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Penname: Zephyras [Contact]
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Member since: 05/11/06

A SasuNaru Fanfiction: Oneshot

Me making fun of Sasu/Naru fics. I wrote it in like an hour, so don't be so hard on me! Anyway, the idea for this fic came from a fic called The Ultimate Harry Potter Cliche Catalogue by Clam Chowder, I suggest you read this one as well, it's awesome. Also, my first fic that does not involve death! (EDIT: Well, damn...actually, it does...oops?)

Shi no Me: Chapters: 30 (plus the Prologue and Epilogue)

I actually started thinking about this plotline about a month after I first started Naruto and before I began to read fanfiction. Yeah, I know, I'm sad. This is bascially me getting rid of Sakura and adding my own OC. Don't get me wrong, I think Sakura's cool, at least when she's older, but my OC is cooler, sorry. As I said, very dark and involves torture. No like, no read.

After The World Fell Down: Oneshot

Written for the Summer 2010 SN_EXCHANGE. An AU fic about yakuza, where Konoha is a neighborhood in Osaka that has been taken over by Oto yakuza. At the beginning of the fic Naruto has been fighting with the vigilante group ANBU for about four years to rid their neighborhood of the crime syndicate. He meets Uchiha Sasuke, a mercenary hired by Oto to get ANBU out of the way, and complications ensue. One of my more depressing fics, but it does have a happy ending!

Not So Completed-

My Name Is Haruno Sakura: Chapters: 30

My first Romance fic! Be happy for me! Anyway, this is my fic that apologizes for editing Sakura out of Shi no Me. I've actually been thinking about it for a while, pretty much right after I started to read Yuri. It's Ino/Sakura and the first fic I've figured out the ending before I started to write it. Actually, it's a first for a lot of things, but you really don't want to hear them, so I'll just stop.

The People We've Become: Chapters: 18

I just started this one; it's basically an AU, where Naruto disappears right after the the Wave Country Arc and the price Konoha pays. It's a NaruSakuSasu friendship fic with NaruSasu and SakuLee. Very dark, involves death, torture and all that lovely stuff that I usually write. My first real slash! Yay!

Note 1: I realize that because my chapters are long in my chaptered fics that it might be easier to read on or my livejournal. Here are the links :

Note 2: Warning, I only update about once every few months, so don't bother me about updates, please.

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