into decadence, and progress had come to mean the progress of the Machine"

--The Machine Stops, by E. M. Forster.

"If life gives you lemons... read them and drool!"

--The greatest Profile-Quote-Collection in

"Real men take it up the ass. Real women like to watch"

-- I read this somewhere

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Stories by Calamus

Title: The Lima Syndrome by Calamus
Rated: 12/12A Liked [Reviews - 6]
Summary: “I don't want him back. He can be killed for all I care, I will not pay any ransom,” Sasuke watched as Father said to the reporters. His kidnapper ran a frustrated hand through his yellow hair. “What are we gonna do with you now, kiddo?”
Category: Alternate Universe & Crossovers > Real World, Shonen-ai/Yaoi Romance > Fluff (Shonen-ai/Yaoi)
Characters: Naruto Uzumaki, Sasuke Uchiha
Genres: Angst, Drama, General, WAFF
Warnings: AU
Challenge: None
Series: None
Chapters: 3 | Completed: No | Word count: 9571 | Read count: 3830 [Report This]
Published: 28/06/08 | Updated: 28/06/08